College Humor’s “Hipster Superheroes”

Oh, those lovable scamps at CollegeHumor have done it again.

As someone who lives in Brooklyn I am well acquainted with the genus of human known as The Hipster. They're everywhere, with their skinny jeans and their white belts and their ironic mustaches. And now here they are as superheroes.

Wolverine is my favorite.


  1. I guess that’s pretty cool, but I saw this video WAYYY before it became popular.

  2. One of the most unoriginal and unfunny things I ever watched. “Hipster” humor is entirely played out and needs to gracefully bail out along with “that’s what she said” and some other jokes that have been run into the ground that I’m currently drawing a blank on.

  3. I like how one person can decided whats unfunny and played out.

    I liked it. Funny stuff college humor. Iron Man was my favorite one.

  4. Funny! and so true-still- i live near Silver Lake- they are everywhere

  5. @mrmister  I agree with hipster humor being played out and what not but some of these were pretty funny. The Wolverine and Thor ones were pretty funny.

  6. I love the design of hipster Juggernaut. 

  7. @TimmyWood One person can have an opinion. I have mine and you have yours. I’m not telling anyone else what to think just expressing my thoughts.

  8. Hipster Xavier is fantastic. “But have you hear the music they’re thinking about making? Oh yes… that’s better.”

  9. As a country bumpkin who doesn’t typically become aware of trends until they are “played out” in the big city, I found this pretty damn funny.

  10. They’re all over Austin. The ones in the cartoons were missing tattoos and gauges, though. That seems like part of the hipster uniform here.

    I hate hipsters.

  11. Hipster Juggernaut made me laugh for an unreasonable amount of time.

  12. Am I a hipster if I un-ironically have a handlebar mustache?

  13. am i the only one who has a problem with the fact Hipster Xavier alters juggernauts mind while hes wearing his helmet 

  14. hipsters will always be here, they just change outfits and haircuts. Great video.

  15. @stuclach  very meta hipster comment!! LOL

  16. Maybe I’m not getting it…how can a moustache be ironic?  But if these are hipster example they are quite annoying in real life!

  17. HIPSTERS!?

    The one with Thor made me laugh a lot. I know a lot of art majors in college and yes, they are exactly like that. 

  18. @colossusofrhodeisland  Nope, that just means you’re awesome

  19. @oldmanlogan88 
    Don’t worry sir, I caught it as well.

    But none the less funny video, College Humor is good shit.

  20. I love Spider-man prancing away after his art photos were rejected. Hilarious.

  21. @AmirCat  I do my best.

  22. so hipsters wear scarves and fedoras?

  23. Juggernaut is a Bro not a Hipster!


  24. as someone who would probably be described as a hipster by anyone who sees me I found this funny.

  25. @kennyg  I live in Austin too. Way too many hipsters around here.

  26. Ron Richards belongs in this cartoon.

  27. Great website!  My favorite is the Superhero Fashion Emergency episode

  28. @RoiVampire.  Thanks, that’s what I suspected but I needed to give my wife second opinion.

  29. @KickAss  If you think that then you’ve never met or have seen an actual hipster.

  30. Just noticed the subhead on this article. Well done @conor.

  31. I think I might have dated hipster Thor.

  32. I’ve still never seen a white belt and I’ve lived in Silverlake for 30 years. Maybe it’s an east coast thing.


  33. @KickAss  I’ve met Ron and he is no hipster.
    Now Reed Richards, 5 O’clock shadow and ironic t-shirt that says Elongate man
    “Geez DAD why do you have to invade my personal space. This whoie house is one big negative zone!” 

  34. Ron listens to way too much 90’s music to qualify as a hipster.

  35. @cskilpatrick Really shows how meaningless the word has become, doesn’t it?

    Hipster Xavier was clever. But the rest were just reiterations of the same 2 hipster jokes that get repeated over and over and over. Seriously, people. Write some new ones.

  36. @mcguffin  Not really. It’s not like these people don’t exist.

  37. Was McGuffin trying to be a hipster about hipster jokes?

  38. Loved the PBR ribbons on Iron Man’s armor

    P.S. As another Austinite I would like to add “fixed speed bikes” to list of what our hipster’s are into.

  39. @conor people like that have existed for a while and so have these same jokes. even without watching almost anyone living in a metropolitan area between the ages of 18-30 could have told you exactly what was coming. pitchfork joke … check. pbr joke … check. so on and so forth. we get it. come up with something else.

  40. @mrmister  I’m sure someone will when these jokes stop being funny.

  41. I grew up in Williamsburg! My home station was at Graham and Metro. It KILLS me that this once feared subway line is now the butt of Hipster jokes. I personally have almost gotten killed on the L train more than you can imagine.

  42. @Unoob Now it’s one of the sleek new ones with the blue seats on the sides and electronic displays. I was Bedford stop, though I lived on 6th street. So the Hasidics to the south and loft central to the north. I was constantly baffled at the lack of people on the street in the mornings, I’m thoroughly convinced that no one who lives in that area actually works.

  43. @conor different strokes.

  44. I’m guessing most of you guys don’t live in the Pacific NW (for reals. do not go to Portland if you can’t stand hipsters) or major metro hubs. Hipsters are most definitely alive and kicking. So much so that it’s becoming an overused term.

  45. Trust me guys; these people are not limited to the US. We got plenty of them here in Scotland too. You want them back?