Cliff Chiang’s Variant Cover for JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #10

This cover leads me to ask a disturbing questionn Just how does Cliff Chiang peer so deeply into my soul?


  1. This… This is amazing. 

  2. I’ll be getting this one if my shop has it.

  3. That is one of the best covers of the year! 

  4. New iPhone and desktop wallpaper – set!

  5. So completely awesome.

    The thing about variant covers which irks me is that there is such a next level attention to design and overall art aesthetic. Why can’t this be the regular cover? Why do they have to dumb everything down for the "direct market" and by that i mean…why all the kitschy banners and drop shadows and gradients and lens flares and tricks and expected conventions..why not something as awesome as this on a regular basis? the talent is there, and is probably chomping at the bit to be allowed to produce this level of work. 

    Frustrated design snob/evangelist stepping down from soap box.  

  6. Man, beautiful. Can he draw a monthly Batman for us?

  7. I want him to draw every book ever. Is that so wrong?

  8. @wallythegreenmonster

    i would think that there are avid consumers who will buy both the regualr covered issue and the variant. As for the direct market cover, if you did something as awesome as this for all your covers, you’d have to go above and beyond this to make a variant.

  9. Batman can’t stand not being invited to Justice League meetings.

  10. This will be the first comic I buy solely for the cover since I was 9.  I couldn’t care less about the story.

  11. @Rbigley – I second that

  12. I just met him at the Baltimore Comic Con and he couldn’t be a nicer guy. His work is amazing.

  13. @weaklyroll–thats exactly the point! increase the awesome-ness level across the board! oh yeah i’m not denying there are people who buy everything…i just want cool stuff readily available. =) 

  14. Yowza. *drool*

  15. i just realized something, Bruce wasn’t on earth whenever Max Lord dropped his psychic bomb. He was lost in time. I bet you anything bruce remembers who Max was

  16. @RoiVampire: Cool theory, but issue #10 ships this month.  Bruce won’t have "returned" by then. (Batman: TROBW#5 is scheduled to ship the same day as GL:JL #10)  My money is on Grayson bustin’ up the party.

  17. As awesome as that cover admittedly is, I would’ve sworn that was Mazzucchelli.

  18. @wallythegreenmonster: Actually, Tony Harris and JD Mettler’s standard covers for this series have been consistently excellent. Not quite on this level, granted, but this is the best cover I’ve seen in a long time, and as far as doing great covers on a regular basis, this series has rocked.

  19. That’s pretty friggen awesome

  20. @sakuuya–yeah they’re consistently average good…i wasn’t trying to say they were awful or anything. I bought them all, but to me they’re of expected quality. I just would love to see some of the variant aesthetics like the one above become the new normal if that makes any kind of sense. To me its the difference between mainstream movie posters full of all the gimmicks and indie art house movies that are a bit more design-y. Thats the pipe dream that i’m holding out for. =)

  21. Gorgeous!  I met Chiang at Heroes Con, and as ChristopherJohn said, he was as sweet and down to earth as he could be.  One of my absolute favorite comic creators.

    His and Joshua Dysart’s Greendale is a beautiful book, highly recommended.

  22. i love the blue & orange..let’s go mets…sigh….

  23. Yes, very reminiscent of Mazzucchelli, liked his Nightwing stuff too.


  24. Simple and effective art.  Loves it.