EXCLUSIVE – Shadowhawk #1 Details and Erik Larsen Cover

Shadowhawk from Image ComicsEarlier today Image Comics relased the image to the right teasing a brand new ShadowHawk series.  ShadowHawk was created Jim Valentino back in the early 1990s as his launch book when he and the other Image founders launched Image Comics.  I remember picking it up when it first came out and really enjoying the solo/vigilante hero themed stories, with the added touch of social issues.  I was psyched to see ShadowHawk included in Image United and hoped that a new series would soon follow. 

Image Comics provided us with the EXCLUSIVE scoop to confirm the details on the new series:

Written by Dan Wickline with art by Tone Rodriguez, this new series is interesting because while over the past 15 years we've seen several people in the ShadowHawk costume, this series marks the return of the first ShadowHawk we were exposed to back in 1992 by Valentino, Paul Johnstone.

What's even better is that issue #1 also contains a back up feature written by Steve Niles (of 30 Days of Night fame) with art by ShadowHawk's creator, Jim Valentino.

Now if that wasn't enough to get my geeky love of ShadowHawk going, Image Comics was also kind enough to give iFanboy another exclusive: the artwork to the variant cover for ShadowHawk #1 by none other than Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon).  Larsen has done a beautiful black, white and red cover to kick off the series that you can see below and is definitely a variant cover that I'll be chasing when it comes out.

ShadowHawk #1 ships on May 5, 2010 with 32 pages for $3.50 – make sure you tell your comics shop to order you a copy!


Check out the variant cover by Erik Larsen:



  1. I really like Shadowhawk from other Image titles so I will totally check out this new series

  2. This image takes me back to the farmers’ market comic booth from when I was 7 years old. I’m in. 

  3. That is an awesome Larsen cover.

    I’m glad to see Tone Rodriguez’s name again. I haven’t seen anything from him since the Violent Messiah minis a number of years ago. While his stuff was always looked more like a "Top Cow" style, there was just something cartoony or, I guess, graffiti-inspired enough to win me over. Will definitely take a glance at his stuff when this issue hits.

  4. Wasnt the original Shadowhawk terminal?

  5. I’ve been friends with Joel Valentino (Jim V’s son) since 5th grade and never knew his dad was responsible for Shadowhawk. Just never put two and two together. Plus, I was never really a Shadowhawk fan…

  6. Couldn’t get into Shadowhawk, it just screamed "knock-off" to me.
    Valentino’s work on Guardians of the Galaxy on the other hand…

  7. That’s a great cover, not a big fan of the design of Shadowhawk though, will flip through it though and see if it’s for me.

  8. I am loving that Larsen cover.

    Just a week or two ago I was pining for Valentino to get back to drawing the character in a regular ongoing. This seems close enough and I’m excited for the new direction.  

  9. The first Shadowhawk made me sick to my stomach back in the day. As a kid I wasn’t used to seeing heroes being put through the ringer but looking back it’s something to really appreciate. I’m definetly going to check this out. That Erik Larson cover is amazing. How is he doing it? It’s a simple art style and yet it rules. Larson’s fingers are full of win, that I know. That first cover reminds me of wolverine, dunno why.

  10. MAN, shadowhawk was never good. i don’t see how re-hashing the idea 10 years later will be any better

  11. I haven’t read anything with Wickline or Rodriguez, but I’ll be happy to give it at least an issue just for Shadowhawk nostalgia.

  12. I’m with Team Edward on this one. I don’t see how people could get that excited about brining this character back.

  13. I vaguely remember buying a book or two with this character, but I can’t remember anything specific.  My interest is piqued, but whether or not it will be purchased is a different story.  May seems so far away.

  14. I like that Eric Larsen cover a lot. 

  15. Oh man.. Shadowhawk was lame in ’92 and he’s even lamer now. Let it go Image.. move on.

  16. Weird image eyes! Why all headressing? Seems not very practical or intimidating. At least the legs and feet are there and pretty well done!