DC Universe Online Trailer Debuts… Online

Today, the Playstation Blog released the first full trailer for DC Universe Online. The trailer made its debut today at E3. The graphics look pretty spiffy. If I wasn't currently in World of WarCraft recovery, I might be interestedin giving it a try.



Looks like Superman was doing a little dance there in the beginning.


You can preorder:

DC Universe Online Hero Edition – Playstation 3
DC Universe Online Collector's Edition – WIndows XP / Vista

DC Universe Online – WIndows XP / Vista



  1. Does this mean there are going to be a lot of Metron look-alikes running around the DCU? 😉

  2. I’d expect more Power Girl look-alikes, to be honest.

  3. @CAM – LOL too true.  I wonder if you’ll be able to put nipples on your costume too (most like only the male characters).

  4. Can anyone say SLEEP DEPRIVATION?

  5. Say it? I live it.

  6. Hmmm, this or The Old Republic?

  7. Well, there goes my life.

  8. Today, I wish I was rich and retired.

  9. With the music and voiceover at the beginning, sounds like they kinda ripped of any 1 of the Spider-Man movies.

    Looks interesting. Kinda bummed you can’t be an existing hero, but I guess that makes sense given the nature of the game. You should at least be able to be a Green Lantern Corps member, or a Batman sidekick. There are loads of those.

  10. So if I have a Mac and a Wii am I just out of luck for this?  


  11. Wish I could play it on my XBOX 360. Maybe I’ll play it on my PC.

  12. @zattaric:  Yes, you are beat.

    @TheGoose: That’s cuz 360 blows…

  13. I’m making Sentry

  14. @CGPO: Wow. I can’t believe you said that. Well done my friend. Well done.
    @harwellpkg: what josh said.
    @NawidA: this is no real decision for me.
    @Rustyautoparts: I’m right there with ya.
    @robbydzwonar: LMAO! That’s funny because that’s the very reason why I wouldn’t play it on a 360. I’m not going to pay $300+ for something that "may" or "may not" work*.

    *red ring

    Incidentally I came up with an awesome idea for a character today after reading all of the TPB of Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles.

  15. Is there an official release date?

  16. You can really tell all of those are Jim Lee designs.

  17. @Arrrggghhh I believe it’s set for November 2nd, and you can pre-order on Amazon already (through the iFanboy page naturally). Not that I have or anything…… 

  18. Want it, need it! Pre-order it is!

  19. Finally, I haven’t played any PC games in forever but I want this and Diablo 3. I know everyone wants to be a GL corps member but screw that. I want in the Red Lantern Corps!

  20. iFanboy is gonna be like a ghost town when this comes out…

  21. I played City of Heroes for far too long.  I’m stoked abut DCUO.  I’m planning to get lost in this game.


    Should create an iFanboy guild, sorry LEGION or LEAGUE for this.  That would be fun. 

  22. @KingTorg: Oh God, don’t remind me about my CoH days… The iFanboy League/Legion sounds fun, but wouldn’t we all have to be on the same server?

  23. I’m gonna be the Weather Wizard.

  24. Wish this was coming out on the 360

  25. They wouldn’t show it on G4 saying "there just wasn’t enough time to showcase it".

    I say I want more videos or at least a demo in stores before the game actually comes out. I mean the name of the game is pre-orders, unless the market has changed while I was asleep.

  26. @RapidEyeMovement >  We just need to get a posting so that everyone on iFanboy that is planning on playing DCUO gets on the same server, and we set up the League/Legion of Fanboys or whatnot.

     I call dibs on being the angry, water breathing villain!

  27. i am so all over this