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Strange Tales 100The inaugural iFanboy Comment of the Week goes to Howl4Me. In this week's iFanboy Letter Column, Josh admitted to only making it three issues into the Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus before the 1960s-style storytelling made him give up. This saddened Josh because he wanted to be able to study the work of legendary artist Steve Ditko to find out just what was so special about it.

Howl4Me's comment:

As for what's so special about Steve Ditko's art? I think you'll have to check out his work on Doctor Strange to really appreciate it. On Spider-Man, his art wasn't allowed to shine with Stan Lee cluttering up the panels with needless narration and dialogue. He did the best he could and his name is still remembered. His art on Doctor Strange was trippy indeed and worked great for that character. No one draws otherworldly dimensions better than Ditko!

It's why I love Marcos Martin's art so much. You can see a lot of Ditko in Martin's art.

Congratulations, Howl4Me, for winning the first iFanboy Comment of the Week! Make good comments, people, and you might be next!


  1. Hah! Nice feature. Spotlight the community and examine some of the more insightful comments made here. Good call, guys! Accentuate the positivity! 😉

  2. Nice comment, Howl4Me.  You made me want to read a Doctor Strange book. That’s never happened before.

    I propose this as the official trophy for the award: Pure class. 

  3. What @daccampo said. What a great idea to boister positive involvement.

  4. Do you know what I hate about this website?  How it was completely awesome and fun to read until you added all these extra features and columns.  Now it”s, like, awesomer, and more fun to read.  I have a job, man.  How am I supposed to pay attention to my job when there’s all this amazing content?  Are you trying to get me fired?

  5. Love it and that was a great comment!

  6. incentive for us all to keep our comments substantial as per the TOS?  I hope so

  7. Cool new feature guys!))

  8. awwwlright!!   I’ll reign in my juvenile humor;)

  9. I’d highly reccommend reading the Lee/Ditko Spider-Man.  A short, spectacular run not to be passed up.  Spider-Man is groundbreaking and influential in many ways, his Marvel work nearly eclipses Kirby’s Marvel work of the same era.  The feel of the buildings, and the realism is all here in Ditko’s run.  You don’t get that as much in Kirby’s, who was truly into Fantastic and supernatural ideas moreso.

  10. The heat is on! But, what if one of the comments on the Comment of the Week section is chosen as a Comment of the Week? Does the site implode?

  11. Sweet jesus! Won’t someone think of Bruce Campbell?!

    Whoops, this isn’t a casting thread… move along.

  12. Cool feature!

  13. I’m surprised the many nuggets of wisdom and insight didn’t make it into this feature. very confusing.

    I mean, i proberly made a dick joke in back there somewhere

  14. Steve Ditko drew Spider-man and shouldn’t have drawn any other characters!

  15. Aw, shucks! Thanks guys! What can I say? I started reading comics when my brother left for the Army and gave me his collection and in it where a few Doctor Strange books (with great art by Dan Green, Paul Smith and Terry Austin!) So I always liked the character. Then a few years back I got back into comics and got all four volumes of Essential Doctor Strange. There are some great stories in there. And the Ditko art looks great in black & white, give is a noir-ish feel. Ditko was one of the few comic artists at the time that used shading to create atmosphere. Gene Colan being another and he would later become a regular artist on Dr. Strange.

    One of the earliest ones is basically a long arc with Dormammu and Baron Mordo chasing Doctor Strange all across this world and other dimensions while Dr. Strange tries desperately to save the life of the Ancient One. The story began in Strange Tales #130 and ended in Strange Tales #141! That’s a 12-issue story arc, which was unheard of even for Marvel. Back then the most they would dare were 2 or 3-parters. The foundations are laid for what would later would become the Marvel Cosmic universe and Jim Starlin would take this stuff and just go wild with it. Just great stuff.

    Well thanks for the comment of the week! Sorry for this long one! :þ

  16. Now I have another title to win every week on this site.

    Congrads to Howl4Me for winning it for the first time. 

  17. Very cool 🙂

  18. I was thinking about this the other day: was Dr. Strange originally supposed to be of Asian heritage?

    I know Stephen isn’t the most common Asian name, but some of the art made me think so.

    Ditko is the man.

  19. I remember reading that…

  20. @edward- I think a good step towards getting the comment of the week would be to a) Learn how to spell, then b) Write actual sentences that make sense outside of your head… You should re-read your previous comment if you need an example as to what I’m referring to.

  21. Naw, that is uncalled for.

    I’ll give Edward my favorite comments of the week.

    If and when he deserves it.

    I know I ain’t no iFanboy, but I still appreciate some of the humor Edward brings.

  22. Needless narration? Stan Lee? Whaaaa?!

  23. @JesseG: ha ha that is a good point

  24. @daccampo  When I read your comment an old jingle from a Family Channel commercial, using the Bing Crosby lyrics, began playing over and over in my head…weird.

  25. @Howl4Me: From one Dr. S fan to another, YES! Doctor Strange’s adventures in the pages of Strange Tales were among the best comic book stories of the sixties IMO. (Of course many sixties comic book stories were positively cringeworthy, not to name names, but the doctor was never in that category or close to it.) I even enjoyed the first telling of his origin story.

  26. I like!

  27. Great idea for a feature, and any comment that spotlights the genius of Marcos Martin deserves the award…kudos, sir!

  28. This is an excellent idea for a feature.  Keep up the great additions, iFanboys!