Yesterday we heard the news that as part of Marvel NOW! The Amazing Spider-Man would be giving way to The Superior Spider-Man #1, written by Dan Slott with art starting off by Ryan Stegman, and later joined by Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Today at the retailer’s breakfast event at New York Comic-Con, Marvel Comics unveiled a sneak peek at the interior art by Ryan Stegman from Superior Spider-Man #1 and our intrepid reporters were able to get our hands on those pages to share with you.

After coming onto Amazing Spider-Man earlier in 2011, Ryan Stegman made waves at last year’s New York Comic Con with the announcement of Scarlet Spider, which he did the art for the first handful of issues, before moving to the higher profile final few issues of Fantastic Four with Jonathan Hickman.  With The Superior Spider-Man #1, Stegman returns to Spider-Man and he’s definitely bringing all he’s got.

Check out these 4 pages of interiors by Ryan Stegman for The Superior Spider-Man #1, which hits stores in January 2013:


  1. Holy geez….

    I’ve been taking a breather on Slott’s (excellent) Spidey run the last few issues, but I must… own… this… art. Consider me in.

  2. Of course the art is beautiful!

    But what I noticed was what looks like the return of Big Wheel. If he’s in the new book, I’m not sure how ‘dark’ SSM actually is. Because Big Wheel is inherently silly.

  3. Sheeeeit, man. Those uncolored panels are awesome.

    Somebody help me out here…is that Shocker I see in the second page? I hope so, one of my earliest Spidey memories was a tattered issue featuring Shocker as the villain.

    • Yep, that’s Shocker and Big Wheel. There are also a bunch of “classic” bad guys I can’t identify. It looks like there is a speedster, a guy with boomerangs, and someone who looks like Firefly. Any help?

  4. It’s because of Jimski’s post that Big Wheel is back. Guaranteed!

    It all looks pretty. Can’t wait to see it in color to see what exactly it is that is pretty.

  5. Ha is this the new sinister six? Shocker, Big Wheel, Slyde, Boomerang, Beetle, and The Living Brain? Other than Shocker and Beetle these are some goofy and obscure villains (it doesn’t really get more obscure than the Living Brain).

  6. Stegman keeps getting better. Those pages are great looking.

  7. They forgot to mention the most important thing. Parker’s getting back together with MJ…..and he’s not gonna be Spider-Man apparently.


    My guess is Scarlett Spider get’s cancelled and he becomes Spider-Man or they find a way to shoe horn Miles Morales into the 616 universe.

    • Actually it says that Spider-man is getting together with MJ, and that Spider-man is not Peter Parker.

    • Oh shit! I guess I just saw what I wanted to see hahaha.

    • “And Spider-Man will get back together with Mary Jane Watson. But it will not be Peter Parker Spider-Man…”

      They’re really continuing to just poke fun and torment people on that front, ha man. I’m not picking up a Spidey book again until at least some of the madness of One More Day is behind us, Pete and MJ getting together would be one step that’d get me to take a look.

  8. Man this is great art!!

  9. if peter aint spider-man I’m finished at 700

  10. Well I dropped off Slott’s Spidey run long ago…but maybe this will be worth a shot….if anything for the beautiful Stegman art.

  11. Stegman’s art is amazing. I’m not happy Amazing Spider-Man is ending. But I am so jumping on board with The Superior Spider-Man.