Don’t Mess With Aquaman: ‘Robot Chicken’ Variant Cover For AQUAMAN #12

With the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special set to hit your TVs on September 9, Warner Bros. has engaged in a bit of funny cross-promotion this week with a variant cover for Aquaman #12.

The animated version of Aquaman had this daydream every day in the 1980s.


  1. That. Is. Awesome.

  2. Cool beans!

  3. It’s funny

  4. I hope my shop gets some of these variants!

  5. As a huge Aquaman fan I need to get one of these variants. Also it amiss me that much more excited for the Robot Chicken episode.

  6. haha nice.

  7. They all laughed at the King of the Seven Seas……..who’s laughing now? It needs some Topo in there ffor us long term Aquaman fans.

  8. At last! The Age of Aquarius is upon us!!!

  9. The only thing better would be a more “Frazetta” like pose for WW – like clutching around AM’s leg’s.

  10. I would love more covers created with action figures.

  11. I know the point of this variant is to advertise the Robot Chicken special. But I think the ad on here really hurts the cover.

  12. Well then, it looks like I need to have a chat with my LCBS friends.

  13. I will be buying that cover! And my DVR will be set to watch that episode.