Chew #13 Second Print Cover

Listen, I don't have to tell you people about Chew #13 (my Pick of the Week!), but apparently, the rest of the world picked up on my good taste, and bought it to the point where Image Comics is going to print it again.  This is no big deal, and normally not something I'd ever post about. I mean good for them, but you guys knew. You were the aware audience.  You were with it, and hip.  Reprints are for people who are behind. This does not describe you and us.

However in this instance, it's worth showing you what is assuredly a bitchin' cover.  Clearly the previous bitchin' cover help out sales.  The lesson here is that bitchin' covers are good for business.  Maybe a third cover will have business 'a boomin' cuz?


  1. I kinda like this cover better.

    What do they call a comic book in France?

  2. Hey that’s just great…

    Until you learn that no new issues are coming out for at least 2 months. Look at the solicitations and you’ll see it’s true.

  3. Awesome cover! I really gotta pick up the second trade.

  4. @Dan: "Royale with Cheese" not withstanding, it looks like "Chewé" with the new Eisner tag.  Love the chog.  Imagine what the French call that!

  5. Is it just me, or is there an eye in Mason’s bellybutton?

  6. @TNC:  Ew.  Don’t make me look there.  I think he’s an outie.

  7. I was wandering around office humming/whistling "Little Green Bag" to myself without knowing it. I blame this cover. I also thank this cover.

  8. I have the first printing and now I want the second.  That’s effective marketing!

  9. @TNC

    Sept 29 is not two months. 

  10. @NawidA: Did you happen to notice that it says issue #15 and not #14?

    So yeah….where’s #14? Plus if you look at October and November’s Image solicitations; there is no new issues (apparently) coming out….So yes it’s over 2 months if you actually checked the numbers.

  11. @Nawida @TheNextChampion in the SDCC vid for iFanboy the Chew staff explained that they putting in a future issue, have no idea why.

    The trade will have the issues in the correct order so you won’t even notice. (If you’re one of those people.)