DC Announces FLASHPOINT Tie-In Titles and Creative Teams

As part of DC's Flashpoint Friday announcements this week, we'll be learning the details behind some of the many, many mini series and one-shots associated with 2011's Flashpoint event. check back throughout the day for updates as they happen. 

First up, great news for fans of 100 Bullets and, ya know, quality storytelling in general. Azzarello and Risso on Batman. This obviously plays into Bruce Wayne's role running a casino. So we're not just looking at a Risso Batman, we're looking at a brand new Azzarello crime story! 

Covers: Dave Johnson
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Art: Eduardo Risso



Fingers crossed this next one is more in line with the older Kolins style last seen in Rogues Revenge. Either way, what other name could do justice to a book dedicated to my boy Len Snart? Especially stoked for this one. #SnartSuperFan

Covers: Scott Kolins
Writer: Scott Kolins
Art: Scott Kolins



Oh ho, man! This looks like a bawdy good time. Jimmy Palmiotti on what looks to be a gristly, grizzly swashbuckler! This one's gonna be a hoot and half! Knife in teeth! Hook hands! 

Covers: Joe Bennett & John Dell
Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
Art: Joe Bennett & John Dell



Okay. Well. Next up we've got J.T. Krull on a Deadman book with Mikel Janin and covers by Cliff Chiang. I have never been more conflicted by any commercial product in my life. 


Covers: Cliff Chiang
Writer: JT Krul
Art: Mikel Janin



Hey, what's ol' Hal Jordan up to? Adam Schlagman, probably better known for his editing credits, takes the skies for some test pilot bravado. 

Covers: Rags Morales
Writer: Adam Schlagman
Art: Ben Oliver



Not actually a MMORPG. An anthology perhaps? Something in the vein of Brightest Day


Covers: Shane Davis
Writer: Rex Ogle
Art: Paulo Siquiera



Tony Bedard takes us another stroke further in the doggy paddle towards an Aquaman Rebirth. It's Emperor Aquaman. Angry when wet! 

Covers: Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes
Writer: Tony Bedard
Art: Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes



Fire in the hole!  Writer Adam Glass is probably best known for his Deadpool work and his teleplays for Supernatural. Looks like a return to everybody's favorite swamp dwelling techno-lair. 


Covers: Miguel Sepulveda
Writer: Adam Glass
Art: Rodeny Buchemi & Jose Marzan


Check back throughout the day for more updates! 


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. God damn it.

    I didn’t want to buy any of this but look at the first mini-series! That’s really hard to pass up….

    *tugs collar* 

  3. Out-freaking-stounding.

  4. Looking good so far.

  5. one of my favorite batman stories is Azzerellos and Risos Broken City, which came out right after Lee and Leobs run on Batman. I might just have to pick this up.

    I beleive there is also going to be an Emproer Aquaman mini, i wonder who will work on that.

  6. The only thing that Captain Cold book needs is more Scott Kolins.

  7. I didn’t love Kolins writing on that Solomon Grundy story so I might skip that, but god DAMN Azzarello and Risso on Batman again!?  YES PLEASE.

  8. Excited about the Azz/Russo tie-in.

  9. Kolins doing a Flash book? Yes! Kolins writing a Flash book? Eh….

    Also, this better be the good Kolins and not the crappy new Kolins we’ve been seeing. 

  10. @TNC – Pretty sure it will be Kolins with his new style. That’s why I’m skipping it. Well, that and because I don’t care about Flashpoint. 

  11. @drake: I’m hoping his new style is only for the covers. Which I admit this cover looks good. But if it’s anything like in JSA then I won’t buy it.

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s gonna Kolins’ his new style. Holding out hopes for a return to the old look, but I don’t see him reverting back at this point, especially with those recent Flash one-and-dones. 

  13. I just don’t understand why Kolins would want to change his style. His old, better, way of drawing comics was so better then the painted stuff we get now.

    Sorry if that’s a bit off topic but this new creative move does irk me a bit. 

  14. The Knight of Vengeance cover looks awesome. My wallet hopes the interior art on these books is crappy =)


  15. Sounds good.  I’m not sure about Kolins’ in the writers chair, but I trust he’ll try to bring it with that series. 

    While I’m a fan of his older style, I’m not too bothered by his new stuff.  It’s same pencils, but it’s just painted with softer tones and lines.  If you look beyond the coloring and texturing, it’s the same stuff. 

    I’m so excited for this event.  I think this is going to scratch that Elseworlds itch. 

  16. My favorite Kolins stuff was when Doug Hazlewood was inking him on early Geoff Johns FLASH issues. I wish we’d see that team getting back together.

    In any case, I’ll totally be picking both these minis up. Should be a fun time. 

  17. Kolins drawing the rogues? In. Azarello and Rizzo on Batman? In.

    God this is going to get expensive. 

  18. Deathstroke by Palmiotti?

    Eh…..sorry doesn’t interest me. 

  19. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @TheNextChampion  Really? Seems like a perfect match. 

  20. I hope that many of these tie-ins are made available digitally, either on the day of release or not too long after.  I do 90+% of my comic purchasing through DCBS, so it’s all pre-orders, and I’m not going to lock myself in to buying all (or any?) of the tie-ins without knowing more.  But if it’s easy for me to pick some of these up on Comixology or some other service after I hear more info, that would be ideal.

  21. Palmiotti on Deathstroke!?  YEEEEESSS

    Looks like he has He-Man’s sword!

  22. @Paul: Don’t get me wrong, I like Deathstroke and Palmiotti might be a great match for this. But I’ve been let down a lot lately with people trying to write the characters.

    Plus I don’t know how John Dell is and I’m not a fan of Bennett’s art. 

  23. Ditto on pre-brushy Kollins. I love his erratic thick line style much better.

  24. @gobo  — i’ll echo that sentiment. Pirate Deathstroke looks rad. 

  25. Oh my! This actually excites me more than the event itself.

  26. @TheNextChampion –
                         I would imagine that Kollins change in art style has to do with Manapuls work on the Flash.  I can also imagine DC is telling more artists to stick with this style since it pretty much cuts out the inker. Saving them time and money by going straight to color.  I mean even Jerry Ordway did this inkwash style in that Superman/Batman issue. 

    I used to love Kollins work but this new stuff is really hard to get used to. 

  27. Hmm… I think it’s time to give Krul another shot.

  28. Deadman and the Flying Grayons! damn that looks sweet. 

  29. Why can’t Cliff Chiang start doing interiors again? Come on!

  30. That Batman book is going to be insanely good.

  31. That Deadman cover is magic.

  32. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m gonna give Krul another shot too. That Chiang cover is maybe the coolest cover I’ve ever seen. I love it and want a print. 

  33. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Just read Krul’s BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS mini series and rather liked it. I’ll probably pick up his mini too. So far, I just can’t say no to any of these.

  34. Krul’s Teen Titans has been really strong lately.  I wasn’t a fan of his Green Arrow, but it’s a more taste thing than a craft thing.  I’m on board for all these minis so far.  That Flying Grayson’s cover is wicked awesome, and pirate Deathstroke just sounds too genius.

  35. I’m really upset that I’m too broke to pick all these up.

  36. These sound great. Looking forward to them.

  37. Looksl ike they’re hoping the Hal Jordan brand will carry his book, smaller names on that one.

  38. Don’t know why but this has me far more excited then FEAR ITSELF at the other shop..and I’m a fraction fan.  FLASHPOINT looks like good old fashion superhero fun.  can’t wait.

  39. That Cliff Chiang cover is absolutely gorgeous. Looks like it could be a fun book to read.

  40. Curious about Flash’s uniform in the background of that Aquaman/WW image

  41. I’m loving that Deadman & The Flying Grayson’s cover.

  42. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Hmmm. I seem to have hit the first title I’m not very interested in. Sorry, Hal Jordon. But, I’m back on with WORLD OF FLASHPOINT! 

  43. Aquaman looks like the Platonian.

  44. Both Aquamen have different haircuts…
    I still like the change in costume though.

  45. Looking at that last Aquaman image, I thought — “man, did his trident get cut in half or what?” I know it’s supposed to be a perspective thing, but it kinda doesn’t work.

    Gotta say, aside from Azzarello/Risso, and Chiang on the Deadman book, there’s nothing here that’s really drawing me in.

  46. err, I quite like Kollins new stuff .. all of these are going to be difficult to leave in the LCS, damn.

  47. So guessing Glass, Ogle and Schlagman are only writing one-shots instead of minis

  48. Well… there goes all my money! Many of these look great. 

    @daccampo There’s forced perspective and then there’s forced at gunpoint perspective. 😉 

  49. @dccampo I don’t know if you meant that pun but I still laughed.

    Some of these books look like a lot if fun and at first glance only batman looks worthy of a buy. I will probably pick up emporer Aquaman because it’s Aquaman and I will take him where I can get him (yes sounds awkward). But I will wait until I hear more about these stories until I commit to buying any of them.

  50. Well these announcements have lost a lot of thrill for me since the Batman one.

    I mean the Aquaman one should be good, Bedard and Syaf are a good combo as creators. Everything else though…..just not interested at all.

    Sorry to burst any bubbles. 

  51. @daccampo  Cliff Chiang is only doing the cover of the Deadman book.  If he was doing the insides too, I’d definitely be getting it.   As it stands the Azzarello/Risso Batman book is looking like the only “must buy” shown here.

  52. @BBretall  Ugh, you’re right! Well, I do really like Deadman, but I really mostly follow writers, and… there’s not a lot here that’s too compelling.

  53. @WeaklyRoll  heheh, pun wasn’t really intentional. 😀 But now that you mention it, maybe in this reality someone missed his hand, and took out his trident instead?

  54. What do these creative teams tell me?

    1. The regular series will not be taking a hiatus.
    2. Batman and Deadman are the only ones I will be picking up.

  55. I’m kind of disappointed in some of these, I was hoping for some bigger, more reliable names. I’ll be reading at least one, at least.

  56. wonder woman looks a bit silly

  57. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, and Scott Snyder were all once unfamiliar names. You have to start somewhere. 

  58. @PaulMontgomery  Excellent point.  You should pick up the titles based on interest.  Kudos to DC for giving some young writers a shot with these.  As @roadcrew1 pointed out, this means that the mains series should be on schedule because Johns and Kubert aren’t involved in anything else. 

    As @gobo said, not all of these are minis.  I’ll be checking out all of them unless their story threads in the main event book don’t interest me. 

    Let’s be excited about this approach.  My thinking is that if its successful, we may see the return of more regular Elseworlds titles! 

  59. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I do wonder about them being minis or one-shots. All of the creative team information (quoted directly from DC) says “covers by.” Plural. That says minis to me. But maybe that’s not accurate. 

  60. @mikeandzod21 –i get the need to be cautious especially with the cost, but at some point its best to just get past the names and judge the stories on their own. I don’t think any creator is more “reliable” than another. If DC felt they were good enough to work on a major event, then it must be pretty competent as well as supervised. 

  61. Yeah I dont know what the squabble is JUST because some of the names are superstarwriters doesnt mean these WONT be good, if you are just picking up comics for “big” names how are you ever going to find out whose the next “big” one?

  62. Points, Trident Points.  Like Doll’s Eyes….what?  So I assume that Arthur from Maine has been chatting with Nemor from Marvel and is getting his fascism on?  Is a Trident with 5 points still a Trident?  The answers to these questions and more after I dump my wallet onto my comic shop’s counter.