Countdown to the End: ‘Strangers in Paradise’

As we discussed in the Pick of the Week review and on the podcast last week, we’re one issue away from the final issue of Terry Moore’s Strangers In Paradise. Our friends over at Newsarama caught up with Terry and had a quick chat about the impending end.

Things to note from the interview: plans for a complete Omnibus and confirmation of his next project, Motorgirl, along with some art.

It’s very difficult for me to talk about the ending of this series and what it means to me. Luckily this post isn’t about me. As a long time fan of Strangers In Paradise one of the things that has always fascinated me about it is Terry Moore’s connection to the work. Sure, many creator owned titles have intense connections with their creators, but with Terry, I always had the feeling of it being that much more. He really lives in the world of his creations and loves them and cares for them as much as his readers and I think that level of sincerity really comes out in the work and makes it that much more special.

I’m glad to see he’s already thinking of his next project, which of course I’m intrigued by. The question was raised on the last podcast as to if we thought he could have another successful title and I really think he can. I don’t think that Strangers In Paradise, while great, was his one trick pony. He clearly loves visual storytelling and is a very good one at that. I have high hopes for Motorgirl but will definitely go into it with an open mind, not expecting a rehash of Strangers In Paradise.

Conor and I suggested an Omnibus treatment to Terry and Robyn back in March at WonderCon, and while I’d be foolish to think they hadn’t thought of it before, I’m perfectly willing to take credit for giving them the idea. So if you end up buying it, you can thank us.


  1. The pic from Motorgirl is interesting… less realisitic than SiP and more stylized. I like it. I’ll definitely pick up Motorgirl when it comes out.

  2. I’m glad to know that he’s already go something lined up. What little was there sounds interesting and I’ll definitely pick it up.

  3. I wonder what that Omnibus will run… I’ve heard such good things and I’m a big fan of the Beat A Man To Death sized collections.

  4. Damn you. I sit here listening to your podcasts in wonderful anominity. Then you get me interested again in a book that I had somehow ignored over its complete run (with the grand total of one issue to go! So with one issue to go I decide to pick up the first 5 pocket books of SIP. Just one question – the books seem to collect the three volumes of SIPs publishing history, but some of the other collections suggest that there are other mini-series. Is this correct, or is it just the multitude of different collections confusing me?

  5. I think the pocket books take you right through the story in order. There weren’t any minis, but they changed publishers and renumbered a couple times. You’ll be all set with the pocket books.