Catch up on one of Marvel’s best books with THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER – DOUBLE RAINBOW

We've been talking a lot lately about Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee's Thor: The Mighty Avenger and there's good reason for that. Simply put: Thor: The Mighty Avenger is one of the best books that Marvel Comics publishes. And with Amazing Spider-Man taking a nose dive into the ill-conceived "One Moment in Time" you could make the case that Thor: The Mighty Avenger is Marvel's best book right now.

Regardless of its place in the hierarchy, if you've been hearing a lot about this book and want to catch up, Marvel's gonna help you out. Thor: The Mighty Avenger – Double Rainbow is a double issue that collects the first two issues of the series (the third issue hit stores a few weeks ago).

Thor: The Mighty Avenger – Double Rainbow hits stores September 22.


  1. What does this MEAN?

  2. No offense, but are you suggesting/claiming that in two issues a book can be the best book a company publishes despite the fact that the company has multiple books of excellent quality that have maintained that quality over dozens of issues?

  3. @Scorpion Masada I think that depends on if consistency is a part of your critera for the meaning of the term "best book," obviously.

  4. When you are talking about serialized storytelling or episodic storytelling I hope consistency is part of your criteria for evaluating the quality of a book and then labeling a book the best.

  5. So is a book with 3 good issues out of 3 issues published not as good as a book with say 30 good issues out of 36 published in the past year?

  6. OH MY GOD!

  7. Don’t try to confuse me with your crazy math.

    We are not talking about deeming a book good; we are talking about deeming a book the best a company publishes when it only has two issues out.

  8. T:TMA has 3 issues published so far. If they are all excellent (I haven’t read it, but I’m going to start catching up when the Double Rainbow hits the shelves), I think it’s fine to consider it one of the best books, and make the case that it is the best book at Marvel right now.

     I’m just trying to figure out when a book qualifies as "consistent." How many issues does it have to be? Because I don’t think it’s much of a factor.

  9. If it isn’t much of a factor, then the best book a company publishes type praise should be switching every week.

    And stop laughing at me, Thursday.

  10. Month to month maybe, sure. I’m okay with that.

  11. @ScorpionMasada: There is no minimum for greatness. BATMAN AND ROBIN was the best super hero book being published after only 1 or 2 issues.

  12. It’s starting to look like a triple rainbow!

  13. I think Ron hacked Conor’s account . . .

  14. Double Rainbow? Really Marvel? Really?


  15. I guess you don’t know the historical significance of the double rainbow and how it relates to Nordic mythology . . .

  16. Interesting discussion here….=)

  17. No judgment on the book, so calm down.

    The power of statements like "this is the best book being published" is diminished the more those kind of statements are thrown around haphazardly.

    But according to some cats on here, someone who changed their "best book being published" statement every month would hold the same weight as someone who was a bit more judicious with such praise.

  18. This thread has diminished all the fun of the double rainbow. And it was almost a triple.

    I love the infectious enthusiasm of this book, and the fact that it’s not tied into a gazillion things. I picked up the first and enjoyed it, but after all the raves from folks here and on Twitter, I really need to go back and get issues 2-3.

  19. Excellent book. Buying it like this also saves you $2.

  20. double rainbow all the way across the sky? so intense.

  21. It truly is tremendous. Highly recommended if you haven’t picked it up yet, fellas.

  22. it’s TOO MUCH!!!