David Finch to write and draw BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT

David Finch's Batman

I bet that this is the announcement that many people were waiting for when David Finch signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics back in January.

Up until this point, David Finch's art has been most relegated to covers (like the one to Batman #700, right), where it has seemed like every fourth DC cover has been done by Finch. "That's great," the people have said. "But when are we going to get some interior work?" That's when DC slapped a dusty old comic book on the table and said "Well, how about a few pages in Batman #700? He'll be drawing a Grant Morrison script!" And there was much rejoicing in the land.

But the people wanted more, as people often do, and they demanded to know when they'd be getting more interior work from David Finch, especially after seeing his work on Marvel Comics' X-Men: Second Coming #1.

DC remained cryptic. They would hint, tease, and insinuate that something was coming.

Well, here it is and it's coming in November.

(October, actually, if you want to be pedantic about it.)

Announced on the DC Blog today, October will see the release of Batman: The Return, a one-shot written by Grant Morrison and drawn by David Finch. That book sets the stage for November and the new on-going series, Batman: The Dark Knight. This new series will not only be written by David Finch, but it will be drawn by him as well.

DC has released an advanced look at the art. Here's page 5 of the first issue of Batman: The Dark Knight:



I have to admit, I haven't always been the biggest fan of David Finch's work in the past, but that page is gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I have no idea how they are going to keep this book on a monthly schedule. But now is not the time for nay-saying! Let's hear what Finch has to say about what Batman: The Dark Knight:

"The Dark Knight takes Batman outside what he knows, into a world of demonology, dark arts, and mystery. He's the ultimate detective, faster, stronger and smarter than any villain, but now he faces creatures to whom logic and mortality don't apply. I want Dark Knight to be true to Batman's street level, crime fighter roots. He'll face a rogues gallery that we're all familiar with, but this book will take him on a darker path where he'll be stretched to his physical and psychological limits."

No one can deny that, in the DC Universe, David Finch's shadow heavy, hyper detailed style fits best in Gotham City. If he's going to draw any book starring a DC character it should be Batman. As I said before, he hasn't always been my favorite artist. I liked his stuff okay on New Avengers, but my tastes generally run towards cleaner, more cartoony art styles. But lately I have been quite impressed by his work. I think it was that X-Men: Second Coming issue that started to turn me around. I really enjoyed the art on that one and I've been liking Finch's DC cover work, for the most part. And I love, love, love that un-inked page up above.

Color me excited.


  1. Cool news.  I think I will definitely check it out when it drops.  I’m hot and cold on Finch.  I haven’t been a huge fan of his interiors of late, but goddamn have his covers (epecially that Aquaman one for Brighest Day #2) have been awesome. 

    The one thing I fear is that the Batman line is treading into Avengers territory: too many books!  Although, by November, the entire line could be shaken up again, so maybe there will be room for this one.

  2. Another ongoing bat book? OGH! My wallet hates me, which makes me hate me. Damn it, it’s so pretty. 

  3. I wish they didn’t have to create another Bat-book to do this….oh well it sounds cool, i just wish they streamlined a bit. I’ve always liked Finch’s covers and work as a whole. This sounds like he wants to bring his Moon Knight treatment to the Bat World….seems like its gonna be ultra violent. 

    Has he written anything before? I wonder how that will work out….

  4. This I can get behind.  David Finch’s style is totally appropriate for Batman.  Also, there’s something about Batman that makes artists step it up a bit, so this should be good.  If there are delays…eh, well, they can get fill in artists or we can wait.  If it’s good, it’s worth it.

  5. ill be picking this up

  6. @Neb I bet the line will change yet again. Who knows what caped crime fighters will be around (an who they’ll be) after Bruce’s return.

  7. While I enjoy Finch’s work as a whole.  I think that this is a misuse of his talents.  He does good interiors (I find it to be a little static or lacking dynamism or however you want to phrase it), but he does GREAT covers.  But hey, he still will be good with Batman

  8. This looks like fun.

  9. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

  10. me like purty pitchers. this man make purtyness

  11. I’m in.

  12. …next to the first pic.

    Anyway, those drawings are quite handsome.  Looking forward to checking this out.

  13. I’ve always loved Finch’s art.  He will be great on Batman.

    Though when he writes it, Josh will say "He’s making amateur mistakes in the scripting."  Why not, he said it about Stephen King.  😉

  14. Putting in an emoticon doesn’t make it not trolling. Quit trying to stir up trouble.

  15. @KickAss Everyone is seriously sick of it dude.

  16. Good news indeed. Nice pencils there. But how is he as a writer?

  17. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    With BATMAN AND ROBIN ending at issue 16 (I think), I was hoping that this would mean a slightly lighter load on my wallet. Looks like DC heard me thinking that and decided to release this and KNIGHT & SQUIRE. Two new Bat-books with creative teams that I’m interested in reading? It’s like a flood of goodies. A flood of goodies with a price tag. 🙂

    I gotta agree with you, Josh. I have a feeling that Finch won’t be able to keep this up, month in and month out. Still, here’s hoping he prove me wrong.

  18. I thin this "Year Without Batman" has had more Batbooks in it than I can remember

  19. It looks pretty nice, but it’s all gonna be about the writing for me. As far as I know, Finch hasn’t really scripted anything before, has he? Certainly nothing that’s popped onto my radar. I’ll likely wait and see on this. These days, it’s gotta be something really unique and well written for me to get Batman. Morrison’s been succeeding recently, but writers, whether known or unknown, really have to impress me with something new, or else i can just go back and read the hundreds of great Batman stories i already own. 😉

  20. @JeffR – I never said that. Conor did.

  21. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @Josh – You’re right! I’m sorry. My reading comprehension of bylines is off today.

  22. @JeffR –  I have a feeling the reason Finch has only been doing covers is because he’s been working on this series. I don’t think it would be late.


    Those pencils are gorgeous. Sometimes I wish comic book companies would release a pencils-only issue like Marvel did with Captain America 601. 

  23. I’m excited for Finch drawing Batman…..but scared to death with him writing this. Probably a trade wait by definition just because Finch is writing this. Now if it was Morrison writing the mini then I would change my mind. However I will get that one-shot with the two working together. 

  24. @kickass- go away.

    Finch is incredible at rendering, but his use of facial expressions is almost non-existant. Everyone is always stone cold serious, or angry, or grimacing. Don’t get me wrong, these expressions fit 2/3rds of superheroes, but if Finch took a cue from Kevin Maguire or Adam Hughes he would be unstoppable. I’ll definitely pick this up. 

  25. So excited!  I loved Second Coming #1  and have recently broken my vow of not reading Batman. An admittedly silly vow but one I held true too for several years. Now, lets hope he can write.  Anyone know of any examples off hand?

  26. @JeffR & @AmirCat: If he took Bendis’s approach and has several issues "in the can" then everything might be ok.

  27. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @JesTr & @AmirCat – That makes sense. Let’s hope that’s the case!

  28. This looks cool. The whole dark arts angle has me intrigued.

    I’ve recently done a complete 180 when it comes to Finch. His covers have been stellar lately. And I agree that if he fits any setting in the DCU like a glove, it’s Gotham.

    Bring it on! 

  29. Yeah… Im gonna sit this one out. There are way too many bat books right now, and I’m not particularly fond of Finch’s ultra steroid look. Plus, havent writers learned their lesson that Batman just doesn’t go well with supernatural elements by now?

  30. @DarkKnightDetective: I can think of many fine Batman stories involving supernatural elements.

  31. Finch’s work on Avengers Disassembled made me a fan

    The title alone will draw (no pun intended) a ton of fans , I’m expecting BIG things Mr. Finch!

  32. another bat-book what are we up to now

  33. @redhood22: 15 counting all minis. But like JestR mentioned above, the whole line of Batbooks is likely to change when Bruce comes back. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a great time to be a Batfan, and DC would have to be pretty dumb not to capitalize on that.

  34. Well, color me excited! I’ve been a Finch fan since he was on Avengers with Bendis, but didn’t pick up much of his steady work since, like Moon Knight. Timeliness and regularity may become an issue, but thanks to iFanboy, I read so many comics that I rarely notice when a book is late a month or 3. That reminds me, when is issue #2 of Daredevil: Target scheduled to ship?

  35. Loved his Moon Knight work.  Gotham suits him well.  

  36. Is it going to be like Se7en in Gotham City? Oh wait… that’s Fincher. Well, this looks good too.