When Image United was announced, I found it curious that Shadowhawk was included.  A creation of Jim Valentino, one of the Image founders, it had been years since we've seen an Shadowhawk comics.  Earlier this year, Image rectified that by launching a new Shadowhawk series, with it's first arc titled, "Resurrection."  Now, ironically, it's been well over a year and we only have 3 issues of Image United, while the new Shadowhawk series approaches issue #5 this week.  This fifth issue is the conclusion to the "Resurrection" story arc and promises to provide some key information for Shadowhawk fans, as well as actually tie into Image United, which may be the only plot development of Image United we get for the foreseeable future…


Here's all the details:
Shadowhawk #5
Story by Jim Valentino & Dan Wickline
Art by Tone Rodriguez
Published by Image Comics – 32 Pages $3.50


Now check out this exclusive preview of the first 9 pages of Shadowhawk #5:




  1. Is that Tony Chu from “Chew” on the fourth page, second panel?

  2. I’ve been enjoying this series.  Just a heads up for anybody thinking of trying it: it’s pretty bloody.  My wife started out on issue one and enjoyed it, so I think she was already into the story when the real violence kicked in.

  3. That is Tony Chu!

  4. “Image United: Interlude” was/is intended to be a showcase for other Image Comics creations. Could this be where Tony Chu fits in?

  5. Wow now is kinda cool to see Tony Chu.