Daredevil Finally Joins The Avengers in NEW AVENGERS #16

Well, it took Fear Itself to finally get the Man Without Fear to join the Avengers. New Avengers #16, a Fear Itself tie-in issue, finds Daredevil joining up with the Avengers to help with the fight against the God of Fear. How long will he actually last on the team? Who knows? The press release from Marvel says "…the guardian devil himself finally joins the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest in New Avengers #16!" which sounds pretty official to me!

New Avengers #16 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Mike Deodato and hits stores this September.


  1. One of the things that made daredevil cool was that he never was an avenger and didnt want to be one.

  2. It’s official…now everybody can be an Avenger.

    Seriously…I thought that Daredevil was not on teams, because his radar sense would be in conflict  with so many heartbeats around.

  3. Snoooze…

  4. @jjcolin – wow….never thought of that.  That’s a real interesting theory.  But would that be the same as being in a crowd?

  5. I was apprehensive when I first saw this but I think it will be good. I know that Daredevil has stayed away from Avengers teams but I think he’s in a totally different place now. He’s no longer Hell’s Kitchen’s sole guardian and I think he sees that he needs to be kept in check after Shadowland. Also Bendis will be writing it so I think his presence will be handled the right way.

  6. Super like!

  7. Bendis writing Daredevil again;

    what an exciting few days for Hornhead fans.

  8. I’m waiting for Mickey Mouse and the Disney Avengers. 

  9. Yawn…

  10. Maybe writing Daredevil again will bring back the Bendis I feel in love with.

  11. Comment deleted. Personal attacks are a violation of the Terms of Service.

  12. This connects with the first couple issues of the New Avengers in the Breakout arc.

    I am excited.

    Didn’t folks think Ronin was Daredevil and wasn’t that the obvious reveal?

  13. Good luck against Kang and Ultron, DD! 

  14. Finally-

    We get to see DareDevil drink coffee.


  15. @Cormac  LOL that’s a fair point, and a really funny line that made me laugh, but really, you can say the same thing about Hawkeye, and he does just fine. Maybe Daredevil will be the new version of Black panther during his first tenure with the Avengers. Black Panther’s job was basically to point and say “Look! A giant Monster!” and then Thor would smash it. It takes the right writer to really understand how a character can be an asset to a team.

  16. I absolutely love the role Wasp plays in the Avengers cartoon – The Hulk is basically her manservant. She just points and says ‘Smash him, Hulk!’ and he leaps to comply. DD can certainly do that.

    You know, it occurs to me that Marvel could do an interesting little book along the lines of ‘Matt Murdock – Lawyer to Superheroes’. No DD at all, just Matt tearing his hair out trying to prevent major corporations from suiing Hawkeye for criminal negligence because he destroyed their property catching thieves etc. Different guest stars every week.

  17. @Cormac  did you ever read Dan Slott’s She-Hulk comic? It had a LOT of courtroom scenes, and really played up how hilariously bizarre practicing law in the Marvel Universe must be. There was a case where She-Hulk had to prove that even though her client was dead, he should still be allowed to testify. She has Thing on the witness stand, testifying about how dead people come back to life all the time. My favorite line: “How many people in this court room died during the Infinity War?” Half the court room raises their hand. So great!

  18. haha, yeah, i did read all that stuff. Dan Slott is nowhere near as funny these days for some reason. 

  19. I’m love this idea, I just wonder how everyone else feels about Daredevil after that whole Shadowland thing.

  20. I know how I feel about Andy Diggle after that whole Shadowland thing. 

  21. @JohnVFerrigno – Nothing touches Slott’s She-Hulk run for Marvel comedy. Call me a cultist, but I still think that’s the most underated run of the 2000’s.

  22. Slott’s She-Hulk #4 (Spidey sues J. Jonah Jameson) is a modern classic.

  23. Or the one where Star Fox is put on trial for what is, essentially, ‘date rape via superpower.’  That one pulled off the difficult ‘funny and thought-provoking’ combo.