DC’s New Promotion

DC posted the details on their newest promotion, and it has nothing to do with orphaned copies of S.W.O.R.D.

When customers buy The Flash #1 or Green Lantern #53, they'll receive a matching Flash or Green Lantern ring (non-functional), at qualifying retailers.  The word "qualifying"  refers to the size of the orders for a given book, and those who order over a 10 copies will receive the rings. 

And that Flash ring looks a lot sweeter than the one I got with The Flash: Rebirth #1.  I don't think that was for everyone though, maybe it was just that I interviewed Geoff Johns that day.  It's hard to remember, because I think that might have been back in the late 90's.




  1. cool.

    DC is coming off like the nice guys while Marvel just look like a pack of A-holes

  2. That Flash ring is pretty cool.  I’ll probably get one from my LCS because he usually stocks up for things like this.  The Green Lantern ring I could take or leave.  I got like 18 of them with the Blackest Night promotion.

  3. Very nice. Essentially, it’s a re-paint of the Flash Ring DC has been giving out at cons for the past year or so except painted gold and whit instead of dark yellow. See, his is a classy, shrewd marketing move.

    As noted on other sites, DC learned from the Blackest Night ring promotion and lowered the order numbers. So now it’s just you get 10 rings for every 10 books you order.  

  4. I like that they have to specify non functioning — "What do you mean this doesn’t have a costume inside!"

  5. Legion Ring – make it happen.

  6. @PraxJarvin: It’s also noted on this site. 🙂

  7. @edward: Couldn’t agree more. DC learned from their mistakes with the ring earlier, so they make an even better offer with this. Hopefully Marvel doesn’t do another dick move because of this offer.

    I don’t know how far I will go into this Brightest Night idea….But I want that ring! Give it to me now DC!

  8. Flash ring looks cool. I agree with Katers LEGION RING!!!

  9. Great promotion on DC’s part…I bought the random Blacket Night tie-in books just for the rings! At least with these two, I’ll get both rings on books I’d normally be buying anyhow 🙂

  10. Does anyone know how DCBS handled the last ring promotion? Did they send the rings along in your order if you got the issue it was paired with? I just started using them and I don’t want to miss out on that Flash ring. That thing looks sweet.

  11. @JeffR The way they did it for me was as long as you bought the book that the ring was supposed to come with they sent it to you.  Hopefully they do the same here because I WANT that Flash ring and TOTALLY need another Green Lantern ring to go along with all 8 rings I already have the other 7 or 8 I’ll have when I order the light up rings.  Damn you DC taking advantage of a poor GL fan.

  12. I guess I got a new present for my family again this Christmas.

    That’s what I did with my BN rings. Mom, Dad, and Sister has three to claim as their own.

  13. @cskpilpatrick I totally forgot you did when I went to post. Egg on my face. 😉

  14. @VampJoe Thanks for the info. Let’s hope they do it again!

  15. heheh… I still think it’s funny that people think this is DC looking nice while Marvel looks like assholes. This is a MUCH better offer. It’s 10 copies of books that are expected to sell well or already sell well. Two books written by Geoff Johns, a top writer for the company. It doesn’t excuse the previous offer, which has been shown to be a bit dodgy with retailers. It was a very different promotion.

    Personally, I’m as indifferent to these rings as I was to the color rings. I mean, they’re cute and all, but… I really don’t need more bits of plastic that I’ll never do anything with. 😉


  16. er, to clarify that a bit: by "previous offer," I was referring to DC’s previous Blackest Night ring promotion. I was just comparing that offer to the new one.

  17. I never cared one bit about all the colored rings craze that went on recently but I HAVE TO… nay, NEED TO HAVE that Flash ring!

  18. Didn’t I already get a Green Lantern ring? How about a Brightest Day ring? (or White Lantern, or whatever it turns out to be) And yes, a Legionnaires ring too, please.

  19. Ahhhhh yeah! This is going to be awesome.

  20. Sweet ass give me that Flash ring now.  Take that Marvel the only way to sell comics is with rings not Deadpool.

  21. Or the only way to sell comics is with good comics, maybe? 😉

  22. @daccampo: Well, we know that’s definitely not true.

  23. @conor – Well, the publishers definitely seem to agree that it’s not true.

    Let me amend my statement: the only way to sell comics to ME is with good comics. 😉

    (also: bacon-flavored comics might have some selling power with me, too.)


  24. mmmmmmmmmmmm bacon

  25. @conor: well, you guys keep giving the pick of the week to rubbbish comics, so, you know, there’s that

  26. I like this.

  27. I know, different folks and all that. But why would somebody want a plastic ring?

  28. OMG! A ring! Now I need to find some shiny boots so I can dress up this 37 year old ass!

    I kid cuz I love guys. It’s all good. 

  29. @Bendrix: Cause it’s cool.

    Anyway, I like this. It reminds of getting toys from cracker jack boxes. Plus you just need to get one book, which I’m buying anyway.

  30. Does anyone know when the ring holders will be out? The box that holds all the colored rings.

  31. When do these books release

  32. I love how 9 out of 10 discussions on this website somehow always find a way to mention bacon….

  33. Its just a little extra to put a smile on your face. Nothing to get too "inside baseball" about. I"m hoping Marvel starts including some shwag too! How bout Mockingbird’s facemask. I’d wear that every night!

  34. @Tele" How ’bout repulsor technology?

  35. Got 2 blue lantern rings at my comic book shop and gave them to my kids (4 and 2).  Now, every time we are near the shop they start begging to get another ring (they’re selling leftovers in a bin for $1)  So, both my boys now have red, blue, orange and violet rings. 

  36. want want want the flash ring!