Drink! The iFanboy Drinking Game

GUINNESS!There is a moment just after we finish recording almost any of the shows we did, where I wonder, “when will people tire of this?” It’s hard to talk about comics and think about comics and write about comics all the time without thinking you’re repeating yourself.

But sometimes, let’s be honest, you are repeating yourself. And when you begin to repeat yourself, there is but one thing to do: You come up with a drinking game!

COOKIES!I’m not saying that iFanboy advocates drinking. Well, Conor certainly does, but you should, of course, behave responsibly, and iFanboy takes no responsibility for you drinking yourself into a coma because Ron can’t stop saying “awesome.” May I suggest that if you have a substance dependency, you eat a cookie for example. I recommend Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies if you have them available. If you go ahead and decide to drink, besides having that in common with Around Comics‘ Tom Katers, I would like to recommend you enjoy the best possible beer or liquor you can find, because we’re just worth it.

I’m going to institute a multi-tiered system where certain phrases are worth more than others, if it is more rare, or more awesome. For example, if Ron begins or ends a segment with the word, “So,” that’s a low level occurrence, and would be worth one small drink (or a cookie). Yet, if I were to break a Lego toy while recording, or embarrass myself in a similar way, that would be worth 2 or 3 drinks (or cookies). I’ll be dividing those into 3 categories, and you can decide your own level of poison (which could be a cookie, depending on how you look at it.

This is, of course, a fluid list. I want suggestions and additions in the comments, and I’ll add them to the list here if they’re good. No “drink when Conor likes a DC book,” because that’s just lazy, and you’d be drunk already (or out of cookies).

Can you tell I’d like a cookie right now?

Level One
Ron says “So,” without it actually leading to a resulting sentence.
Ron says “Awesome.”
Conor says “Wheelhouse”
Josh doesn’t like a book both Conor and Ron love.
Josh talks about Fables to himself.
Conor mentions “drinking, whores, or strippers.”
Any of us bring up Bendis when not talking about one of his books.
Saying it’s hot in the summer months.

Level Two
Ron combines “So,” with “Awesome.”
Michael Lark as the Ladies Man.
We recommend Invincible or the New Frontier Absolute Edition.
We mention someone misspelling “Conor.”
Saying it’s hot in a non-summer month.
“Rich People!”

Level Three
Ron complains about trade dress or lettering.
Conor complains about artists getting a costume wrong.
Any of us complain about a famous person being used for character reference.
Any of us talk about Geoff Johns “Savant Ability” to make good comics.
Any time an email or voicemail tries to classify Josh as the “Vertigo/Indy” guy.
Arthur of Maine

Come on people.  I’m sure you can do better than this.


  1. I’m already drunk or fat from cookies

  2. Anytime Josh makes fun of a British creator with a british accent.

  3. as if we needed a reason to drink more at my house.  this is good.  i’m gonna give it some more thought but right now all i have is:

    -ron’s "relationship-y" needs to be in there somewhere. 

    -if the intro goes off without stumble or interuption.

  4. Thank you for this!

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Any time Ron says "Admittedly"  


  6. There should be a Level 4. It should have the following: 

    Ron picking an X-men book.

    The running Michael Lark joke.

    Insults about Staten Island 

  7. Everytime you describe art on a book with terms like: WOOBLY,BUBBLY,SMUSHY

    lol, great topic. 

  8. Conor mentions Nightwing, or Ron mentions Cyclops, on a book that has nothing to with them – 1 drink.

    Any of the fanboys explains their love of a charcter by reference to something that happened in middle school — 2 drinks. 

    Josh throws down his microphone — chug.

  9. Why’d you have to make me hungry for cookies? I HAVE NO COOKIES RIGHT NOW!


    Oh, how about every time Ron interrupts Josh when he’s trying to review a book and be serious, thats definitely drink (or cookie) worthy. 

  10. How about:

    Anytime someone calls Conor "Hunter"

    …AND there needs to be something regarding Daryl stalking the streets of New York…

    …anytime someone puts a THE or ME in front of an article: We love THE comics…..you can check out THE Netflix… i love ME some fables……etc.

  11. ..oh..and Heinberg!  HEINBERG!

  12. I totally just bought a small box of said cookies.

    Oh yes.  It’ll be a hot time in the old town toniiiiiight!

  13. How about one for anytime someone says "Josh hates the Hulk" and then another for Josh saying he doesn’t hate the Hulk.


    I would also amend @ohcaroline’s suggestion to say when Conor says Nightwing is the most mis-written or misunderstood character in the DCU. 

  14. Why does iFanboy.com always break when I post something?

  15. -Anytime Ron’s laugh goes untrasonic.

    -If Conor gives an overly-elaborate wave in the intro.

    -When Josh introduces himself with full-stops in the sentence… "And. I. Am. Josh." 

  16. Any time an e-mail or caller says "You guys" about ONE persons opinion. (ie: You GUYS don’t like the Hulk. When it’s actually just Josh’s opinon)

  17. I think I miss Darrell.  I hope he’s OK.

  18. any time something is referred to as a "love letter" to anything else.

  19. Is this game played while you guys are recording?  It may explain the general  breakdown that happens toward the end of each episode. 🙂

    Here’s some:

    If Ron mentions the 90’s as a great moment in comicdom…1 drink

    If Josh trails off during a dying joke…2 drinks

    If Conor misses a show…drink until you black out

  20. also, anytime a segue is acknowledged as it is happening.

  21. I’m surprised that whenever Conor says "OOOoooo" is not on there.

  22. Attracting that youth market, eh? Bringing kids to comics–Tobacco style.


  23. How about anytime "a script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly. If it continues to run your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?"

    Oh, my bad. That’s the site, not the show.

  24. I drink whenever Ron says "Interesting…."

    I’m always drunk. 

  25. Anytime they mention the drinking game, drink whatever is left.

  26. Everytime Josh reads through an e-mail, stopping at the end of every sentence to comment on it.

  27. I second the Darryl thing.
    You should also drink every time a book that is a #1 is pick of the week.
    Also anytime one you goes "ugh" in distaste to something in a book.

  28. Any mentioning of "the Punisher effect"

  29. -Any use of the words "gut" and "punch" is used within three words of eachother

    -Whenever Josh breaks into an accent

    -Whenever the fact that the Vulture is from  Staten Island is mentioned

  30. Whenever replacement by Tom Katers or Gordon the Intern is threatened.

  31. I think I’ll download some old episodes, pick up a sixer, and do this tomorrow night – yay the weekend.

    I was also going to mention Daryl – he’d be a 2-drink-er.

    – Rucka love – chug

    – The Dini vs Morrison Batman conversation – chug

    – Mention of the ‘New’ Ifanboy (at some point, it has to stop being new) – chug

    – The intro music is some obscure band you’ve never heard of – chug

    – A new sponsor – buy us drinks!!

    – Captain America is the Pick – Jump up and down in joy, toast to Brubaker, then chug

    – Ron picks an X-book as POW – pinch your nipples, then chug

    I should mention I enjoy being drunk.

  32. Slightly off-topic, but thanks iFanboys for the "Frontier Living" pint glass.

    Given it’s arrival yesterday and this topic, I thought it would make for a timely new avatar. 

  33. @ afroken

    "Everytime Josh reads through an e-mail, stopping at the end of every sentence to comment on it.

    THIS made me laugh. very true. 


  34. This will provide some structure to my drinking.

  35. A suffix is frivilously attached to words: ie; -ness.
    Ron does the Alan Alda laugh.
    Conor corrects something that doesn’t need correcting.
    Josh breaks his tie-fighter. (16 drinks)
    Josh refers to Joe Casey as "Joe Casey".
    iFanboy user uses drinking game rules to be a critical bastard. (27 drinks! Liver damage is the sweetest revenge)

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Any mention of the abstract iFanboy offices.  

  37. I forgot my favorite!

    Ron suggests 2 to 3 different possible pronunciations for a creator’s name, and instead of settling on one, repeats all of them every time the name comes up.  Extra drink/cookie if Josh or Conor tells him the correct pronunciation and he does it anyway. 

    @FACE’s comment about the error message — I thought I was just getting that because of my work system (if I were theoretically reading this at work, which of course I wouldn’t).  Is there a way to make that go away?  I don’t get it at home, but I use Firefox at home, and I’m stuck with IE at (theoretical) work.

  38. Anytime someone other than Ron uses the term "iFanbase."

  39. Ron’s cute little half-whispered "Yayyy" is definitely worth a drink.

    Anytime Josh does an accent from somewhere in the British Isles – 1 drink

    Anytime Josh does an accent from somewhere else – 2 drinks 

  40. Does Australia count as a British isle? We are in the commonwelth but definately not British.

    Also 2 drinks when Conor says "It all falls apart" 

  41. Considering I often listen to the show while driving, this is going to mean alot more cookies for me.

  42. Just listening to Episode #46 and I have to add:

    Anytime Ron says "literally" take a drink, anyone else says it take two drinks.


  43. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I doubt Darrell’s into drinking games.