DC Entertainment To Develop a Live Action Blue Beetle TV Show?

DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns sure had some interesting Tweets this morning.

(Read them from the bottom up.)

Blue Beetle

Is DCE in the (very) early stages of developing a live action Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle show? Or is Geoff pulling our collective legs? Literally nothing else is known at this point.


  1. I was excited until Isaw Jaime Reyes. (not Jamie, Conor)

    I still miss Ted.

  2. im going point this out to everyone  http://dcbeyond.kidswb.com/event/blue-beetle-attacks/game/blue-beetle-attacks theres some live action blue beetle in that

  3. M.A.N.T.I.S. 2.0

  4. Man I still want a young Bruce Wayne live action show. That or a Gotham Central show.

  5. Nice!  I really liked what I’ve read of his series and his appearances on Brave and the Bold are great.  This could be very cool.

  6. Who is this Blue Bettle? (just kidding)

  7. Man, that would be sweet!

  8. If this turns out to be nothing, I’m gonna be blue.

  9. So excited if this happens. Jaime got me through high-school, and the writing was unsurpassable by any comic out there. Ifanboy, can you see if John Rogers, the creator of Jaime and a TV producer tweets anything in the coming days? if he’s involved than this’ll be my new favorite show.

  10. Jaime’s a better Beetle than Ted. There, I said it.

  11. Geez, DC is really pushing Jaime Reyes as THE Blue Beetle. I missed the boat on his series so I cant say if this is good or bad.

  12.  i have seen something like that on wb kids. it was a video gamw iwth live action footage. it kind of looked like early 2000’s version of the power rangers

  13. Guess it’s going to be Jaime? A live action kid/pre-teen show of Blue Beetle could work. Apparently he is a hit with the kids for the Brave and the Bold cartoon and comic. Although it could work the other way with Ted Kord and a late-night (most likely cable) show.

    That reminds me, they should do a JLI live-action show. 

  14. is Blue Beetle big enough of a character to get non comic fans interested (and carry the show)? He’s kinda niche even within the DCU fan world. Agreed with @JesTr–I think Gotham Central would be better suited for TV as a crossover hit. 

  15. @wallythegreenmonster: It’s not always about characters being recognizable, it’s about the show being good. 99.9999999% of the TV shows I watch feature characters I’ve never heard of before. TV shows about super heroes are no different than TV shows about cops.

  16. The reason people love Blue Beetle (who aren’t comic fans) are because of 2 things:

    A) He’s practically a kid so he’s relatable to that age group.

    B) His costume looks awesome. That’s probably the kicker right there. I know I liked Batman, Spider-Man, and others on their costumes alone firstly. Not saying that’s always a given but it’s probably somewhat of a factor. 

  17. @conor–i completely disagree about superhero tv shows being no different than cop shows. Cop shows are a more accessible genre. The superhero show has an extra hurdle attached to it….the nerd stigma. You put a guy in a silly (to most people) costume and call him a superhero, A LOT of TV watchers won’t even give it a chance. Take the 2 most successful superhero TV shows…Smallville and Heroes. No costumes. I don’t think its a coincidence. Its all about accessibility. 

    They might dial the Blue Beetle Costume down a bit or do a smallville thing to it. Maybe they’ll go full on. Can’t wait to see how they do a hi tech science crime fighting show.

    i do agree that in the end a great show will thrive regardless of genre (LOST, BSG) but its gotta be great from the start or else it’ll be another one and done.  

  18. @wallythegreenomster: I think we’re well beyond the nerd stigma when it comes to superheroes in TV and film at this point. If the costume looks ridiculous, that’s something else entirely, but the preponderance of evidence points to people not really caring that they are watching superheroes anymore.

  19. @conor–movies and tv shows are different animals. Movies..of course you’re 10000000% right and i’m not arguing that. It takes A LOT to make a TV show in the Sci Fi/Comic Genre stay on the air (Firefly/Jericho anyone?) 

    I just can’t think of a successful costumed superhero TV series in recent memory. Thats what i was originally getting at. Its a tough to get a fanbase on board big enough to keep it on the air. Thats why something like Gotham Central would be awesome. Accessibility.  

  20. In reference to this discussion, anyone see the new costume for The Phantom show?

    People already don’t wanna see it because of the ridiculous costume. It’s all about the costume. 

  21. @wallythegreenmonster: I think quality is the most important factor. Yes, it’s harder for science fiction/fantasy/super hero shows to succeed, especially in today’s fractured TV audience climate, but the biggest reason why they would succeed is not the character recognition level, it’s the quality of the work. Exhibit A: BIRDS OF PREY.

    No one who dosn’t read comics knows or cares about the members of the GCPD who aren’t Commissioner Gordon, so it would be just another cop show, and it would have to be good to stand out. Again, it would come down to quality of material. And that’s beside the fact that Christopher Nolan won’t let anyone else play in Gotham City right now so the idea is a non-starter anyway.

  22. Static Shock did really well when it was on Kids WB if I remember right. That’s a superhero with almost zero name recognition for most people. Just putting that out there.

  23. Conor is dead-on re: nerd stigma. Just look at the all-time top grossing films as the box office and tell me that the nerds do not rule the universe. Quality is definitely the issue, and it’s still a big issue on TV. Smallville’s done really well. Heroes had an okay run, but it seems to me the defeat there was in the confusing storytelling directions, not the fact that people had an aversion to the "powers" on the show. 

    I’d love for Blue Beetle to get some love as a live-action series. I’m also glad to see DC putting a lot of weight behind Jaime, given some of their other recent moves with generational characters.

    As others have noted, BB does seem ripe for the big time. He’s young and it’s easy to play that hero’s journey/coming of age story with him. He’s sort of Iron Man meets Greatest American Hero, isn’t he? He’s got a special armor, but it’s older than he is and it didn’t come with an instruction manual. And, as TNC notes, he’s got a great design that shouldn’t be hard to pull off on TV, and it’s pretty darn toyetic, to boot. 

    Personally, I think it’s great and I hope they find success.

  24. I was really excited until i saw it wasn’t Ted Kord. Put out a Blue Beetle show with him and Booster Gold and I’d watch. 


  25. @daccampo—well as i said above, movies and tv are completely different animals. success on TV takes a lot more than making a movie a success. look at all the great TV shows that are fanboy friendly that have been killed prematurely–Firefly, Jericho etc etc etc. 

    @conor–didn’t know that Nolan had that much control over the DCU in TV as well but it makes sense. I agree its about quality, but unfortunately in TV, quality doesn’t always = ratings or longevity. 

    That all being said. I’d love to see a Blue Beetle show succeed. sounds kinda cool. i’m just sketpical.  

  26. @wallythegreenmonster: You can’t really equate one show’s failure (or succcess) with another’s. They all rise and fall for their own unique reasons. JERICHO just didn’t resonate with a wide audience, for whatever reason. I watched it. It was okay. I certainly wasn’t upset when it was cancelled. Happens to a lot of shows that aren’t "fanboy friendly." FIREFLY failed for a whole host of its own reasons.

    I’m not sure that a show iike JERICHO can be compared to a superhero show, anyway. Or why it would be considered more "fanboy friendly" than any other action drama on TV. But this is all beside the point which is that every show is its own unique snowflake and succeeds or fails for a variety of reasons that are often unquantifiable.

    Is it less likey that a BLUE BEETLE show would suceed rather than, say, another crime procedural. Possibly. But the biggest factor in its success or failure is not going to be that it’s a "fanboy friendly" show but it’s going to be in the quality of the scripts and the actors and the direction and what timeslot it gets and who its competition is and does the producer have a good relationship with the network and does the network own the production comany and what’s the zeitgeist in the viewrship at the moment and on and on and on.

  27. This would be awesome if it just got the comic going again (not at all impressed with his appearances in Teen Titans).

  28. It will be one of the best TV shows in the genre. And that’s a fact. Because I said so.

    I last week mentioned the need for a Jaime Reyes movie, since superhero franchises are getting teen reboots left and right. Now, I am not saying it had anything to do with this. What I am saying is…


    FEAR ME!



    But in all seriousness, if you haven’t read  the series and looking for something funny and witty, try the series out. It is what the current Amazing Spider-man status quo is trying to be!

  29. I got into comics with Jaime so I am simultaniously crazy excited and incredibly apprehensive that it’ll be shit


    😀 / D:

  30. @JonhVFerrigno:  I don’t mind if they but out a Show with Jaime instead of Ted. They can still have Booster in it.  Like @conor says, I just hope that the production and the talent are done right.  If those are good the show should be good.

    @wally: Don’t forget that The Cape is coming out soon. So we are seeing a rise in Superhero shows.

  31. I also must add that while the series as a whole was great, it will not be in my 10 favorite series of all time. But if you ask me my 10 favorite panels, most of them would belong to Blue Beetle.


    Guy: "I knew Ted from back when I lead the Justice League."

    Alberto: "Hey, you never lead the Justice League"

    *Guy with a disgruntled look on his face as he changes the topic*

    Lost it when I read that! 

  32. I wonder if they came out with a Batman tv show, a good Batman tv show action drama that was in the same vein as the recent movies, how well it would do. After the huge success of Dark Knight, I don’t know why they just don’t do it. Probably too expensive.

  33. @wally – oh, I get the successes of TV and Film are different. My point was that it’s NOT due to content. There’s an audience. And we can stack successes and failures against one another all day long, but the fact that there ARE shows that succeed on sci-fi, supernatural, and super-hero premises tells me that there’s not a "nerd stigma" based on content — it’s based on the quality and execution. Which is admittedly more difficult on TV for several reasons.

  34. @cromulent

    Doing a show like that would cost twice as much as, say, Smallville, and evn then will be hard to produce. It will also change people’s perception of IP. And in the end that’s all the character is!

  35. Aww I’d be more excited if this were with Ted. Live action Ted Kord would kick ass; exhibit A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9quLXEn4V7c