ECCC 2011: Mike Mignola Back to Drawing Hellboy

Fans of the Mignola-verse were dealt a blow when it was announced that Guy Davis will be leaving B.P.R.D., but today, a little silver lining has appeared on that cloud. Dark Horse Comics confirmed to us that Mike Mignola will be back to doing regular interior art in Hellboy very soon. There aren't a lot of details on what that means so far or for how long, but at least in general, we'll be seeing more Mignola Hellboy in our futures, and that just can't be a bad thing.

But as of right now, according to the B.P.R.D. panel, Mignola is going to be the regular artist on Hellboy again.


  1. It must be my Birthday!

  2. Between this and guy Davis news it’s been a real emotional roller coaster.

  3. YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Matthew

  4. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!  Way to brighten an otherwise blah Sunday.

  5. I remember reading a while ago that Mignola would come back after the next three issue Hellboy arc, drawn by Fredrego.

  6. Awesome! Mignola’s art is the reason I started reading Hellboy. Luckily, his writing wasn’t too bad either.

  7. yay

  8. yeah, no disrespect, but Mignola’s return to Hellboy interiors has been known for a minute now. Mignola and Scott Allie have spoken about it ever since the USA Today project last year.

  9. Damn. You missed the best part where the demons are all crying out that they’d lost him forever.  That has to be one of the best Hellboy moments ever!

  10. One of the best pages of any comic book ever.  Excellent choice.  I’m glad Mr. Mignola is back.

  11. Yay!

    I guess he’ll start once the whole storyline with Fegredo is over. Can’t wait to see more of his art back in the pages! 

  12. Maybe he’s going to draw the last chunk of the epic storyline he’s been doing in the last few arcs of Hellboy.  It’s great news, but also disappointing because Fegredo has been DESTROYING that book lately.  He’s so good!

  13. This brings a tear to my eye. 

  14. Mignola is so great!