DC Comics: “Issue #12 Will Be the Final Issue of THE FLASH”

As part of their Flashpoint Friday coverage, DC has announced that The Flash ongoing will end with its 12th issue.

It all stems from a fan submitted question, inquiring into the book's involvement in the Flashpoint event. Because Booster Gold was cited as the only regular series set to crossover with Flashpoint, a reader rightfully wondered about The Flash, whose title character plays a major role in the event. Looks like Barry's gonna have plenty of time to make those appearances.

Simply put:

"Issue 12 will be the final issue of THE FLASH."

So. You know. Buh….huh?

It obviously isn't based on poor sales. The Flash #9 was the ninth bestselling comic in February with 55,980 copies sold according to estimates from iCv2.com. Looks like another editorial shakeup in time for the big event. Curious that it isn't simply going on hiatus. The next time we see a Flash book will it bear that name? What number? Do you suppose we're looking at a post Flashpoint launch of something like Speed Force #1 or Flash Family #1? Speedsters Anonymous #0? More involvement from Wally and Bart? Did Barry return in Final Crisis only to be lost again in Flashpoint?

Time will tell. 




  1. Color me surprised.

  2. I was outraged by this for like 3 seconds before I realized, duh, comics, there will continue to be a Flash book, it’ll just be Flashpoint: Barry Allen or The Reverse Flash or whatever for a few months until their new status quo is set up.

  3. WHHHAAAATTTTTT? Thats just straight up weird. I thought The Flash was relatively successful?

  4. well thats one less tie-in to moan about

  5. The book hardly comes out anyways.

  6. Wha!?

  7. Maybe it’s me, but since rebirth Flash just keeps starting And stopping, with delay after delay. Why can’t we just get a single good monthly Flash series?

  8. WHAT!?!

    Flash just can’t get a break!!!  

    DC, You bring Berry back after 20+ years for just 12 issues.

  9. @Notahiro Because comics are “meaningless” without events. /sarcasm

  10. Putting my money on a new title: All-Flash

  11. I bet they’ll do something to solve the 3-Flash problem, then launch an ongoing with that status quo. Flash isn’t going anywhere.

    Besides, Flash is one of DC’s most popular characters. If he doesn’t have his own book, he’ll be restricted to JLA, and no one wants that.


  13. WHAT!? come the fuck on!

  14. There’s going to be four new flash titles.

    Kid Flash
    Flash – Wally West
    Flash Classic – Jay Garrick
    Flash Incorperated – Barry Allen 

  15. so then whats next for Manapul? 

  16. does this mean no more manapul drawing flash? that hurts if it’s true. I will wait for more info.

  17. I reread issue 9 last night and though “wow – I love this series I hope it goes on forever”

    Well damn.

  18. Issue 13 is solicited on DC’s website, I’m confused


  19. this doesnt make any sense. I sure as well hope the groundwork laid by johns doesnt go waste. I liked barry allens supporting characters, his job and the grounded feel this title retains. Another flash title wont just be the same.

  20. Did this announcement come out of left field or what?

  21. Wow, that’s weird. With Flash not coming out until he gets a new title, and Doom Patrol being cancelled, it looks like Batman and Robin is the last DC book on my pull list!

  22. @olliejudge: If they made a Flash Classic book I’d read it.

    This is a very weird announcement but let’s be honest here, there will be a Flash book again. This is probably all a stunt which is not so dissimilar to how Marvel advertises Fantastic Four #588 as ‘the last issue ever!’ 

  23. I really, really hope this is just for the duration of Flashpoint.

  24. If my wallet became self-aware, then it would be happy to hear this. I wonder what the next flash book is going to be? Maybe they’re going to finally bring Wally out of obscurity once flashpoint is done.

  25. Francis Manapul posted on Twitter “All will be well :)” hoping it has to do with the Flash.

  26. Unexpected to say the least. Trust in Johns and all will be well!

  27. So sales just under 56,000 gets you in the top ten these days?  Yikes.

  28. I would be that this is just an excuse to put out a new #1.  After a couple weeks they will revert back to the “orginal” numbering.

  29. I smell a marketing weasel stunt here.

  30. @Kory: Yeah, and it’s constant stunts like this that’ve made it so 56,000 comics gets you in the top ten these days. 🙁 How can you possibly grow the market by doing stuff like this? The current Flash title is almost a case study in how poor management can royally screw things up: You have a solid product, but it comes out super-irradically, and then you throw it into a crossover event and then “cancel” it in a gimmicky way. Imagine how uninviting all of this would be to a new reader. Super-frustrating. As fans, we deserve medals for putting up with this stuff as much as we do. Hopefully the comics will continue to appease the fans who stick with it.

  31. @TheNextChampion  Where did Marvel advertise Fantastic Four #588 as “the last issue ever!” I know it said “Final Issue” on the comic itself, but we all know there will one day be a comic that is called “Fantastic Four.” According to everything I’ve heard, there are actually no plans at the moment to bring the title back. They are running with this “FF” comic for the foreseeable future, which I think is a good idea. My guess: they will have “FF” as the title for 2-3 years, then relaunch “Fantastic Four” with a new #1 issue, and go back to the original numbering when they reach issue #650.

    As for the Flash…..Obviously there will be a new Flash comic at one point. The question is, who will The Flash be? I’m guessing they will do a kind of “Flash Family” book, focusing on Barry, Wally, Jay and Bart, which could be really cool. I love the “legacy” thing in DC comics, how titles get passe down through the generations. It’s one of the things I love about the DCU that’s lacking in marvel for the most part.

  32. Huh… Flash 13 is listed in previews (at least, the previews list that DCBS puts out)

  33. @deezer & @zeppo if you look at the description of Flash #12 and #13 they both say they are “concluding the Road to Flashpoint” storyline, but while the solicitation for #12 then immediately tells you to buy Flashpoint #1, the solicitation of #13 says it is going to be all about Reverse-Flash

    My Verdict: Flash #13 will actually be titled something like Reverse-Flash #13 as Marvel did with Iron Man and War Machine a couple of years ago.  

  34. Hmm. I think we’ll probably get another Flash book after Flashpoint ends.

  35. @mrlogical  That’s a pretty logical response. 😉

  36. How about two titles spinning out of this?    

    “Flash” which will be told from the Reverse-Flash point of view and will show him facing off against Vandal Savage and Gorilla Grodd with his Battle-Spoon, while he builds his empire in Central City and consorts with a robot version of Iris Allen…  and…

    “Fastest Man Alive” which would show the travels of a confused Barry Allen Flash as he walks (ok, runs repeatedly) across the the country helping out the common man.

    Wait, sorry this has already been done?   Okay I’d sign on for an All-Flash family book! 

  37. @KevinAB

    Or has issue #13 become the Reverse-Flash one-shot for June.

  38. Maybe now I can actually read a book with Wally West in it. Unless of course they kill him in Flashpoint. Which is a possibility I suppose.

  39. I would guess after Flashpoint we’ll see a “Flash” #600 or whatever number they’d be up to if you counted all the Flash series together.

  40. The Flash would totally win! 

  41. I’m guessing it will be “canceled” for Flashpoint or something along those lines. It’ll be back once it’s over with.

  42. Well here I am the greatest Flash fan to ever walk this earth. I have everything flash in my home right down to the toilet seat. Let me tell you this is getting to be a joke already!! As everyone else has pretty much said this is probably another stunt?! I hope they get over this already and get back to good old fashioned comic books. Storys and art the right way and if they need help tell them to call some of us I am sure there are some pretty damn good stories we all could come up with. As for cancelling my favorite title again……..#$%@#$%^^^%*&^%$##@@#$%^!!
    I was about six or seven years old I think when my Best freind and I went for a bike ride further then we have ever traveled away from the house before. We came accross a building with a lawyers office during the week days and a comic store on the weekends. Weird I guess now that I look back on it. When we walked in they had the coolest looking artwork on the covers at that time and still looks good today! The first 10 books I bought with my paper route money were The Flash, Green Lantern and the Justice League of America. Mind you they were back issues and were in ok shape I just wanted to read them. We left and went home and read that night and I was hooked for ever and The Flash; Barry Allen helped me learn right form wrong and honesty since my best freind an I escaped our family problems with these books and our freindship. Anyway The Flash needs more respect and hopefully he will get it!!!!!

  43. Fantastic cover, never seen that one before!