DC Entertainment Puts Hawkman Into Development

Bleeding Cool has the story that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have put out the call for screenwriters for a possible Hawkman movie.

The pitch is described thusly:

Part INDIANA JONES/DA VINCI CODE, part GHOST tentpole about the fictional superhero that appears in D.C. Comic books. He used archaic weaponry and large, artificial wings attached to a harness made of the Nth metal that allows flight. Most incarnations of Hawkman work closely with a partner/romantic interest named Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman in his fight against supervillains. Based on the DC comic.

This is so, so, so very early in the development stages–there isn't even a script yet, just a vague pitch–that it's not worth going crazy over, but it is worth noting that clearly there is a lot riding on the success of this summer's Green Lantern, not the least of which is projects like this which probably have no chance of ever seeing the light of day if Green Lantern tanks hard.


  1. Of all the DC characters to get a movie, Hawkman is next? never would’ve thought i’d see the day. well at least we’re guaranteed to get a more streamlined version of his convoluted origin

  2. WB has already stated that it wants to put out 2 comic book movies a year starting in 2012. They are hoping that their properties at DC can make up for the void after Harry Potter is finished.
    I wouldn’t expect this movie until 2014 at the earliest since 2012 has Batman 3 and the Superman reboot with 2013 showcasing GL2 and/or WW/The Flash.

  3. I think it just occurred to me that I don’t like Hawkman, I find him boring, and I have no interest in reading a comic or watching a film starring him.  Shiera’s awesome though and if she’s in the film, with a terrific actress playing her, I guess I’ll see it.

  4. The Indiana Jones comparison has really piqued my interest though… that could be REALLY fun

  5. The Indy Jones-style would actually work well.  The Hawkman character uses a little Egyptian lore/mysticism… it could work if the focus of the movie involved cryptic puzzles that needed solving.

    Then again, it could turn out like Tomb Raider with wings. 


  7. I knew that they had a lot riding on Green Lantern, but damn. I wonder how many movies they have waiting in the wings if Green Lantern makes it big.

  8. I’m trying to think of what DC characters could/should be “next” for a film — and I can’t come up with any that haven’t already been done (Batman and Superman).  And I think that speaks to the weakness of the DCU vs. MU for mass appeal superheroes.  Wonder Woman? Flash? Even the Green Lantern was a stretch, IMO, and I’ll be surprised if the film pulls in big numbers.

    The response to that would be that neither Iron Man or Thor were big league names outside of comics readers until the movies were made. And I guess therein lies the key — execution.  Though from what I understand, it’s that very thing that makes studio heads pass on a film.

  9. (insert obligatory Nathan Fillon casting comment here)

  10. Ha I love these early movie pitches: part X/Y + part Z = PROFIT! Ahhh to be a hollywood exec. Do they spin a giant wheel, or do they write the names of big $ films on playing cards and throw them across the room until 2 or 3 land in a hat?

    “We were already killing it with our Hawkman pitch as an Indy/Da Vinci mashup when Bob landed GHOST in the hat with a bank shot off the garbage can, and the studio is VERY excited! See if Aaron Sorkin is available…”

  11. For the first time, if someone tries to do the research and gets it completely wrong I won’t hold it against the screenwriter. What a nightmare he/she is going to have when they get offered to write this film. Granted, it looks like the very early pitch of this is squarely focusing on the continuity that Hawkman is just an archaeologist who stumbles upon the costume and weapons. But still, what an absolute nightmare of a film is could be…

  12. This sounds either very awsome or very derivative.
    What worries me is the costume. It works wonderfully on the page and is one of the more iconic images in comics, but I worry rhat on the screem it will just look cheesy (what do you mean Flash Gordon approaching?)

  13. @JMann  – Isn’t this the problem with a lot of superhero costumes? It takes some real work to translate these things into something film-able.

  14. I think Hawkman could work well on screen especially if they play up the Egyptian stuff. Could look really awesome. ‘m sure this is the 10,000,000,000,000 feature pitch that has been sold as a “Indiana Jones meets…” kinda thing.

    @JMann @NaveenM   -that was my basic problem with Wonder Woman and A LOT of superheroes in general. On the comic page it looks ok, on screen it looks like underoos or halloween. 

  15. Well, I didn’t see this coming…

  16. This is fun, here’s my synopsis: While on vacation in Scotland Hawkman uncovers and foils the plot of an ancient secret organization at Stonehenge, who intend to use the megalith in a ceremony to raise Hitler from the dead! But nothing is as it seems, and Hawkman finds a series of riddles and codes that lead him all over Europe and into Africa, where he finally discovers that the pyramids were actually the Spaceship-Tombs of Time Travelling Nazi-Vampires!!! The ships take off in an attempt to spread the undead across the world, but with Whoopi Goldberg as his psychic parter Hawkman is able to communicate with the trapped souls of their centuries-old victims and in an epic sky battle he again defeats the ancient society’s attempts to fulfill a phophecy that would see the world overrun by undead Nazi’s. yeaaaaahhhhhh 

  17. This seems really odd, seeing as this video was released about a week ago….  

  18. If we get a Hawkman movie before a Wonder Woman movie, I’ll be upset.

  19. If Green Lantern tanks, it will be a spectacular disaster, but I have faith in Martin Campbell, he rebooted James Bond twice and they were both awesome. I prefer DC to Marvel and always will, but it pisses me off how they are always behind the curve as opposed to Marvel in all areas. As for Hawkman, you need to get the Superman reboot right, the Flash, Wonder Woman AND Aquaman movies all developed succesfully before you can even think about a Hawkman movie, essentially you need to be where Marvel is right now.

  20. Nice “news story.” Tastes like chicken. 

  21. Went to see hangover 2 this weekend with my girlfriend and they showed a grean lantern coming atraction. And she said it best o god I hope this isn’t a comic movie you force me to see I repley yes its grean lantern a dc film she says o god cheesy no why does it look like the marvel films are better and why do the special effects on grean lantern look so bad so even though I’m going to see grean lantern my expectations are low and I’m hoping to be suprised as for hawkman how can you do a movie with him but not wonder woman who the hell cares about hawkman wtf dc and with the casting and director on superman I think that looks bad .

  22. You guys totally need to add this video to the story: http://youtu.be/rT96_idWN0Q

    Just sayin’.

  23. My first instinct here was to scoff and make a joke, but then I remembered Smallville and you know what? It could work. Someone get Michael Shanks on the phone, stat!

  24. @daccampo  oh, you beat me to it

  25. @nastysnow
    Your girlfriend needs to learn some things about punctuation

  26. @smutty doesn’t make me wrong

  27. Eyes read ” Indiana Jones
    Meets The DaVinci code”. Brain translates “Condorman”.

  28. @JMann  OPEN FIRE!

  29. I’d heard something about this in passing earlier today but hadn’t had a chance to look into it…my first thought seeing the picture at the top was, omg, please tell me Tom Hanks isn’t playing Hawkman.   

    In all seriousness, I’d just been thinking a few days ago, before I heard this announcement, how easily Hawkman could be translated to the big screen and even done well.   I hope this one finds a way to get greenlit!  I’m hit or miss on Hawkman in the comics, but I think a movie would be great!   Basically, I get disappointed everytime they try to make Hawkman a grittier character, ala  Howard Chaykin.   I like Hawkman best when its done closer in style to what they did in JSA when they brought Hawkman back. 

  30. I really liked the retracting wings of Hawkman on Smallville.  Made perfect sense, especially if he’s going to be swinging around maces and such.