Exclusive Preview: PLANETOID #2

This June sees the triumphant print debut of Ken Garing’s Planetoid. Or “P’Toid Event Horizon” as we’re calling it around the iFanboy brownstone. Once exclusive to Graphicly, the grim dark adventure series touches down at Image Comics, unleashing mechanical horror and industrial devastation on even more unsuspecting readers. But even in advance of that, we’ve got your first look at Planetoid #2, due out in July!

If you’ve already taken in issue #1, you’ve witnessed Silas make planetfall, encounter skittering scavengers and even a towering iron leviathan. Now it’s time to meet the undisputed rulers of the mysterious planetoid. Enter, the Rovers.

Remember to pre-order Planetoid #1 at your shop ASAP.


  1. ordered it thinking it was Prophet, another book iwas willing to try. This doesnt look like my cup but I’ll give it a go all the same.

  2. I truly love the art in this book.

  3. Pre-Ordered #1 knowing nothing aside from the blurb and excerpt in Previews. Art looked good, reminded me of Prophet plus I simply enjoy SF tales. Unsure about it though, I still have no idea what the book is really about and what to expect.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Try the links to the Spotlight and interview at the bottom of this post for some more details on the plot. But basically it’s the story of a space pirate who crash lands on a strange planetoid beset by monstrous robots.

    • Thanks! Checked it out, looks awesome. I just ordered some Prophet back-issues as well, this stuff is right up my ally 😉

  4. Definitely giving this series a try.

  5. I am going to give this a shot but I DETEST the preview image with the badly integrated stock photo sky/clouds. It looks terrible and a bit lazy. I support tons of Indie/Creator-Owned stuff but if it is going to take the same path as the big two and take un-artistic shortcuts then I’m out completely. I’ll reserve judgement until I read #1 but that isn’t starting me off on a positive note.

  6. I ordered this because the Graphicly thingermajig you guys posted in the long long ago. I’m excited it came to print.

  7. I’m all over this

  8. “[basically it’s the story of a space pirate who crash lands on a strange planetoid beset by monstrous robots.”

    And I’m sold. Thanks Paul.

  9. The art looks amazing. I’ll check out the first issue before the second drops.