DC Reboot: New Jobs for The Justice Society of America

This September, DC Comics is set to launch 52 new ongoing series with fresh beginnings for many of its major stalwarts. Absent from that lineup is a title or position for The Justice Society of America, an organization predating the JLA by some twenty years. Though a handful of JSA mainstays like Hawkman and Mister Terrific made the cut and will headline their own titles this fall, many of the DCU's Greatest Generation are being "put on the shelf." 

With the help of artist Blair Campbell, I set out to document the JSA's summer scramble for gainful employment. 









  1. Awesome!

  2. This is great. But I had a talk with a lcs owner and we both think that DC will have another wave of comics coming through. JSA should be part of that. Or they may be part of the anthology series.

  3. YAY! more Blair art! keep it coming. These are priceless

  4. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Charlie the owl has the edge over Nite Owl on that Guardians job opening. As a resume, all he has to submit this little sequence and he’s in.

  5. I think Alan Scott got the worst out of the deal.

  6. Fantastic!

  7. Jeez guys – It could be worse – You could be left fighting a fire demon to prevent ragnarok for all eternity…oh, wait a minute …

  8. These are great. The Hourman/Liberty Bell is my favorite.

  9. These are funny. This is what I was afraid Disney would do with Marvel characters, put them “in the vault” to build artificial demand.

  10. @dharmabum  Do you think that is what DC is doing with the JSA?

  11. Seems like the JSA’s place in the DCU is being repleaced by stromwatch maybe some of the members will show up in that (please say Alan Scott i want him Jade and Obsidian to still exist)

  12. im thinking that they will simply have the justice league meet the jsa from earth 2 down the road somewhere. the mr terrific and probably others will be the earth 1/earth 0/earth nu versions of those characters. dc hinted at something like this most recent jla relaunch a few years ago when they flashed to future stories. its also hinted at in the bart allen flash, as they meet the earth 2 jay garrett. i think that may also be how we next meet captain marvel, on his own earth. id be all for this as we can get a ww2 jsa with superman, batman and wonder woman.

  13. One of the biggest disappointments in the new DC Universe is no mention of the JSA. Hopefully DC will correct this quickly.

  14. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @boostergold4  DiDio and other have stated at various retailer events that the JSA are being put on the shelf for a while. 

  15. @dharmabum Please don’t give them any ideas!

  16. @dharmabum  @conor  I don’t think that’s what DC is doing at all. I just think when you are revamping a universe, trying to make your characters hipper and more relatable to younger, new readers, the first ones to go are the old-people fighting crime in the costumes from the 40s.

  17. @JohnVFerrigno  I agree. I think that’s what they are doing too.