EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Cowboy Ninja Viking #8

Cowboy Ninja Viking #8One of the great surprises for me in the past year of comics has been the epic Cowboy Ninja Viking from Image Comics.  This tale of multiple personality assassins has been so much fun to read.  I was already a huge fan of the art of Riley Rossmo from his work on Proof from Image Comics, so based on that I checked it out.  Since then I've been totally entertained by AJ Lieberman's world of these triplets, with their multiple combinations of personalitys, from Cowboy, Ninja and Viking to Metal Band Roadie, Gangster, Chef, Conquistador and more.

After the first story arc, I was afraid it would end as a miniseries, but smartly, Image has extended Cowboy Ninja Viking into an ongoing series, and the most recent story arc has been just as good as that first one.  In Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 the action comes to head as the main character, Duncan has been stripped of his personalities.  Without the Cowboy, Ninja or Viking, he's been left to his own devices while the other Triplets continue on their mystery of the identity of The Duchess. Sure, it's the middle of the story arc, but seriously, this book is a blast to just pick up and start reading.

We've got the exclusive first look at Cowboy Ninja Viking #8, with the first 9 pages available for you to check out, and I strongly urge you to check it out. In the preview, you'll see some of my favorite aspects of this series, the unique coloring and the creative use of word balloons.  This has been a ton of fun and one of those cool little dicoveries in comics and will definitely be unlike any other comics you've read before! I promise!

Cowboy Ninja Viking #824 Pages – $3.99 – Image Comics – In stores this Wednesday, August 18th, 2010.



Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview  Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview 

Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview  Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview  Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview

Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview  Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview  Cowboy Ninja Viking #8 Preview


  1. I dropped this after the first arch because I thought it was starting to feel kind of clunky. Ron may have enthused me back into the game!

  2. Diamond doesn’t have this listed this week or next, I guess it was delayed?

  3. Last issue was really good.  I’m liking the new coloring.

  4. I feel like they missed an opportunity with not calling it Cowboy Ninja Pirate. Vikings are cool and all, but… pirates, man.

  5. I read the first trade and loved the art but the story gimmick of the different personalities gets a bit tiresome after a few issues.