Could this be THE END for Daredevil?

Marvel sent us the below image accompanied by just the cryptic words, "The End."  Now clearly one could connect this to the current Shadowland event that's going on in the Daredevil universe, especially after last week's teaser images wondering who the next Man Without Fear could be.  But this image shows not only Matt Murdock's recent costume in flames, but also the previous costumes including the 1990s mech-armor and the original yellow costume.  

Could this be a tease for the next chapter of Daredevil after Shadowland OR could it be a tease that the vapor-project of Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack and an array of artists such as Klaus Janson, Bill Sienkiewicz and Alex Maleev could be on the horizon?  Or am I just reading into things with a little bit of child-like hope?


  1. I hope this is the actual Daredevil: The End project. I’ve loved several of the "The End" stories that Marvel puts out. Among my favorite are the Hulk, Spiderman, and the Silver Surfer ones.

  2. Who did the artwork on this cover?  It’s amazing!

  3. Daredevil Inc, written by Grant Morrison with art by Greg Lan.

  4. That’s a fantastic image.

  5. Matt Murdock fights Mephisto, wins, and ends up married to Mary Jane.

    Im calling it now.

  6. I hope he does dies. I’m getting sick of Matt Murdock and his whining.

  7. The Bedis/Mack/Maleev/Everybody project is called "Daredevil: End of Days."  I think Bendis mentioned they’re not soliciting it until its all done.  My money is that this is related to Shadowland.

    I would be shocked if they killed Matt Murdock.  Not so shocked at the prospect of him taking some time off.  

  8. Maybe they are just getting rid of the horrible costumes that Daredevil has had over the years.

  9. @incredibledave I would be compelled to buy it simply because it’s such an awful concept it’s awesome.

  10. Also, kinda hoping Matt does go away for awhile.  Might finally be my jumping off point.

  11. I like what is being done with Daredevil right now. It is different and risky to put him as the hand’s leader.  I feel it’s a fresh change that does not ignore the 40 some years of stories and directly references the glory days of the title. To kill off Matt at "Shadowlands" end is poor form and lazy story telling. An organic change in the status quo ,like Daredevil leading the army he used to fight, is rare in monthly superhero comics, and I guess too scary for the decision makers at Marvel.  I really like Andy Diggle’s run on the book and i feel there is a lot of un-mined material out to explore. It’s Diggle’s best work at Marvel so far (geezus his Thunderbolts sucked). What a waste to undo it all so soon. Matt’s imminent death also makes me ask questions about how the end of Frankencastle will be handled? Be prepared true believers for the reset button to be punched one more day er… time.

  12. i feel like matt is one of the few characters with a main supporting cast of other superheroes, which is something i like.  It is one of the few books that shows kindship between heroes, like danny rand and luke.  Yeah the avengers have team bonding, but thats the thing, thay are a team, they have to bond.  Long story short, i hope the run continues, i like what has been done in the past year and id like to see more of it.  i wouldnt mind some sort of reset, but regardless i want my DD.

  13. what i really want is the return of the yellow suit

  14. It’s the end…of me reading DD and Shadowland. After reading Shadowland #2 I’m done. Diggle’s writing is not a good fit on DD.

  15. Shameless:


    I really hope this isn’t the end of Daredevil. Murdock is such a deep character, so many stories left to tell… killing him off would suck. He’s kept out of the marvel U for ages, he’s in his pocket along with his fans and keeps to himself. Why not kill off someone who actually needs a break, the only reason I could see Marvel doing this is because its been incredible run after incredible run on Daredevil and they are scared someone is going to ruin that tradition

  16. I hope Matt gives up his DD identity and he and Dakota North take off for Europe for monkeyshines. 

  17. Everybody keeps on talking about Daredevil dying, but maybe Matt Murdock is just going to stop being Daredevil.  That would make sense of the other "who’s going to replace the man without fear" teasers.  On a seperate note, I hate his new black uniform.  A blood red suit with devil horns wasn’t dark enough? Plus the stylized D’s don’t look good at all…

  18. Mostly agree with DevilDog about the costume. But I love that the Hand changed all their outfits to match DD’s theme. And I dig the new ninja suits.

  19. True, I do like the hand outfits.  Maybe it’s just the DD on his chest that looks so much like a 90s superhero costume.

  20. I think this has to been Bendis related, at least a little bit. I don’t think Marvel would market this as The End of DD because of how that’s related to Bendis’ and Mack’s story.

    Overall I’ve been enjoying DD and the Shadowland story, I do agree with you guys about the costume but I think it’s just their way of showing that Matt has gone too far and become something that he never attended DD to be. I love the devil horns on the hand ninjas though, very cool touch.

  21. I hope it’s not the end, I just started reading the first hardcover by Kevin Smith and Quesada!

  22. @Mistershaw… Thank You! I really don’t think Diggle and De la Torre were doing such a bad job, I mean it’s hard to follow a classic run. I really want Josh, Conor and Ron(and fellow ifanboys) to get that Devil’s Hand TP and give it a solid try. The art is solid with some nice fight scenes with the hand.It’s not Brubaker or Bendis but Diggle deserves a fair shot.

  23. @ironcladmerc:  You’re in for a real treat if you’ve not read the second volume beginning with Smith’s run.  It’s probably the best 100+ issues in a row that deliver time and time again.  The Bendis and Brubaker runs rival (if not exceed in some cases) the Miller run.  Enjoy!