COMIC: More Sentry Revisionist History!

Check out this strip from the webcomic Let's Be Friends Again by guest artist Evan Hodgins.



Thanks to Tim for writing in with the link.


  1. wow this is better then the comic.

  2. Is that Namor crying in the first panel?

  3. This is great!

  4. @English I think he’s just exasperated and rubbing the bridge of his nose

  5. I sent this in and got an email back from Josh saying it was going to be posted, but actually seeing it here and making a contribution to the site? My day is made!

  6. I liked the Sentry. . .  no, I don’t know why 

  7. I was sorta hoping he snogged Kitty Pryde too, just to see the newsreport the next day of "Man in San Francisco head explods, crappy comic in hand"

  8. I don’t get the "oh wait" part.

  9. @JumpingJupiter He says that he’ll meet the Sentry in heaven, but then realizes that he killed people n stuff so the Sentry’s probably in hell. That part was mad funny.

  10. Awesome, I still listen to that fateful podcast where they rip on fallen sun. makes me laugh every time

  11. @Jumpingjupiter

    Nightcrawler is the son of a demon, which is another hated piece of revisionist history from Chuck Austen’s run.

  12. @ AMblastof, me too 🙂

  13. @Templar: Actually, he was the son of a mutant who looked like a demon. (Which apparently inspired belief in demons to being with)

  14. The rant about Fallen Son is hilarious. Never gets old.

  15. @kaufman1972: I heard that.