DON’T MISS: SIEGE: LOKI with Jamie McKelvie

With a slew of one shots related to the SIEGE event at Marvel Comics, we check in with fan favorite artist, Jamie McKelvie to get some insight on the artist's point of view when tackling a chapter in a mega-crossover.  Jamie explains some of his process in working with his writer, in this case Kieron Gillen, as well as his approach to using technology within his art.  Jamie even reveals a bit of fanboy pleasure at getting the chance to draw some of the major villains in the Marvel Universe and wrestles with the physics behind Loki's helmet and those horns.

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SIEGE: Loki -$2.99 – Marvel Comics

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Check out this preview of the first 7 pages of SIEGE: Loki from Marvel Comics:


  1. Jamie McKelvie’s art is superb. If I could get anyone to draw one of my comic book scripts it would be Jamie. I love the facial expressions on his characters.

  2. Me getting this book was going to rely completely on whether or not they used McKelvie-appropriate coloring this time.  Looks like they did.

  3. I want to get this, hopefully my LCS does get it.

    I’m starting to see why people love Gillen/McKelvie so much now. Phonogram did nothing for me as mentioned before….Except for the art. While I didn’t care for the story, McKelvie won me over as being a fine good artist. Now with the two together for a Loki comic, this should turn out good. I mean Gillen has killed it with his Thor run so far, can’t wait to see how he handles Loki for a full issue.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great teaming of creators and character. Definitely gonna check this out. 

  5. Wish Jamie was coming to C2E2, would have loved to get a sketch

  6. Jamie is awesome! Looking forward to seeing more amazing books from this fellow.


    @WeRideToFight – He should be at all the cons next year cause he’ll be a big star then and marvel will need to fly him out. Except WONDERCON since Marvel doesnt like wondercon.

  7. That would be nice, except for the Wondercon part. Love me some San Francisco.

  8. Man, this makes me wish that Loki was still a girl.

  9. Thanks guys!


    I really love the Loki Kieron writes. 

  10. Pretty, pretty pictures.