Dark Horse Releases Picture of Ugly Guy

Dark Horse sent this along, and I would say your guess is as good as mine.





  1. My guess……Shaolin Cowboy is moving to Dark Horse?

  2. Dad?

  3. Darrow?

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Decidedly NOT an Avenger. 

    A cool new cannibal coloring book?  

  5. For a second I was going ask why Dark Horse was circulating my picture

  6. maybe another Darrow/Miller thing, being that they seem to find it tease worthy.

  7. Mickey Rourke biography?

  8. Hey he is not so ugly.

  9. New manga???

  10. Viking Mystics from the 94th Dimension?

  11. I am surprised Marvel licenced out "Senile Old Man Logan".

  12. Weirdest issue of American Splendor ever?

  13. I really hope it’s a new Darrow project, or even a new home for Shaolin Cowboy. 

  14. Dark Horse got therights to do a Captain Caveman prequel?

  15. Scrotty McBooggers

  16. Ron?

  17. Buffy and Angel’s crazy sex baby?

  18. Definitely looks Geoff Darrow-ish. I would love to see more from him. A new Darrow/Miller book and I’d be in heaven.

  19. HA! Scrotty McBooggers. I don’t know why I think that is so funny…

  20. This is from the Secret/Hidden chapter of the Return of Bruce Wayne: The Stone Age.

  21. He looks like he’s got the Crud…

  22. Its a new horror/zombie book not Crossed….. Its Swirled!

  23. a new historical war comic from miller or ellis, art by darrow?

  24. Darrow or Ryp?

  25. It’s a Sloth prequel.

  26. Definately Darrow…..and those little skulls dangling from the swords makes me hopeful all the more fo Shaolin Cowboy.  You know….the Skull King guy at the end of the last issue, what……5 years ago.

    MAN! I can only hope!

  27. Conan wrap around cover.  Ahhhh Crap, so much for S.C.