EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Robbi Rodriguez Debuts on UNCANNY X-FORCE #19

Uncanny X-Force #19Uncanny X-Force #18 just came out yesterday, and I’m still reeling from the events and conclusion of the Dark Angel Saga. And then today, this exclusive preview of the next issue of Uncanny X-Force #19, gets dropped in my inbox and my mind gets blown again.  I had to scramble to share it with you all as we debut the amazing work of Robbi Rodriguez.

We’ve come to expect some amazing stuff from Rick Remender, and the first year of Uncanny X-Force has been a tour de force, but with the major, extended storyline coming to a close, you’d think they’d take a breather. Nope. It’s no surprise that Remender seems to get the best artists to work with, from the likes of Jerome Opena, Tony Moore and Esad Ribic, and now he’s adding another to that list: Robbi Rodriguez. Uncanny X-Force #19 feature’s Rodriguez’s art on interiors, and while this is just a taste, it’s clear that this issue is going to establish Rodriguez as a breakout talent. Just take a look below at the first 4 pages of the issue and see if you agree with me, I’m sure you will.

And as if the interiors weren’t enough, Uncanny X-Force #19 features a cover by Rafael Grampa, and variant covers by Ron Garney and Nick Bradshaw. This comic book may be too much for even me to handle.

With the Dark Angel Saga behind us, this may be a great opportunity for you to jump on and check out the best ongoing series at Marvel right now AND get some amazing art to enjoy.

Uncanny X-Force #19 hits comic shops NEXT WEEK, December 21st, and will cost $3.99.


  1. Not a fan of the artwork, but Remender has me hooked for the duration of the run.

  2. This is definitely my most anticipated book lately. Ron, can we get a Fantomex: Where Do I Start?

  3. somebody put grampa on a book already!

  4. I have a feeling this will no longer be the book I love. The art, while not bad, is not fitting for this title. I’d rather have Billy Tan back on art with Dean White making him look halfway decent.

  5. Can it be next week now? Pleeeeeeeeease!

  6. I hope Grampa keeps working for Marvel even though Jody is off the payroll. Amazing cover!

  7. Robbi is freakin amazing. Looking forward to this very much.

    Here’s a commission of Fantomex he did for me recently: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=837720&GSub=122973

  8. @ jack In the voice of napoleon dynamite LUCKY. I love the bullets messed with the sound effects. That is RAD

  9. Hot damn that’s good art. I actually love the cover better than the interior work.

  10. I’m looking forward to Robbi’s issue for sure. By the way, I believe he will be signing copies at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA on Wednesday.

    Ron, you should ask Conor to snag you a signed copy.

  11. It’s definitely a departure, but I could get used to it. At least it’s technically sound.

    The fact is, Remender’s got me by the sack with this title. I’d be reading it no matter who was on art.

    Except maybe Liefeld.

  12. I can dig it.

  13. That Grampa cover…man. I want to print it up really big and just roll around on it

  14. yeah, own it! And Mesmo Delivery.