DON’T MISS: X-Men Noir: The Mark of Cain #1

X-Men Noir: The Mark of Cain #1The follow up to the X-Men Noir series, X-men Noir: Mark of Cain #1 ships to comic shops this Wednesday and Ron catches up with writer Fred Van Lente to discuss this next chapter in the X-Men Noir saga and where and who we may see in the mini series, along with a little discussion on what "Noir" really means and what working with artist Dennis Calero is like.  Most importantly, if you haven't read the first series, can you just pick this up and go from there? If you're in the X-Men or Noir-ish/Pulp stories, you're not going to want ot miss this.

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X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #1
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Dennis Calero
$3.99 – Marvel Comics

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Total Running Time: 13:01

Blame it on Cain
Elvis Costello


Check out the first 5 pages of X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #1:




  1. Nice!

    The first X-Men Noir was really good. Lente was able to weave in a compelling Noir setting with established characters. It wasn’t like the Spider-Man Noir, where it was just a retelling of Peter’s origins with a 1930’s setting. So I am looking forward to this mini, maybe in trade though cause I think the Noir books read better all collected.

  2. Great chat you guys had about another book you have tempted to pick up , might even look for the trade of the first story. Also have to say cracking music who ever picked the track.

  3. I disliked the first X-Men Noir because the art made it unreadable (too damn dark!)

  4. Ok, this made me want to check this out

  5. The story sounds pretty cool. It makes me want to go back and read the first mini, but I don’t know how it is.

  6. Think I’m gonna pass on this one.