Every time a bell rings New Comics for 12/23/09 get their wings

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Lots of pressure on the ol' funny books this week. Last week was pretty much blase and there is nothing comign out next week. Knock my socks off this week, comics! I'm hopeful theyw ill because it's the end of the year/quarter dump by the comic companies, which means there are a lot of things coming out. Battlefields: Happy Valley, Chew, Detective Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, Blackest NIght: JSA, Who Will Wield the Shield?, Superman, Archie, G.I. Joe: Origins, Fantastic Four, Irredeemable, Criminal, The Last Days of American Crime, Powers, Gotham City Sirens, the list goes on and on.

And if you've been waiting for trades for some of our favorite books you're in luck. The Mighty Vol. 1 hits today, along with Irredeemable Vol. 2 and, on the East Coast, Fear Agent Vol. 5.

This week I have the last Pick of the Week of 2009!

Bonus Question: What are you looking forward to in 2010?


  1. Blackest Night Jsa #1 (OF 3)
    Dark Tower Battle Of Jericho Hill #2 (OF 5)
    Detective Comics #860
    Gi Joe Origins #10
    Green Lantern #49
    Hellboy Bride Of Hell One Shot
    Jack Of Fables #41
    Star Wars Legacy #43

    BQ: Getting (hopefully) tenure.

  2. Whoa, FF, irredeemable, ASM! good good week

    BQ: Toss up between Iron Man 2 and the end of the Seige to see how it all shakes out.

  3. Your teacher’s full of snot!

    Chew #7

    Green Lantern #49

    Hellboy: The Bride of Hell

    Incredible Hercules #139

    Thor #605

    Special Guests: The Mighty Thorcules HC and Marvel Zombies Return HC

    BQ:  Lost series finale, Iron Man 2, Hopefully a new job.

  4. BQ: Right now, the thing I most look forward to in 2010 is finishing the 2009 comics that covered the coffee table while I wasn’t looking.

  5. wow this is a big week! I guess I have lots to read on my flight to the Disney World!



    Amazing Spider-Man #616

    Arkham Reborn #3 (OF 3)

    Captain America Reborn Who Will Wield The Shield

    Chew #7

    Detective Comics #860

    Gotham City Sirens #7

    Green Lantern #49

    Guardians Of Galaxy #21

    Incredible Hercules #139

    Irredeemable #9

    New Avengers #60

    Thor #605

    Uncanny X-Men #519

    Wolverine Weapon X #8


  6. THere has been a real onslaught of X-Men books coming out in the last few weeks, with this week being no exception. I’m getting pretty much all of them (Uncanny #519, Wolverine #8, Legacy #231), as well as some more Brubaker Criminal goodness. Im also picking up a good amount of DC books, with Detective #860, Green Lantern #49, and Gotham City Sirens #7 (so I can get my Catwoman fix!). Pretty good week before next week, in which nothing is coming out.


    BQ: I’m definitely looking forward to more Kaiju Big Battel events, which have been really lacking during this summer. I’m also looking forward to Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, which looks like it will be some fun.

  7. Detective Comics (really looking forward to that), Green Lantern, and a slew of X-books for me this week. For me, any week with Detective Comics in it is a good week, and any week with X-Men Forever in it is a fun week.

    BQ: To put it broadly, I’m looking to exchange my more or less aesthetic-oriented life for a more authentic one. That means: less time online, less time spent following my nose so much towards whatever I think might "entertain" me next, less time spent reading other people’s opinion-pieces about politics or art (particularly opinion pieces of the trendy variety). I’m tired of this and I need change. I’ve been gearing up for change–by weening myself off of television, for instance–but now I’m going to follow through and do it. This will coincide with my getting a new job in a new town, so things should really be exciting/stressful for me, and I’m looking forward to it. Unfortunately (or fortunately) one of the things that’s probably going to have to go is my reading comics on a weekly basis. It’s been a fun few years to be back in the game, but when Blackest Night concludes I’ll probably stop making weekly visits to the comic shop. I’ll still be sure to read a few certain series in trades, though.

  8. Excellent trade week!

  9. @TNC Nice Rock reference

    Blackest Night JSA, Teen Titans, Chew, World’s Finest, Green lantern, Arkham Asylum, Fantastic Four, ASM, Uncanny X-Men, and Detective.  Not really looking forward to many of those. 

  10. My last comics of 09 are: Detective Comics, Blackest Night: JSA, Fantastic Four, Criminal, JSA(probably my last issue), Powers, Green Lantern, Usagi Yojimbo, Superman, Spider-Woman and Gotham City Sirens.

    BQ: Jonah Hex!!!, Ironman, Shutter Island, Joe the Barbarian, Dum Dum Girls, Boardwalk Empire, The Drums, Sleigh Bells, Surfer’s Blood, LCD Soundsystem, Vamp Weekend, Pavement(even though i probably won’t be able to see them), Magnetic Fields, Spoon, Julianna Barwick, Beach House, Animal Collective’s movie, Broken Bells, Yaesayer, a shit-ton of other music that I’m forgetting and moving/going to college.         

  11. Ah, forgot the BQ:  Honestly? Not much. I don’t really care about Siege or War of the Supermen, and I’ll read Return of Bruce Wayne and Second Coming, but I’m not dying for them.  I think I’m most interested in seeing if Chew is still amazing by issue 19.

  12. That’s a good week, so hopefully it’ll contribute to a merry Christmas.  Looking forward to Punisher, Detective, Hercules, FF, Thor and Last Days of American Crime.  And so much more!!  The two trades I’m buying are The Mighty and Irredeemable, which could be interesting if read back to back, as they tread similar ground.

    BQ:  Comics wise, probably the Morrison books Joe The Barbarian and Return Of Bruce Wayne.  Everything else wise we plan to visit New York for the first time later in the year.  I hear it’s big…

  13. Looking like a great week overall. Should be a great Wednesday


    BA:Losing even more weight. Oh, and wife finally coming home. 

  14. ASM, FF, New Avengers, Green Lantern


    BQ – Iron Man 2 and employment

  15. A huge week for me this week.  I won’t actually be hitting my LCS on Wed. because I’ll be out of town, so hopefully, some of these books will deliver a nice post Christmas package.  I’m definitely stoked for new Battlefield, Criminal, Detective Comics, and the Hellboy one-shot.

    BQ: Losing some weight (too much snacking at work really packs on the pounds) and enjoying the awesome comics, movies, and video games that have long been on my radar. 

  16. absolution, amazing spiderman, criminal sinners, green lantern 49,image united, invincible, northlanders, punisher,spiderwoman, world’s finest and detective comics, my most anticipated.

    my biggest week ever in my short time of comics

    BQ: war of supermen stuff

  17. Gigantic week this.


    BQ: Finally letting go of my academic life.

  18. Really nice to find that Diamond have found a way to hit my wallet right before Christmas.

    BQ: Lost finale, Scott Pilgrim movie and finale,  and moving to San Francisco.  

  19. blackest night JSA #1

    Crimal Sinners #3

    Green lantern #39

    Superman #695

    Worlds Finest # 3


    BQ: Scott Pilgrim movie. 



  20. Chew

    Dark Reign Sinister Spider-Man trade (Bachalo ftw!)

    Detective Comics

    Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

    The Mighty TP (finally!) and Iredeemable TP #2


    BQ: The Scott Pilgrim movie, The Kick-Ass movie (if it’s anything like the comics, I’m going to live every other 15 minutes), more comic properties becoming movies, less movie properties becoming comics.

  21.  @Conor: it looks like a bad week to have the pick. there’s a lot of good stuff out there. it’ll either be the easiest choice or the most difficult

    huge week –  excited by Crinimal, Powers, Battlefields and the Last days of americian crime. there’s a lot of quality superhero stuff too



    but seriously, i look forward to finally getting out of this damn wheelcahir

  22. The Mighty – I was hoping for Walking Dead, Vol. 11, but alas, it was not to be, so I’ll pick up this, hoping it’s better than Irredeemable, which is equally as praised but I really didn’t think was anything special.  I’m a bigger Tomasi fan than Waid, so here’s hoping…

    Criminal: The Sinner #3 – nice to see this coming out regularly! 

     BQ – I’m looking forward to the Scott Pilgrim movie for sure and of course the last volume, as well wherever Scalped may take me (I read it in trades).  And finally, as it was just shown in the Marvel preview solicits for March, X-Factor Forever by Louise Simonson!  Now if only Walter Simonson would come in on the art, that would be awesome.  I hope it’s a regular series and not just a one-shot. 

  23. 24 books this week? Merry Christmas to me!


    BQ: I want to say I’m looking forward to something comic/movie/game related but I’m most looking forward to my little one coming into the world in May. 

  24. BQ: Seeing more updates of The Abominable Charles Christopher webcomic. I just found it yesterday.No doubt its been mentioned on here at some stage before but I musn’t have been paying attention.Easily one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read. http://www.abominable.cc/

  25. FF and Hellboy One Shot.

    BQ: Siege, Alice in Wonderland, Kick-Ass movie

  26. I love that UNKNOWN SOLDIER and NORTHLANDERS have been coming out on the same day.

    BQ: I just hope 2010 moves slower than 2009.

  27. @stuchlach: what’cha up for tenure for?

  28. Dark Tower, FF, Hellboy.

    BQ: In comics, American Vampire and Hickman’s Shield…personally, quitting smoking, moving to Syria for a year.

  29. @Conor – now don’t forget to give us your Archie update, in the podcast. 😀

  30. @ShaunR: Sadly, there’s no podcast this week.

  31. 5 books this week, Amazing Spider-Man and irredeemable on my most looking forward to list.

     BQ: A New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup win! 

  32. Detective Comics#860 / Gotham City Sirens#7 / Superman#695 / Teen Titans#78 

    BQ= Production on a new Superman movie please!!!!!! 

  33. So much for my ‘no more than 5 books a week’ pledge.  But, if I’m not getting any next week, that means I can get 10 this week… right?  It’s not like I made myself sign a contract.


    I’m looking forward to the Packers in the playoffs, gigs with my new band, and a possible family vacation to Wisconsin Dells in the spring.

  34. Captain America: Reborn-Who Will Wield the Shield?
    Criminal: The Sinners #3
    Detective Comics #860
    Green Lantern #49
    Hellboy: The Bride of Hell
    The Stand: Soul Survivors #3
    Unknown Soldier #15

    BQ: new Erykah Badu album, Iron Man 2, LOST, the next Richard Stark/Darwyn Cooke GN and my job.

  35. I’ll be grabbing Amazing Spider-Man, Chew, Battlefields, Irredeemable, World’s Finest, and Last Days of American Crime.
    This was a second big week for me. I think it’s time to start trimming the pull list.

    BQ: Continuing to actually use my gym membership. And hopefully saving some money.

  36. Criminal: The Sinners #3
    Detective Comics #860
    Fantastic Four #574
    Green Lantern #49
    Guardians of the Galaxy #21
    Hellboy: Bride of Hell One-Shot
    Invincible #69

    BQ: Hopefully having a baby.

  37. Detective Comics #860
    Green Lantern #49
    World’s Finest #03
    Chew #07
    Invincible #69
    ASM #616
    WWWTS? #01
    Criminal: Sinners #03
    Dark Avengers: Ares #03
    Fantastic Four #574
    New Avengers #60
    Powers #02
    Punisher #12
    Secret Warriors #11
    Spider-Woman #04
    The Stand: Soul Survivors #03
    Absolution #05
    Irredeemable #09
    Hellboy: Bride of Hell
    Battlefields: Happy Valley #01

    Huge week!

    BQ: Getting married.



  38. Holy Cow, what a week! Detective, Criminal, Northlanders, Unknown Soldier, Irredeemable, Invincible, Hellboy …

    Oh, and Battlefields is back! Hell. Yeah.

  39. Nice stack this week but nothing I am terribly excited about: ASM, FF, GC Sirens, Tec, Northlanders, & Irredeemable.

    BQ:  Chevelle concert in February and a Muse concert in March.

  40. Another big week to end the year.  It’s an all Marvel week for me!

    2010: I’m totally looking forward to Siege and Second Coming!  Should be a great first half of the year with those titles.  

  41. 28 books for me. thankfully next week is super light har har.

    2010 I’m finally gonna get some lasik eye fixings done.