DON’T MISS: Fraggle Rock #1 with Heather White and Jeff Stokely

Fraggle Rock is making it's return to comics. This Wednesday Archaia is releasing the first issue of their take on the incredibly popular children's program. Writer Heather White and artist Jeff Stokely drop by to talk about the fun and challenging parts of bringing one of their favorite TV shows back to comics. In addition to Heather and Jeff's story there are new Fraggle Rock tales by Katie Cook and Jeffrey Brown! 

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Direct Download – 19 MB

Fraggle Rock #1 -$3.95 – Archaia Comics

Listen to iFanboy Don't Miss #23 with Heather White and Jeff Stokely

We Want a Rock

They Might Be Giants


  1. Annnnd cue Gobo… 😉

  2. I think I’ll go ahead and miss this.

  3. My shop got a copy of this! Well it might’ve been an advanced copy, cause he was the only one looking at it.

    If my sister isn’t into comics now, she will be after hearing this.

  4. WOO!

  5. I’ve actually pulled two copies of each issue so far, one for me, one for my mom.

  6. Fraggle Rock and They Might Be Giants together in the same podcast. Heaven!

  7. I hope the Fraggle Fans are happy with the interview. This one was out of my normal territory. I did have fun talking with Heather and Jeff though…

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If I discovered a copy of this comic and podcast in my backyard I’d hold an immediate press conference where I name them WANTOSAURUS REX and WANTAEOPTERYX respectively! 

  9. Fraggle Rock is a Don’t Miss book?

    That quite an impressive bar you’ve raised there

  10. Love that you’re judging that without ever actually reading the book. A+

  11. Dance your cares away, worries for another day

  12. Let the music play, DOWN ON FRAGGLE ROCK!

  13. @Gobo: you should see me judge people from other ethnic groups 🙂

  14. I bet you hate Gorgs and Doozers too.

  15. Did you just drop the G-bomb and use the D-word?

  16. Aw, you guys forgot the claps. 

  17. That’s the point of Don’t Miss. For people to become aware of a book they might not have known, or been interested in. Anyone with a son, daughter, niece or nephew should grab a copy this week. Fun stuff.