I’m beginning to think that much of comic hype about upcoming projects is sadly reminiscent of a deadbeat dad who makes a lot of promises, but doesn’t ever show up on your birthday, and when he does he’s drunk and doesn’t remember your name.

There seem to be tons of projects out there that were the talk of comicdom, and then nothing ever came of them.

Some examples….

• The end of Rising Stars.
• Kevin Smith on The Amazing Spider-Man.
• Kevin Smith’s The Brave and the Bold.
• The end of Spider-Man/Black Cat.
• The Miracleman trades.
• Warren Ellis’ Ministry of Space, Morning Dragons, etc.
• Alan Moore at Marvel.
• Regular columns, updates, interviews at iFanboy.

Clearly Kevin Smith must never be given more work in comics.


  1. Don’t forget the end of DAREDEVIL: TARGET, also a Kevin Smith project.

    The only one that I really am irked about is the MIRACLEMAN trades.

  2. C’mon, there must be others.

    Man I wanted to read Miracle Man!

  3. Anything by Rob Liefield was pretty much Never finished. The whole Awesome Universe being the argument here.
    And Alan Moore could fill more volumes with his unfinished projects than most writers can with thier entire body of work.
    I made a joke recently that if Alan was going to be writeing for your company you knew you were going to be going bankrupt. not to dimish the sheer awesomeness of everything he has ever written, just an interesting observation.

  4. I yeah, where’s the rest of that Millar/Liefeld Youngblood? Never!

    How about the return of regular Astro City? (I don’t blame Kurt.)

  5. What was wrong with the return of Astro City? Astro City Local Heroes has been coming out pretty much on schedule I thought?

  6. Not the same as it was, and you know it!

    I want Astro City #???

    Full Run!

  7. The on-going mini series format is easier for all those involved to create, I think.

    (If I remember Kurt’s panel correctly from San Deigo two years ago)

    I’d rather have the minis then nothing at all.

  8. It was just as good as before – sure its no Confessor storyline, but will we ever have another like that? probably not. I’ve been getting Uncanny X-Men for over 200 issues hoping for another Dark Phoenix Saga, but I know it’s not coming…

    Hell, I don’t need consecutive numbers on Astro City – I’d be happy with mini after mini – it’s like heroin, I just want SOMETHING

  9. The problem with Hollywood types doing comics (JMS, Smith and now Whedon) is that once another project kicks in like a movie or television series, they drop their comic obligations without question. And the problem with that is, if any comic book professional like Paul Jenkins or Brian Michael Bendis pulled what they pulled, they’d be out of door in a minute. But, because most fans continue to lay down the cash for big names in comics like Smith and Whedon, the publishers pretty much let them get away with murder.

  10. I think that the thing about Bendis or Jenkins, or any other big comic writer (except Ellis) is that they wouldn’t do it. Just wouldn’t. Bendis has been in the spotlight for years now and I haven’t seen anything show up late. It’s a work ethic thing. And that’s sad that the others can’t hack it and honor their committments. Whether they pay big money or not.

  11. Bendis has my respect because he is, IMO, the hardest workign man in comics. I mean, he’s got 8-9 titles and he did work on the MTV Spider-man series. AND, his work is quality…..

    And I think you’re right. If he couldn’t do something, he wouldn’t do it.

    But he’s comics….Whedon, Smith and JMS are Hollywood. Big difference.

  12. did that MTV spiderman series end? does anyone know why?

  13. MTV doesn’t seem to commit to any series beyond one season unless it’s a breakout, cultural phenomenon (Newlyweds, Punk’d, The Osbournes).

    That’s the only explanation I can think of, unless the ratings were terrible.

  14. As far as I know (or Bendis knows), MTV hasn’t ordered any new episodes. But the series is coming out on DVD.


  15. Well, to be fair, I didn’t watch it, and I don’t know anyone who did.

    It wasn’t a good fit for MTV anyway. Could have been, but it came too long after the movie.

  16. I watched it. Not regularly, but whenever I saw that an episode was on, I watched. It was good.

  17. Let the record show that the above message was posted by me, while somewhat drunk, at Ron’s party. It is surprisingly lucid.

  18. Ron had a party? I guess it wouldn’t matter, but why didn’t I know? Was there alcohol at Ron’s party? It doesn’t make sense.

    So bored.

  19. *giggles* I watched and readily enjoyed. We actually taped it for one of hubby’s co-workers as well. It was fledgling, but had promise…very fun and enjoyable, I thought.

    Pictures from said party please?

  20. There were very few cameras at the party that I saw. In fact, there may have ony been the one disposable. Strangely enough, for a so-called early adopter, Ron doesn’t have a digital camera.

    Hopefully he’ll scan the disposable shots and send them to me.