DON’T MISS: Girl Comics #1 with Jeanine Schaefer


Broken Trinity Pandora's Box #1 from Top Cow and Image ComicsIn the spirit of last year's Strange Tales anthology series, Marvel is back with a new anthology, a 3 issue mini series, Girl Comics featuring an all-women staff of creators.  Editor Jeanine Schaefer speaks with iFanboy to share why go with an all-women staff for this anthology, as well as highlight some of the great talent in the series that you can look forward to. 


So take a listen and find out why the first trade of Girl Comics#1 is a book you Don't want to Miss!

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Girl Comics #1
$4.99 – Marvel Comics

Listen to iFanboy Talksplode: Don't Miss #15 with Jeanine Schaefer!

Total Running Time: 15:49

Rebel Girl
Bikini Kill


Check out these preview pages from Girl Comics #1




  1. Ha! That page with the Punisher is hilarious!

  2. ok i was on the fence but that punisher page sold me. awesome cover too, love the logo

  3. haha, agreed on the Punisher page. I was laughing just at the way he looks typing on a computer, then reading the captions made it so much better.

    I was already planning on picking this up. Very excited for the book.

  4. Yeah, I’m pretty excited for this series. I’m certainly picking this up. I’m such a sucker for anthologies.

  5. Any idea who did the first preview image?  I kind of have to have to have a print of that.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @RickyStardust – That’s Colleen Coover. 

  7. Thanks Paul.

  8. Love that Punisher page. You think he has to do that often? Or how about the first time he had to pretend he was a little girl?

    Strange Tales was an amazing anthology and this has the potential to be too. Not sure if I wanna pick this up in issues or in trade yet….But this interview definitely peeks my interest.

  9. hmmm. I don’t think I’ll be missing much by not picking this up.

  10. ohh, Marvel and their gimmicks.

  11. I know one things for sure: it’s gonna be ironic when I walk up to the checker-girl with a bunch of these issues and Girl Comics #1 in the middle of my pile. Being the comedian I think I’ll just own up to it and joke about it a little. It’s not a big deal but it’d certainly raise my eyebrow if I were in her shoes.

  12. Are these preview pages from the first issue of girl comics?

    I’m mostly interested in the rescue one-shot.

  13. @JJ: "Check out these preview pages from Girl Comics #1"