Comic Shots #33 with Ali Colluccio: Gin and Tonic and ‘Ame-Comi Wonder Woman’

Each week the iFanStaff passes along a tasty drink recipe and an even tastier comic book recommendation. The cocktail (or beer, or wine, or booze) and the comic can both be enjoyed independently, but they have a common theme and when served together they can make for the perfect reading experience.

There are things that are just meant to be together. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Chips and Salsa. Wine and Cheese. Pie and More Pie. Me and Thor. Marshmallows and Chocolate (and Graham Crackers). Comics and Booze. You get the idea. So when I found out that the powerhouse creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Conner were working on a Wonder Woman digital comic, I knew instantly it would be a match made in heaven.

Ame-Comi Wonder Woman #1-3

By Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts, and Tony Akins

I’m not particularly subtle about the things I love. So you probably already know that Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner’s 12-issue run on Power Girl is one of my most favorite comics in the world. You also probably already know that Wonder Woman is one of my most favorite superheroes in the world. I may have done a happy dance when DC announced they were working on Wonder Woman.

That happy dance may have been brought to a screeching halt when I read the words “Ame-Comi.” I know the Ame-Comi line from DC Direct has been extremely popular, but the doe-eyed baby face/hyper-sexualized body combination of the design really skeeves me out. There was a good 5 minutes of internally debating before I decided to check it out. I mean, this is the team that took a character who can (and has) easily be a boob joke and made her smart, sexy, and empowered. If anyone could make me Ame-Comi book, it’s this team.

And boy am I glad I did. This is pretty much everything I ever wanted in a Wonder Woman comic. Not unlike Power Girl, Diana is brash, powerful, and sexy. She has personality and character, which she so frequently lacks. In fact, she’s got loads of personality and you can see it in everything from Palmiotti and Gray’s writing to Conner’s wonderfully expressive pencils, even to Paul Mounts amazing colors (no one can make a character blush quite the way Mounts can).

The Ame-Comi comics are kind of like a DC Fem-verse. And this first batch of series set up each of the characters while at the same time subtly weaving a sinister plot that will ultimately bring all these superheroines together. Like all of Palmiotti and Gray’s work, it’s action packed and a lot of fun. The Wonder Woman mini-series works as an origin for the character in this universe. We see her first as a fierce warrior and defiant princess–bombastic and arrogant and absolutely wonderful. Next we see her trying to transition into her mandated role as Themyscira’s ambassador to the Modern World, with Steve Trevor as her liaison with the U.S. government (it’s actually one of the few versions of Trevor I actually really like).

And the art! Oh Great Hera, the art! I adore Amanda Conner’s work. She’s probably my absolute favorite comics artist–definitely in the Top 3. Not only is she a wonderful storyteller with a solid grasp of pacing, movement, and action, but the characters on her pages simply come alive. Her use of facial expressions and body language is unparalleled. She’s a master at her craft and I want her to draw ALL OF THE COMICS. Also, some serious props go to Tony Akins for his work on issue three of this series (and on the Wonder Woman series proper). Conner is not an easy act to follow but his work on the issue was stellar.

I hate to use a word like synergy (except when talking about Jem and the Holograms), but that’s what’s happening with Ame-Comi Wonder Woman. The creative team is perfectly matched–the peanut butter and jelly of comics creators. Which brings us to our drink selection.

Gin and Tonic

It’s not terribly original, but like peanut butter and jelly, when you mix a nice, smooth gin with some bubbly tonic water and ice you get a magical elixir. I know not everyone is a G&T fan, but it’s one of my stand-by favorites.

Flash fact: a Gin and Tonic was the first drink I legally ordered when I turned 21.

Here’s how I make my Gin and Tonic:

  • Fill a pint glass halfway with ice.
  • Squeeze two lime wedges over the ice and drop in glass.
  • Pour about 3 ounces of your preferred gin into the glass (I’ve got a bottle of Brokers in my freezer, but lately Hendrick’s has been my gin of choice while out and about).
  • Fill rest of the glass with tonic.
  • Stir. Do not shake gin. Ever.

Now, Wikipedia tells me the Gin and Tonic was first created by British troops in India to make quinine more palatable and in turn ward off malaria. I always thought it was created by the British navy to ward off scurvy (hence the citrus and the quinine). I like my story better because scurvy is way more fun to say and less scary than malaria. Either way, Gin and Tonic work so well together, they’re a match made in mixology heaven.


Ali Colluccio enjoys comics, cocktails, and curling. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram to see what she’s drinking, reading, and/or thinking at any given moment.

Please obey the law and only drink if you are of age. Drink responsibly and never, ever, ever drink and drive. Buy the comics that make you happy and share them with the people who make you happy.


  1. I felt Akins style was a bit off for this title, but LOVED every bit of this Wonder Woman. Didn’t try it with the drink though…

  2. I really liked the Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Digital series; love the “widescreen” format, and in a big computer screen looks awesome. Diana and Hippolyta were awesome, and that Cheetah was really cute LOL. I can’t wait for

    Batgirl. Amanda Conner rocks!

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  3. I love this title SO MUCH. Jimmy, Justin and Amanda just know how to make comics fun. Why can’t we have more like this?

  4. I loved powergirl, anyone know if this will ever make it to a trade?

    • I don’t think any of the digital stuff is being collected into trades.

    • filippod (@filippodee) says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a trade or HC of the first Ame-Comi cycle (Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Duela Dent, Power Girl, Supergirl) appears after its digital completion.

      It looks as if the whole comic is designed with transition to paper in mind.

      Basically it is a succession of half regular-comic-sized pages, so 20 pages of digital would effortlessly make 10 pages of paper (it has no special effects a la “Marvel Infinity”)

      There are even some comic-page-sized splashes (one per issue if I remember correctly) which make more sense on paper than on digital, as on digital they disrupt the reading flow.

      An example:

      When you read it, initially only the top half is served, then when you swipe for a new page the whole splash appears – but you have to rotate the tablet to read it. Then you have to rotate again it for the next page.

      Not a big deal but it does bring me out of the story for a moment.

      Despite this – all in all – I find DC’s current approach to digital to be simple but effective.

    • I’m pretty sure this is one of the DC Digital First comics – similar to Smallville Season 11. So it should be coming out in issues and then hopefully in a trade.

  5. I don’t know how I missed this can’t wait to read.

  6. I know I would love the hell out of this and I bought all the Palmiotti / Gray / Conner Powergirl comics. But, I don’t do digital comics yet, so I hope these get reprinted on paper in one format or another. I’d buy it. I’m also buying and loving the Silk Spectre if anyone cares.

  7. they’ve been printing batman beyond and smallville, I don’t see why they wouldn’t print this up with the creative team involved. I would buy the S*** out of it. The current Wonder Woman series has been great, but this would be a fun lighter read. If GL can support 4 books, surely WW can support 2!

    • filippod (@filippodee) says:

      This is not really a Wonder Woman series. It is an Ame-Comi series.

      Wonder Woman is only the first mini.

      The publishing plan is:

      – Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman #1-3
      – Ame-Comi: Batgirl #1-3
      – Ame-Comi: Duela Dent #1-3
      – Ame-Comi: Power Girl #1-3
      – Ame-Comi: Supergirl #1-3
      – Ame-Comi: Ongoing

      But I agree with you. I see no reason why they wouldn’t print this considering the precedents.

      Plus, it looks as if it’s designed with future printing in mind (see also my other reply above).

  8. I must mention that Paul Mounts is also an amazingly perfect match for Amanda Conner’s art. Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts, the Super Friends.

  9. The preferred Gin is Tanqueray and if you intend to drink serious amounts switch the Tonic Water for Bitter Lemon.

  10. Have you guys checked the Ame-Comi Batgirl mini? Give it a shot, just three issues of fun action and entertaining twists. This is a Digital First title and looks great on a widescreen.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!