Dude! New Comics for 07/22/09 are heading back to California, bro!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Some interesting things to look forward to this, the week of San Diego Comic-Con. The next Green Lantern issue (didn’t the last one just come out?), Amazing Spider-Man #600, the next Phonogram, Power Girl (one of my new favorites), and Wednesday Comics! It’s going to be a nice week for comic book reading by the hotel pool!

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you were offered the opportunity to join the crew on a return trip to walk on The Moon, or to be on the crew for the first manned mission to Mars, which would you choose and why?


  1. 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BQ: Return to the Moon, just to see the flag and to be where they were. Also to make an eddie izzard reference to my crewmates

    "Is this the sea of tranquility? There’s no one around."

  2. BQ: Definitely return trip to Moon, to prove or disprove the first mission. It’s also safer as I’ve never seen a movie where a trip to Mars ended nicely.

  3. Unless they really blow it, Amazing 600 will probably be my pick. Exciting times for Spidey.

    Gotham City Sirens #2
    Immortal Weapons #1 (OF 5)

  5. BQ: Choice: Mars. Reason: To boldly go etc. etc.

  6. Let’s get ready to rummmmmbbbbblllleee!!!

    Gotham City Sirens #2

    Green Lantern #44

    Incredible Hercules #131

    Nova #27

    and Wednesday Comics #2 and 3 (hopefully catching up with the rest of you guys)

    BQ: The moon. Like Tom Hanks in Apollo 13, it just amazes me and I dream about it. Mars would be cool too, but too much sand.

  7. Decent little week for me, with Amazing 600, Invincible, Phonogram, Power Girl and Wednesday Comics.  I’m awful excited about my books this week – 104 pages of Amazing sounds awesome, and I gasped a few times at the preview pages for Invincible.

    BQ: The moon.  I’d like to see Mars, but the plans for a successful moon tripare already on the books.  Plus, shorter trip would mean missing less comics.

  8. Californians do not say "dude" and "bro" in the same sentence!  And you should have thrown in a "gnarly" for good measure.

    Switching to trades on G.I. Joe, dropping Tales of the Corp, and might wait for the Immortal Weapons trade.  Overall, sounds like a really fun week.  Sad that it’s the end of Cap. Brit, but can’t wait to have the whole run custom bound later on.

    BQ: The Moon all the way.  It would take too much time to go to Mars, plus I hate the color red.

  9. I’m dropping:

    Incredible Hercules (going to pick up in oversized hardcover only)

    New Avengers (going to pick up in oversized hardcover only)

    Deadpool (the series is okay, but too uneven to justify spending money on)

    I had to make room for all the DC stuff I’ve been jumping on: Power Girl, Flash, Cry For Justice, Streets of Gotham, Gotham City Sirens and Detective.

  10. GL, The Hunter, Dark Reign FF, and Wednesday Comics

    BQ: Mars… though I’d spend the entire time asking everyone if they’ve seen my Aludium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

  11. Amazing Spider-Man #600,

    Tales of the Corps #2,

    Captain Britain #15 (*sniff*),

    Legion of Three Worlds #5,

    Green Lantern #44,

    Nova #27

    Wednesday Comics #3

    BQ: Damn, I’m scared of flying. I’d have to take a roofie and go to the Moon. Mars is just too far. 


  12. @Scorpian: Your mad sir! Waiting for Incredible Herc in oversized HC!?

  13. Amazing Spider-Man #600 – because it’ll be amazing.

    Incredible Hulk #600 – I swore off Hulk but 600 is such a pretty number…

    Green Lantern #44 – Never saw myself being so excited for Green Lantern.

    Dark Wolverine #76 – I swore off this book too but after seeing 75 I’m at least curious and really hoping the FF throw-down not just a tease.  (Shut up common sense! It might not be a tease!)

    Avengers Initiative #26 – I’ve been enjoying this book since number one.  I really enjoy the ‘bottom of the totem pole’ – type stories.  (See also: TNG espisode: ‘Lower Decks’)

    Mouse Guard Winter 1152 Hardcover – So pretty…


    BQ – Mars.  And I’d want to be the first one out on the surface.  "Ooh!  It’s all sticky!!"

  14. BQ: "Get your ass to Mars!" I need to find Quato.

  15. I am patient. The first oversized hardcover just came out.

    I read all of Ultimate Spider-Man in oversized hardcover as well.

    Since I don’t care about spoilers, I definitely can wait.

  16. Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Britain, Nova, Supergirl, and Wednesday comics. Big week for me.

    BQ: Mars. I’ve never heard anything bad ever happening on the first trip to Mars.

  17. Small week for me. Usually around the 20 comics mark, and this is 13. Also might be dropping X-Force, Ms Marvel and Incredible Hercules, so that’s down to a possible 10, which is unheard of in my house!

  18. PARKERRRRRRR!!!  That is all.

     BQ: Mars, the Moon is sooo 20th century. 

  19. Parker!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to Phonogram, too.  And I’m sure there’s some Marvel something I’ll be excited about.

    BQ: Is ‘stay home and watch in HD’ an option?  I *like* this planet and, also, breathing air.

  20. BQ: moon… i heard mars is a sausage-fest

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ: Jupiter. 

  22. 4 books, not bad, figure I’ll go pick up a trade then, perhaps Starman Omni…or Punisher Omni…Omni.

    BQ: As must as I’d love to do Mars, if it still takes YEARS to get there and back, I’d be a bit more "Um…maybe not." But the Moon, oh man in a heart beat. 

  23. ASM, Deadpool, Boys: Herogasm, Phonogram and maybe 1-3 trades (2 TMNT, Usagi vol. 23)

    BQ: At first I thought Mars hands down. However, I think I echo Jurassic’s sentiment and switch to the moon because of the time and because we’ve been and come back so many times. Still…the red planet is quite alluring.

  24. Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps #2 – YAY

    Final Crisis Legion Of Three Worlds #5 – finally!!

    Gotham City Sirens #2 – YAY

    Green Lantern #44 – YAY

    Mouse Guard Hc Vol 02 Winter 1152 – Been waiting forever for this!!

    Outsiders #20 – like it….might drop

    Supergirl #43 – like it….might drop

    Wednesday Comics #3 – YAY!

  25. Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #02
    Gotham City Sirens #02
    Green Lantern #44
    Jack of Fables #36
    Power Girl #03
    Tiny Titans #18
    Wednesday Comics #03
    Invincible #64
    ASM #600
    Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #05
    Runaways #12
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #08
    Herogasm #03
    Cars: Rookie #04



  26. Oops, sorry.

    BQ: Mars. Making history, son.

  27. Mouse Guard hardcover.That is all.

    BQ:Mars.By the time they send people up I’m sure they’ll have sent enough monkeys and dogs up there to make sure its safe.Bless the space race and its horrifying record of animal cruelty.

  28. Well, looks like I’m gonna be dropping over $80 this week! A nice stack of books, PLUS I have to get both the Hunter and Mouse Guard. Big week, but that’s ok. It’s mostly good stuff!

    BQ: The Moon. I just watched the special "Living on the Moon" on the National geographic channel. Fascinating the direction it looks like we are heading. 


  29. @Conor

    Is The Hunter eligible for POTW honors? It doesn’t reprint single issues, it’s an original graphic novel, so does it count as "an issue" for POTW purposes? Or could it only be a contender for Book of the Month? 

  30. Pretty light week, only 4 books. Green Lantern, ASM #600, Tales of the Corps 2, and DR Fantastic Four. Wednesday Comics is going to be a game time decision.

    BQ: The Moon, no specific reason I just like the Moon. 


  31. Got the Hunter HC last week but haven’t had time to read it yet.  The rest of the pulls.

     Final Crisis: LOF3W #5 ( Finally!)

    Green Lantern #44 ( Manhunter and the first post-rebirth Barry and Hal team up , going to be sweet!)

     Immortal Weapons #1 My favorite writer doing the origin of my favorite immortal weapon , Fat Cobra.  Aaron always kills on one-shots (enjoyed the Joker Asylum: Penguin issue as well as Punisher MAX X-Mas Special)


    Wednesday Comics #3 ( More Paul Pope Adam Strange PLZ!)



  32. Straight to Mars.

    I feel we should have been there 15 years ago and begun terraforming soon after, if I 100s of billions of dollars I’d do it myself.

  33. Really wish I could edit my posts, I submit to fast for my own good. "If I had 100s of billions…"

  34. Darwyn Cooke’s Parker Book! Hell yeah!

    BQ: I’m boycotting the rest of the solar system until Pluto is reinstated as a planet.

  35. @JohnVFerrigno: THE HUNTER is inelligible for POW. As for BOM, it is certainly elligible!

  36. You guys screaming ‘Parker’ is like a hero in an action film screaming the villain’s name.


  37. @pdallor

    I was pissed about the Pluto thing, too. WTF is that? 

  38. @TNC, great McBain reference!

  39. @pdallor + JohnVFerringo: Oh come off it like you two gave a damn about Pluto before it was recategorized.  Science isn’t static, it changes based on new information and Pluto was alway only grandfathered in to planetary status because it didn’t fit into any other category at the time.  Once we’d found more bodies like Pluto that we could established enough similarites to group them together it was only time that Pluto would go join this new group and leave us with a clearer definition of a what a "planet" was.  It can’t just stay the same way because that’s how you learned about in kindegarten.

  40. Amazing Spider-Man #600
    Dark Reign: FF #5
    Green Lantern #44
    Guardians of the Galaxy #16
    Invincible #64
    Nova #27
    Wednesday Comics #3
    Wonderful Wizard of Oz #8

    TMNT 25th Anniversary by Kevin Eastman

    BQ: First manned mission to Mars, cuz, d’uh, martians… hello…

  41. The life and times of saviour 28. really really good. an intelligent look at what the violence that’s part of a typical superhero’s life would lead to


    violence. people, violence… the most entrtaining thing in the world. how good was "once were warriors" it’s like that but about superheroes. for cripe’s sake


    BQ: i would choose to be part of the first manned mission to Mars because i have seen Species 2 and i want my life to be a sexy-sci-fi-erotic thriller

  42. BQ:  Neither.  the claustrophobia would drive me mad.  Also too many variables in a spaceship that are completely out of ones control.

  43. This week I shall mostly be mourning Captain Britain (although I’m looking forward to Cornell’s "Slut of the Marvel Universe:Year One" book).  Most excited for Parker and ASM 600 – the fact that Marvel have kept the classic villains out of BND so far has peaked my anticipation for the return of Doc Ock…can’t wait.

    BQ:  Have you seen the controls on those shuttles?!?  I’d probably press the ejector seat button by mistake. I mean, it’s a spaceship, it must have an ejector seat, right?

  44. BQ – Eff that noise!  I’m going to be the first person to walk on the Sun! FIRST – FTW! 

    Captain Britain.  Our liason may be at an end. What say you to one more fling before parting ways? 


  45. BQ: Mars, because of all the insect-like aliens, and I could talk to two people there if I ever get bored, the bad aliens already left, and there’s a flying carpet.

  46. Really small week for me.

    Guardians of the Galaxy #16

    Final Crisis Legion of three worlds #5 (Thank God it’s finally over for me. Bought both covers of EVERY book that came out for FC and all the offshoots…)

    Wednesday Comics #3

     Since I am relatively new here, I have been watching the old podcasts the last couple of weeks. Due to that, I have a couple of TP to pick up this week from my local shop. Proof TP #1 and My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer. I don’t know what it is, but a monkey with an attitude definately will get my attention. As for the BQ: I’d stay here, thank you. Something about a fat man in a little spacecraft would not go over well. About the first time I busted out the bean dip, and the subsequent gas afterwards, and I have a feeling we’d be headed back to earh, or at least I would…

  47. Last issue of Captain Britain, GL, GL TOC, Invincible and Spidey.

    BQ:  Does anybody remember the SNL Sketch with Buzz Aldrin where he just said "Moon"?  I would want to go to Mars so I can be glorious in my old age and just say "Mars" over and over again.  Though I might not make it back because I hear that there are Deceptacons there, oh and shapeshifters.

  48. MARS FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

  49. This is a wallet-slaying week for me. FC: Legion of Three Worlds, Invincible, DR: Fantastic Four, Dethklok vs The Goon, Wednesday Comics, Blackest Night Tales of the Corps, and Green Lantern! A Dethklok comic book appearence should be awesome.


    BQ: I would go back to the Moon, I think it would be cool to see the Earth from there

  50. Amazing Spiderman 600, Blackest Night Tales of the Corps 2, Gotham City Sirens 2, Green Lantern, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, and Phonogram Singles Club.

     I tight bundle of 7 books. I expect Spider-man to be great! Looking forward to anything Blackest Night related to get my fix. Guardians is always a very solid read. I am close to dropping Nova but I will wait until War of Kings is complete.

    As for Gotham City Sirens, I like where they are going with the story and the "cheesecake" doesn’t not bother me one bit.

     Also picked up Madame Xanadu and Watchmen(BluRay)…both should be arriving in my office today!

    BQ: I wanna walk on the moon!

  51. Light week- looking most forward to INVINCIBLE (hoping Alan returns!) and the ELEPHANTMEN trade. Really people, why does no one seem to read this thing? Check out the first issue at the Image website. It gives a good summary of who/what the Elephantmen are.

    BQ: Mars. Ack ack ack!

  52. Amazing Spider-Man #600

    Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps #2 (OF 3)

    Captain Britain

    Gotham City Sirens #2

    Green Lantern #44

    Nova #27

    Wednesday Comics #3 (OF 12)


    BQ: The moon. I think it would be cool to check out some of the stuff they left behind. (The flag, footprints, moon vehicle…)

  53. Looking forward to the conclusion of FC Legion, GL, and of course Wednesday Comics.

    BQ: The moon because I like cheese and I’m afraid of White Martians.

  54. Captain Britain is all that really matters to me this week.

    How we will miss it. A truly unique Marvel title, with a level of quality far more consistent than most of the output of Monthly Marvel. A book which even after cancellation still stabilised higher sales than Runaways has gotten for almost 2 years.

    And that’s US sales. The UK sales are never included online.

    A travesty. Here’s hoping we get some more MI13 stuff at some point.

  55. Moon, because I wanna come back here. It sounds like Mars is a one way trip, PLUS, we can get to the moon before I am 70.

  56. Where is Citizen Rex #1???

  57. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    BQ: moon, i don’t want to be stuck in a rocket for two years on the way there.

  58. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    on the way to mars. ( just to clearify )

  59. I’m going to spend all my money at SDCC, then in a week I am going to try and find what I didn’t buy:

    Amazing Spider-Man #600

    Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps #1 (OF 3)

    Blackest Night Tales Of The Corps #2 (OF 3)

    Captain Britain And Mi 13 #15

    Green Lantern #44

    Invincible #64

    Wednesday Comics #2 (OF 12)

    Wednesday Comics #3 (OF 12)

    P.S. Really Marvel 4.99, Really? I mean Really.

    B.Q. Neither I am a coward.

    P.P.S. Really?

  60. @grottesco: For $4.99 you get 100 pages of new content. It’s a bargin.

  61. I am going to buy it, don’t get me wrong but its too much money specially this week, and I wanted to pick up Hulk #600 but I can not spend $10 on 2 comics, plus i have 4 other comics that are 3.99 I wish it didn’t bother me but it does.

  62. @conor by the way, just listened to the new murmur podcast, great show, keep ’em coming, can’t wait for Mad Men.

  63. Most excited for Amazing #600 this week, followed by the GL stuff. No surprises there.

    BQ: The Moon. From what I have read/heard about space travel, going to Mars sounds like it would take WAY too long for me. I don’t want to be trapped in a space shuttle for that long. Also, what others have said about being able to finally prove or disprove the original Moon mission would be big. 

  64. Wednesday Comics #3

    Goon vs Dethklok

    and I’m going to try ASM #600

    BQ: The moon. I play it safe. 

  65. Green Lantern, Wednesday Comics, Phonogram, Legion, and Supergirl are the books I’m most looking forward to. I might pick up Spider-man and The Hunter will probably be on my next amazon order.

    BQ: Neither, I’d be in the first assault on New Krypton!!!

  66. Wow! Another great week.

  67. I am most excited for Incredible Hulk #600. It’s a solid week, overall. Especially the SIXTY pages of John Romita Jr art in ASM.

  68. @Heroville

    I understand WHY they took away Pluto’s "planet status." i just don’t like it.


    Give me back my avatar! 

  69. Amazing Spider-Man


    We Kill Monsters

    Deathlok vs. The Goon

    Deadpool: Suicide Kings

    Wednesday Comics

    Powers vol.3 TPB