David E. Kelley Hasn’t Given Up Yet! Wonder Woman To Appear on ‘Harry’s Law’ (Sort of)

Erica Durance as Lois Lane dressed in a Wonder Woman-esque costume on ‘Smallville’

Earlier this year, David E. Kelley–creator of such shows as Picket Fences, Ally McBeal, and The Practice–shopped a Wonder Woman series around Hollywood. NBC ordered a pilot but then did not order a series. It all happened very quickly and was very high profile.

It would seem that David E. Kelley must really like Wonder Woman.

TVLine has broken the news that Wonder Woman will appear on Harry’s Law, the NBC that just got a full second season order.

Well, sort of Wonder Woman.

On Harry’s Law‘s 11th episode–whose exact air date is unknown at this point–Smallville‘s Erica Durance will play a psychologically disturbed woman who believes she’s Wonder Woman while doling out vigilante justice to domestic abusers.

Will she wear a Wonder Woman costume? Harry’s Law is produced by Warner Bros., which owns DC Entertainment. And it seems like it would be a waste to do the story and not utilize the costume.

Erica Durance was fantastic on Smallville, where she showed an ability to portray deeply serous and emotional moments and slapstick comedy with equal aplomb. Casting her as Wonder Woman, even as a disturbed woman who believes she’s Wonder Woman, is a great call. I don’t watch Harry’s Law but I’ll be keeping my eye out for this one.

Harry’s Law can currently be seen on Wednesday at 9/8 central and will be moving to Sundays at 8/7 central on March 4th.


  1. Interesting. I don’t watch Harry’s Law and have only the vaguest idea of what it is, but I’ll watch for this. Always nice to see Erica Durance. She’s pretty talented, as well as just pretty.

  2. I don’t know… 11th episode for a show that’s moving to Sundays at 8pm. We might not see this on network TV either.

    • There have already been 7 episodes and as I noted, the show just got a full season order. The only reason there’s no air date is because they haven’t announced most air dates past the network holiday break. The ratings for season 2 are fairly steady.

    • This is also the second season of the show.

    • Ah. My misread. But you wrote: “…Harry’s Law, the NBC [show] that just got a full second season order.”

      How does a show just get a full second season order when it is 7 episodes into its second season? Is this a TV biz thing?

      Not being snarky, I seriously don’t understand.

    • Yes its a tv biz thing. Usually networks will approve a show for differing length runs or a full season. for the most part they first approve them for 13 episodes with a back 9-11 to be ordered later. Sometimes even if a show is given a second season the network still only orders a partial season. That happened in the case of Harry’s Law.

    • Thanks Muad_Dib. Appreciate the reply and explanation.

  3. Well that’s…something.

  4. I thought she was a great Lois.

  5. Awesome!

  6. seeing erica in the costume during the spisode pictured above made me…


    yeah that’s a word for it

  7. I like that WW costume a lot better.

  8. A clever way of bringing a failed experiment into the mainstream audience. Might just sneak a peak at this episode just to see how crazy it is.

  9. I’ll admit it… I watched Smallville for Erica Durance as Lois. I thought the relationship with Clark was the strongest part of the last season.

  10. There are other shows on at 9:00 on Wednesday’s besides Modern Family?

  11. Erica is so hot!