DC Comics and Converse All Stars – Back Together Again

One of the pieces of news that dropped during San Diego Comic-Con and sort of slipped through the cracks was that DC Comics and Converse have entered into a deal to create DC Comics inspired Chuck Taylor All Stars. Here's one of the Batman versions:

You can find the whole line of shoes at Journeys stores (I guess those are in things called… malls?) or online. There are Batman, Superman,and Green Lantern shoes (the unofficial new Trinity!).

Why am I mentioning these shoes you might ask?

When I first heard the news I was excited. Even though I haven't owned a pair in a long time, I wore them all through junior high, high school and some college. But then I saw the shoes. Would this be my return to Converse All Stars? Nope. I find the designs garish. Here's what they should have done: reprinted the Batman Converse All Stars they put out in conjunction with the 1989 Micahel Keaton/Jack Nicholson/Tim Burton Batman!


These are badass! I owned a pair in 1989 and I would totally wear these again. Hell, I would have ordered five pairs just to have back ups for the future. Harumph.


  1. Thanks.  Ordered my GL shoes.

  2. I have white, leather Batman converse that came out around the same time as Batman Begins. They aren’t too blatant, just have a tribal-like bat symbol on the back then then a picture of Batman and his name on the bottom, where no one would really see. Anyway, this is rather cool, and I’ll have to check’em out.

  3. Not cool at all. Would totally love a simple flash design though.

  4. I’m with Conor on this one. The designs are awful and look like a children’s fashion line. The Star Wars Adidas Originals are much cooler because the SW design elements work with the shoe in a more subtle way. And I’m sorry but how do you do co-branded SHOES and not feature THE FLASH? Hello?

  5. @ jonnjonz i know! you would have thought they’d make the connection! Cause he runs and all…

  6. I actually really like the new Batman ones.  I wear baggy jeans mostly and the denim would definitely cover most of it and be almost a secret thing for me to know is there.  I think the fact that they’re just on the back is great.  

    IMHO, the crazy yellow patterned ones are a little too blatant to me and much more garish than the new ones.  It’s all about personal style tho. 

    I’ve asked for these for my b-day next month.  *crosses fingers* 

  7. My uncle and dad both gave me their ’89 Batman shoes a couple years back.  They were awesome, but sadly my fat feet are stupid and fat now.

  8. If its 1989 all over again, I’m going to shave the batman symbol in the back of my head.

  9. If they had Flash ones I’d buy them so fast…

    (Get it?)

  10. I also had those Batman ones in ’89! But now my poor feet need arch support, not style!

  11. I like ’em, I’ll never buy them cause 55 bucks for shoes is crazy for me anyway, wonder if I could use them when I ride my motorcycle though???   they go above the ankle but doesn’t look like much real support though

  12. I love my Chucks, but I’m not paying $55 for these, GL or no. Hopefully they hit the outlet near me eventually.

    @LostArtist I would heavily advise against them for motorcycles. You’ll blow out the bottoms in no time.

  13. You are insane! Those classic Batman Chucks are way too busy. They look like clown shoes.

    The current black Batman shoe is pleasingly understated: a yellow-lined Batman on one side, with a Bat-Signal surrounding the Converse symbol, accented by the black-and-yellow symbol on the tongue and a yellow inlay.

    Besides that one, I really dig the Green Lantern shoe. As busy as the cityscape makes it seem, it’s really GL on side with (the clincher for me) a green Converse logo that radiates in the art.

    These are on my WANT! list for the Fall.

  14. Got the Batman and think the design is fine – a little more low-key than on the classic pair. Like all Chucks, they really aren’t a great shoe for long-term walking/running/whatever.

    Really want the GL and a Flash pair would be mine as well.

  15. No Wonder Woman.  I guess everything called "All-Star Wonder Woman" never comes out.  I’d imagine that an "All-Star Batman & Robin" shoe would also come to you one shoe at a time every six months to a year or so.

  16. Actually, they need to make more of these beauties. I cannot find any for sale.




  17. I wasn’t cool enough to wear those Chucks in ’89, and I’m too old now.

  18. great…now how the f@$% do i get them in europe (ireland)!! i would kill for the green lantern ones


  19. @DiarmaidDineen: The Journeys website says "Now accepting international orders."

  20. The only one that’s designed well is the white superman shoe… except for the fact that it’s about superman.  Too bad!

  21. I agree, I only really like the white Superman shoe, and considering getting it. I do like Supes well enough to warrant a buy.

  22. Yeah, I wanted the original design. Not a fan of the new ones.

  23. My girlfriend totally has those 89 shoes hence why she is cooler than me

  24. @Compton: So.. is your girlfriend, like, happy with you, or…?

  25. I’m just kicking myself for not getting the star wars shoes.  Now the Skywalker ones go for like $300.

    I don’t think this was helpful.

  26. @josh: Someone is selling the ’89 Batman shoes on eBay for $850.

    Yes, I periodically check.

    No, they werent my size.

  27. @conor: I check daily………..I think so…

  28. For some reason I look at those and they just don’t appeal to me anymore. I would have loved shoes like this when I was a kid but now when it comes to Converse just give me some plain black and white Chucks and I’m much happier. That being said, I still wear my comic book t-shirts with pride. 

  29. Wow those are some ugly ass shoes.