China to Build Word Balloon Shaped Comic Museum

Renew those passports because you might soon be wanting to head to China! Why? To visit their China Comic and Animation Museum in the city of Hangzhou. A Danish design firm came up with the idea to build it as a series of interconnected word balloons, and in 2012 it will begin construction. I don’t have a whole lot to add other than: watch the video, pick your jaw up off the floor, and tell us in the comments how many tickets you’ll need so we can begin the process of procuring an iFanjet for a field trip (permissions slips required for the minors, of course).

Originally spotted at io9.


  1. GD! We’re never going to catch up now.

  2. That looks astounding. I’d love to visit it one day.

  3. Holy S*&T! that is awesome. I would love to visit too.

  4. Some pretty expensive viral marketing for John’s podcast.

  5. Very ambitious.

    I very much doubt it’s gonna look exactly like this in the end, but I’d be more then happy to see it if/when I ever go to China.

    Fuck the Great Wall!

  6. Finally a reason to go to China!

  7. PROS
    – It’s awesome-looking, gives comic books their due respect
    – They probably serve Chinese food all throughout
    – Shape makes it impossible for government to trample students with tanks

    – Probably made of lead
    – No pandas allowed
    – Too many rooms dedicated to August General In Iron

  8. Is this China paying tribute to Japan?

  9. Ugh. I guess this is worth a checking out when I’m back in China. Time to brush up on my Mandarin. Too bad Chinese produced animation is pure shite. I wonder how much Western comics will be featured. To my knowledge it isn’t as popular in Asia as it is in Europe or Australia. The market there in China is oversaturated with a billion comic book/manga rehashes of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.