Choose Your Own Adventure with Unwritten #17

Is there any chance you've been jonesing for the Choose Your Own Adventure or Pick a Path stories of your youth?  Well good news, Vertigo fans.  Mike Carey's Unwritten #17 has your back.  The issue, focusing on Lizzie Hexam lets you make the call on where the comic goes.  How this will play with continuity with issue #18, I do not know, but that's a month further away, and this here could be some fun.  Gimmicky? Sure.  But it's also pretty neat, and plays right along with the metathemes of storytelling going on in this series. 

Why not try it out below?




Look for Unwritten #17 on stands next week, September 8.


  1. Hahaha, that’s pretty awesome.  Unwritten is one of the most inventive books on the stands.

  2. Incredible.  This should be fun.  I love this series.

  3. I have been looking forward to this. I don’t regard this as a gimmick, but rather plain old ambitious storytelling. It’s an exciting possibility.

  4. its kinda cool idea. I love those choose your own adventure books as a kid. But with only 24 pages is it going to be as fun as it seems?

    I really wished they would had a designer with skill/time to do something worthwhile with the design of that instruction page. Its pretty insulting to the creators to put something that amateurish next to their hard work. 

  5. The time span and budget these books are produced with wouldn’t allow that.  It’s a wonder they come out at all sometimes.

  6. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard. Unwritten continues to be fantastic and this could only make it more fun.

  7. I’ve been reading this in trades but I may pick this up just to check it out.  I love this book and how there not afraid to take chances.

  8. Awesome. You can really see the difference with Ryan Kelly on inks.

  9. This looks like it’ll be a LOT of fun!

  10. @josh–i TOTALLY understand what you are saying about production schedules….but i don’t accept that as an excuse to put out bad work. DC has designers and letterers on staff who do great work on the collections and trades and other aspects of the monthlies. To me, stuff like that is a sign of poor Art Direction (are monthly comics Art Directed at all or is that part of the Editors job?) 

    It comes down to aesthetic standards and i don’t think Darkhorse, Image or IDW would have allowed that to go to press.  

    It truly breaks my heart as a designer to see great work ruined with bad presentation much like you might get let down if one of your favorite characters was written or drawn by a hack.  

  11. I think you have a higher estimation of those other publishers than you maybe should.

  12. Wow! I so love this idea. Wish they could’ve made this an oversized issue though to really make this even better. Cause I don’t think 24 pages is enough honestly.

  13. I love Mike Carey cuz I love Lucifer and I love what I’ve read of Unwritten.

    I want some Fables style hardcovers for this series so I can own it.

  14. @josh-possibly you’re right–maybe i’m making generalizations based on what i buy from those publishers. Darkhorse is more than just Hellboy and the Goon kinda thing (although from my in store browsing, i still think they have the consistantly best designed comics in the biz.) 

    @TNC—My thoughts exactly! I want that to be like 50+ pages.  

  15. I actually think that instructions page is pretty decent.  It’s very throwbacky and coherently conveys the process.  I’ve certainly seen worse.

  16. Oh, I love this. Plays right into the book’s themes. And it’s too hard to say if 24 pages is enough. It could be that all choices end up with the same place within a few steps, thus making the story about an inescapable fate… and that would certainly tie things up for issue 18. But that’s just speculation on my part — point is, there’s lots of ways to execute this, so it’s hard to judge it based on the page count.

  17. I’ve been saying it since issue 1.  This series is unlike anything else on the rack.  It’s smart and bold and pretty much brilliant.  This is a brilliant concept for a comic book.  Now lets see the execution. 

  18. Cool concept.  Count me in.  This series is great, by the way…

  19. I read this is trade… but this is a pretty cool concept. Can’t wait to get around to it in a few months