EXCLUSIVE – New Mignola Art – Hellboy + Solomon Kane

Fans of Hellboy know that when Mike Mignola does some new art, it's worth stopping and taking a look.  So we're proud to be able to give you an exclusive preview of some NEW Mike Mignola artwork, thanks to our friends at Dark Horse Comics.  So take a look at these covers for some upcoming releases and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Hellboy Storm

Cover to Hellboy: The Storm #2
Releasing August 4, 2010 – $2.99

The second issue of the Mignola written mini series with art by Duncan Fegredo. This is the final arc of the saga that includes Hellboy: Darkness Calls and Hellboy: The Wild Hunt.

Hellboy Masks and Monsters

Cover to Hellboy: Masks and Monsters TPB
Releasing October 20, 2010 – $17.99

The first time Hellboy's crossovers with Batman and Starman as well as Ghost have been collected in Trade Paperback form under the Hellboy banner!

Solomon Kane

Cover to Solomon Kane Volume 2: Death's Black Riders TPB
Releasing October 20, 2010 – $15.99

The collection of the Scott Allie written Solomon Kane series volume 2, with art by Mario Guevara gets a very cool pulp book cover treatment with some awesome Mignola art featuring Solomon Kane.



  1. Purdy.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I want ’em I want ’em I want ’em!

  3. is Masks and Monsters the same crossover thats in Starman Omnibus v4?

  4. I have the same question as @wallythegreenmonster.  It doesn’t look the same.  Will it be collected in one of the future Starman Omniboos?

  5. @wallythegreenmonster and @stuclach My best guess is that it is the same Batman/Hellboy/Starman mini-series that appeared in the Starman Omnibus (since there was only one such crossover), now collected as part of Mignola’s Hellboy library.

  6. @Simps – I don’t recall the Ghost character.  Perhaps the Omnibus was condensed?

  7. Or perhaps the Hellboy/Ghost portion is separate from the Hellboy/Batman/Starman portion.  That appears to be the case.

  8. That Solomon Kane piece is…sooooo amazing…

  9. Love the Gold Key treatment on the Solomon Kane cover.  Makes you wonder what George Wilson would do with the same material.

  10. Yes, it appears the Starman/Batman/Hellboy story collected here is the same one in the Starman Omnibus.  I would imagine there was some agreement between Mignola and DC in order to get it in the Starman Omnibus in the first place.  Ghost is part of a second story that’s collected here.  What’s interested is that this volume is not numbered, it’s just left on its own.  Kind of what Dark Horse should be doing with the B.P.R.D. trades that are not written by Arcudi, such as the 1946/47 series.  Also, was the first Solomon Kane trade good?  I think I remember hearing good things, and I have been enjoying DH’s adaptations of Robert E. Howard stories, such as Conan and Kull.

  11. Word!  I’m all up in that crossover trade.

    I have no idea why I just said that.  But I do like me some Mignola art. 

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    That’s such a cool place to put a mouth!

  13. I need that Ghost/Hellboy story, but I already have the Starman/Batman/Hellboy cross in issues and in the Starman omnibus. Ahhhhhhh! Triple me sucker!?!?

  14. Finally!

    I’ve been looking for these crossovers with Batman and Starman for a while now. Cannot wait to see these things collected. 

  15. Yeah, that Solomon Kane retro cover is awesome. I flipped through a couple of issues and it looked pretty good, so I may have to pick up the trade.