Cord Cutters: The iFanboy Edition

We had the distinct pleasure of recording a segment for Cord Cutters, a video podcast all about getting rid of traditional cable television.

Check it out!



  1. That was a fun watch. I’m doing pretty much the same thing Josh is doing. After the Superbowl my cable bill will be dropping significantly. I haven’t really watched cable tv for 3 months anyway.

  2. All you need is football

  3. I’m with Conor on this one. I love pretty much every sport. I have to have DirectTv (or another system) for the quality feed alone. Watching sports from the internet never gives one the best possible picture quality. Plus, depending on the internet provider the speed of internet may make the games skip. Seeing the games in full HD is a must for most sport fans.

  4. Thanks again for doing this, guys, you were great! 

  5. I can’t cut that cord. How else would I get sports, The Military Channel, and Ice Road Truckers? And a wood carving channel, when that finally happens.

  6. Can’t wait to cut the cord.  Hopefully next year.  Just need to convince the wife that it’s a super idea.

  7. I don’t watch sports, but I’m a big news junkie (I’m a journalist who loves politics), so dropping cable seems a bit scary to me. Still, even the cable news channels offer various live streaming options, so I might be able to get away with it at some point; definitely something I’ll at least consider the next time I move.

  8. I’m with you conor, I love channel flipping and finding something new. plus sometimes I dont know what I feel like watching but I’m bored and thats when channel flipping is perfect. Thats how I first saw the “shawshank redemtion” and I love that movie!…..also I am waiting for the day when alot of those online services do get shut down and ppl wont be able to download for free. keeping my cord!!!

  9. I’m with Conor. I would be all over this if it weren’t for Sports.  If a cable company offered a sports only package that gave me all of the ESPNs, Fox Sports Ohio, NFL Network, MLB Network, CBS College, etc. I would cut the cord tomorrow.

    Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and DVDs are all I need for my shows.

  10. I cut the cord a few years back. I miss sports, but now I have an excuse to spend an evening in a bar, if there’s a game I want to watch. Hopefully, Netflix and Hulu will only get better.

  11. If it wasn’t for sports I think I could cut the cord.

  12. @s1lentslayer  — me too! my wife and i have been discussing this and Sports is my main argument. Everything else we watch could be streamed. DAMN SPORTS ADDICTION!!!

  13. Excellent hair Ron. Excellent hair. 

  14. I cut my cable about a year and a half ago. About the only thing I miss is sports. So many games are on cable now. Not to mention what a gigantic step down it is not watching in HD. I’ve found that I now go to the bar a lot more to watch games. And drinking and eat for 2 hours + just ends up being just as costly as having cable. It’s a tricky dilemma. You nerds who could care less of such silly things don’t know how good you have it. 😛

  15. Great Video. I’m like Conor, i need my NFL, SNY, and now the Knicks are exciting to watch, again.

  16. Yep. Thought about this, but I need my HD Sports. Both MLB.Tv, and NBATV block out the local games so that wouldn’t fix the problem. Plus at the end of the day cable is really only another $60 bucks. Seems like the convenience at this point is worth the $60.

  17. I’m always on the fence about doing this. Funny thing is, I went for a while without cable, and was getting the digital signal feed before I got Comcast. As Ron and Josh mentioned, it was WAY better quality than cable itself.  Comcast (or any provider) has to compress their signal, but with an antenna it’s as close to “raw” as you can get. At least, that’s my understanding of it.

  18. NFL has an online subscription service I believe.  I’m going to have to look into it.  now, I’m also a big sports entertainment fan.  both WWE and TNA do not seem to have perfect solutions.  also, my other major watching is superhero cartoons.  I’m really not sure how well they are proliferated through other means of viewing.

    I also do like that all I have to do with the DVR is program it and everything is neatly in one queue. 

  19. I’m surprised Ron endorses illegally downloading TV show, but the site frowns upon comics piracy. Hypocritical much?

  20. @RocketRacoon  Find me where Ron said anything about comics piracy. You can find me and Conor talking about it.

  21. @josh  he did say “means of getting TV on the internet” rather suggestively, wink wink 😉

  22. @Asteraceae  I’m not saying he didn’t. Conor and I have been very vociferous about comic piracy. I know what Ron said on the video. I don’t do that.

  23. @josh  you’re right, i apologise–i misread what you wrote, thought you said ‘TV piracy’…still, i can’t help wondering what you think about that stuff too? it’s a big issue, perhaps you should write an article about piracy across various media and see what people think

  24. @tomhayday  I agree, Ron’s hair was looking sharp. I need a haircut now…

  25. Cord cut. Get live hd t.v. over the air, the rest through netflix via apple t.v. & roku. Never going back!

  26. @Asteraceae  It’s come up many times, and every time it does, there’s a giant flame war.

    My stance is that if you want comics or TV, you should probably pay for them, and that’s what I do.

  27. I produce Cord Cutters, and if any of the iFaithful want to share their cord cutting setups with us (and perhaps get featured either on the show or over at GigaOM, send us an email at cordcutters at gigaom dot com or reply to us on Twitter at CordCutters.

    We’ll be doing a special episode on sports soon. 

  28. Great show and topic. I am about to cut the cord myself, Comcast blows. I’ve got a Mac mini, with Plex installed, to my tv. Like Ron I tend get my shows via some protocol.

  29. I’ve mentioned it once here on the site over on Mike’s post about the Apple TV. If you like sports and have an X-Box, check out ESPN on it. So far the only thing I can’t seem to watch is NFL on it. I would say there’s more sports on there than anyone would dream of watching. Hell they even have things like the KHL, which I’ve never seen on any sports channel here.

    As for Netflix going away. It’s always a possibility, especially when so many different places overvalue their content. I heard the re-negotiation of the Starz deal ended up with Netflix paying a boatload. Also I can see users getting fed up with things like WB delaying the release of their new stuff by a month, if others follow suit. Not too mention if we ever enact any insane laws like Canada, where they’re pretty much defending old business models by forcing metered internet I can see Conor’s argument winning out. I read an article recently that said it would be cheaper to overnight a hard drive almost anywhere in Canada then to stream/download the equivalent amount of data. It will pretty much kill Netflix steaming over there.

  30. I also cut cords!

     Family eventually got them back but personally, I’ve kept a cable-less set up. 

    Netflix+Hulu= Takes cares of most TV+Movie viewing.

    BT= Things not available in the US or streaming services. Usually these are not available on iTunes either. Also I try to get whatever I watch with BT via disc when available. 

    ATDHE= Live sports. Now I don’t advocate illegally streaming PPVs (I’ve never done so) but I have no problem streaming network sport games. I do admit watching the Red Zone channel though during Fantasy Football season.

  31. Good video.  Never heard the term before.  Anything to encourage the cable companies to lower prices and improve service.