DON’T MISS: JSA vs. Kobra with Eric Trautmann

Espionage meets the DC Universe in this tense and exciting traded collection of 2009's JSA vs Kobra mini series. Writer Eric Trautmann talks about how the seeds for JSA vs Kobra started in Checkmate, but how the series stands on its own and isn't a straight continuation of DC's anti-terrorism title. The JSA must fight an unrelenting enemy that has faith as their most powerful and destructive weapon. A power struggle within JSA and a ruthless terrorist that is always two steps ahead bring the super team to the edge. Find out how the series originated and how Trautmann and artist Don Kramer collaborated to make this an easily accessible story for both old and new JSA fans.

So take a listen and find out why JSA vs Kobra is a book you Don't want to Miss!

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JSA Vs. Kobra – $14.99 – DC Comics

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War Pigs
Faith No More


  1. KOBRA-RA-RA!!!!

    Heard really good things about this story. Definitely can’t wait to give it a try.

  2. Props for playing Faith No More on this episode.

  3. I loved this series.  Makes me miss checkmate all the more.  I felt like his characterizations for all of Checkmate and all of the JSA were pitch perfect.

  4. @Spoons: It made me miss CHECKMATE *and* JSA. Great little mini.