DON’T MISS: Strange #1 with Mark Waid

In the second edition of iFanboy Talksplode: Don’t Miss, we present a short conversation with Mark Waid, the writer of Strange #1.  Now that Dr. Strange is no longer the sorcerer supreme, what will become of Stephen Strange? Mark Waid answers all of Ron’s questions about Dr. Strange, how powerful (or how not powerful) he is and what the future lies for the classic magician of the Marvel Universe.

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Strange #1

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Emma Rios
Colorist: Christina Strain
Letterer: Todd Klein

$3.99 – Marvel Comics

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don’t Miss #2 with Mark Waid:

Total Running Time: 16:31

Is It Really So Strange?
The Smiths

Click on the below art to see the first 7 pages of Strange #1:



  1. Oh man, am I going to be pulling two Marvel magic books? I think so. Damn you marvel and your interesting mini series’.

  2. I’m all over this.

  3. trade waiting

  4. Great music choice. I wasn’t going to check this out, but now I want to. I’ll see if there isn’t some kind of pull list maneuvering I can pull off.

  5. Based on his recent stuff, he’s one of my favorite writers, so I’m definitely getting this.

  6. Smiths <3

  7. Who is Hector Molina!? And why does his junk mail mixed with mine!?

    Looks like a good mini; love the art for it. Probably still a trade wait for me though.

  8. I love that cover.  Awesome stuff.

  9. I’m screwed for this new podcast series, I got a zune! 😐

  10. Somebody put Emma Rios on Ultimate Spider-Man stat!!

  11. im really this new "dont miss" podcast. my wallet says otherwise

  12. @ShaunR – I just submitted Don’t Miss to the Zune marketplace -so you should be able to get it soon!

  13. I love Dr. Strange and agree that he doesn’t really need an ongoing series BUT I LOVE when he gets little mini series like this.

  14. Has Emma Rios done anything else before this mini? Cause I really love this art style for this.

  15. @Ron – thanks alot enjoy listening to the interviews you guys do.

  16. @Ron – the zune marketplace must be slow at adding new content 😐