Don’t Miss: NORTH WORLD, VOL. 2

Earlier this month I reviewed the first installment of Lars Brown’s North World: The Epic of Conrad. The series, originally presented as a web comic, is now offered in Oni’s classic digest format. They’re perfect for reading on the go and particularly devastating when utilized as urban shuriken. If the first one got lodged in your most recent victim, fret not. Volume two is on its way.          

North World, for the uninitiated, is a world not so different from our own. People wear jeans and hoodies, but they also wear a broadsword at their hip. On occasion. They’re encouraged not to feed the bears, but that doesn’t mean they can’t engage them in mortal combat. On occasion. So, while our hero has some relationship issues to contend with which aren’t all that atypical, the real world RPG elements lend more than a little variety. It’s the kind of thing that Oni does best, offering heartfelt human drama that’s never too mopey, seasoned with vibrant characters who sound like people you know. Also, chain fights.

In volume 2, Conrad has shunned his monster slaying days, donned a tie, and embarked upon a very different kind of adventure. The life of an accountant. Somehow, I don’t think this is the end of bear violence and guild politics. Although, number crunching could be… no… let’s hope he sees the error of his ways and fishes that sword out of the lake.

Oni Press has provided us with a 20 page preview of the digest, which hits shelves on Wednesday (March 4).






  1. That ia massice preview. Lots of energy in these books! I’ll have to check them out.  Conrad sorta looks like a pre-beard Josh

  2. Yeah I gotta agree with Mr. Paul Money on this book. I picked it up a while back on a whim and was hugely surprised. It’s a story that could only be done in comics. It’ll make you wannabe comic creators out there excited and more than somewhat envious.

  3. i picked this up on a whim at NYCC at the ONI PRESS booth and it was well worth it. i loved it so much and i picked up the North World shirt too. I am very excited for this and cant wait!! i am hoping my LCS gets a copy because im not sure where else i can get it.

  4. Lars is a friend of mine, everyone pick it up and support him 🙂

  5. Ha, I met Lars at WonderCon today at the Oni booth, he pitched me his book (I hadn’t heard of it before), I thought, "Sure I’ll check it out," and I picked up Vol. 1. Seems like a really nice guy, and it’s always nice to buy a book directly from a creator. I’ve only read the first two chapters but it’s only getting better the further I get into it…can’t wait to finish it.

  6. Montgomery, what the f*** are you doing? Newer members might not know about the sweet iFanboy Wallpaper that Lars came up with a few years back. I love that piece.