Cliff Chiang Draws Back-Up Story in SUPERGIRL #50

In news that excited just about everybody on the iFanboy staff, DC announced today on their blog that iFanboy favorite Cliff Chiang is returning from his Vertigo-Neil Young-OGN exile to draw a back-up story in the upcoming Supergirl #50. Oddly enough, that back-up story is going to be co-written by Supergirl herself, Helen Slater (with Jake Black).

DC provided a few fantastic preview pages:

Cliff Chiang on Supergirl #50Cliff Chiang on Supergirl #50


  1. Hey, this is terrific!  

  2. Gorgeous art!

  3. I’m SO happy to see Chiang back – I’m sure what he was away working on will be worth it – but I missed him in issues…

  4. awsome

  5. I’m glad that it’s Supergirl that gets this artist.  Here’s hoping for continued excellence in this series.

  6. Fantastic!!!  Thanks, Conor — Chiang is the real deal.

  7. That looks great! I’m not very familiar with Chiang’s work, but I deem him worthy to be in the same book as Jamal Igle.

  8. Was Cliff Chiang the artist on the first arc of Green Arrow/Black Canary?  If so, I share your excitement.

  9. @stuclach: Yep, that’s him.

  10. Awesome.  Looks like I’ll be buying an issue of Supergirl.

  11. Yeah, this guy’s art on GA/BC is precisely what pulled me back into comics after a long hiatus.

  12. You guys want more Chiang in your life? Well your gonna get it:

    In Brave and the Bold #33! Hooray!

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Cliff’s an amazing talent and a very nice guy if you ever have the chance to chat with him at a con. Very excited about this. 

  14. BTW, he did remixes of 80s album covers with superheroes recently:

    The Teen Titans/Breakfast club one is the best. Even has the remixed letter.

  15. One of my favorite artists, had the pleasure of meeting him at the last NYCC.

    Glad to see Cliff’s talents being put to good use.  His work never ceases to amaze me.

  16. Cool