Daniel Robert Epstein: A Look Back

If you listened to this week’s Pick of the Week Podcast then you know that our friend Dan Epstein passed away last week at the tragically young age of 31.

We went digging through the archives to find Dan’s very first column that he wrote for iFanboy, way back on April 16, 2001.

(Please note that since our old on-line archives our dead we had to use the way back machine and a lot of the coding is screwy)

We used to love getting Dan’s amusingly caustic columns. He had a singular vision that he honed over the years to become one of the more unique writers in the online comic book world.

Dan and I worked together for two years at a (now defunct) cable network in NYC right after I graduated from college and even though it has been about six years since we saw each other regularly, we’d still run into each other at the major comic cons every year and it was always nice to see his big smile and catch up on life in-between conventions.

I miss him already.


  1. He seemed like a realy decent guy from what everyone have been saying about him. I remeber Devin from chud.com wrote a very touching writeup about his death

  2. I’ve been reading his interviews for more than a couple of years now. I really thought the guy was on top of his game.

  3. I didn’t know him but I’m sorry for the loss.