Exclusive Preview: THE HYPERNATURALS from Abnett & Lanning

You may have heard, but Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, who made Marvel’s cosmic comics relevant with Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, have something new and all their own at BOOM! Studios, called The Hypernaturals. The series, debuting in July, will be completely created from the ground up by Abnett and Lanning, dealing with the realities of the Quantinuum, where humans can do almost anything with advanced technology. The humans are all over the universe, and while there aren’t many aliens, there are plenty of human mutations, and all sorts of powers to go with them.

The regular series will feature art by Brad Walker and Andres Guinaldo, and the Free Comic Book Day issue, previewed below, features Walker and Tom Derenick.

Look for this one, where it won’t cost a thing, on May 5.


  1. I’m in.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    In. In in in. SO in.

  3. This sounds cool. They can’t do awesome cosmic stories at Marvel anymore so they start their own thing with Boom.

    After the Marvel Cosmic stuff ended I wasn’t digging DnA’s work until post-Schism New Mutants come along. (I did like New Deadwardians but that’s just D.) Here’s hoping for a continued return to form.

  4. Yay! Seriously cannot wait for this.

  5. I’m definitely on board with this series. It looks like fun.
    I think Dan Abnett has chained himself to his desk and just writes nonstop.
    Between comics , Warhammer 40k, and other projects, does this guy sleep?
    Both Dan and Andy have made Marvel’s cosmic characters interesting again.
    New Deadwardians was a light but fun read as well.

  6. Oh. Looking good. Really good. DnA Ownzone.

  7. I’ve tried and been unhappy with everything they’ve done since they ended GOTG and Nova. This feels like it’ll be more in their wheelhouse.

    • Really? Resurrection Man is really good. I’m enjoying New Deadwardians. And Dan Abnett’s 2000 AD output has always been off the charts awesome (hint: read Kingdom)

    • They’re cosmic corner of the Marvel U was my favorite stuff by them and in general fro awhile,especially earned the moniker DNA there, I haven’t checked out much they’ve done after that but think the were both on Flashpoints Lois Lane and the Resistance which I found oddly interesting with a group of obscure characters who now have solo titles in the New52. There was one for BOOM!, idk if it was Traveller or Starborn but heard those were good and wanna check out The New Deadwardians but feel I’ve got enough zombies and vampires on my plate. That totally sounds like a horror pun.

  8. I’ve read all but the 2000 AD. I wouldn’t make a generalized statement without the reading to back it up.

  9. You have my sword, DNA. Look great!

  10. You had me at free cosmic DnA.

  11. A creator-owned cosmic DnA ongoing? I’m in!

  12. You had me at “cosmic” and “free”. I am loving DnA on New Mutants to this will be easily added to my pull.