Emerald City ComicCon 2013 in PHOTOGRAPHS!

Another year, another convention: and this year’s Emerald City ComicCon (ECCC) did NOT fail to deliver. With all three days quickly sold out, celebrities and cosplayers mingling about, and some of the best panels this con has ever seen, 2013 was THE YEAR for Emerald City ComicCon (at least until next year!).

As usual, your fearless girl wonder Molly traversed the crowds and captured the sights of the convention with her camera lens. However, this year I was SO busy that I didn’t take NEAR as many photos as usual… but you can still go on a journey with me! ECCC HO!



Molly McIsaac promises to take more photos at the next con she lurks at. Until then, follow her weird stream of consciousness on her blog and twitter!


  1. Any pics of the convention itself – writers, artists, advertising. New stuff that’s coming? Panels?

  2. Nice pictures, good costumes. Could anybody tell me why it’s called “Emerald City Comic Con”? I’m going to the “Gem City Comic Con” in 2 weeks and I’m curious where they got the names from.

  3. Thanks for these, I always love going through the Con cosplay posts with my daughter and seeing how many she can name… Usually more than me. (Thanks Netflix!)

  4. Nice to see Rogue fully committed to the Jim Lee half-jacket.

  5. Nice to see that Sentinel there. Loved it. Was hanging around the tattoo booth, and saw it posing next to Twisted Dark. Had to stop and look at it. Though cosplaying as Cyclops didn’t help.