Casting! NBC’s THE SIXTH GUN Rounds Out its Cast with TREME Star Michiel Huisman as Drake Sinclair

UPDATE: Deadline reports that NBC’s pilot for The Sixth Gun series has found its Drake Sinclair in the often scruffy Michiel Huisman. The actor has appeared on TV’s Nashville, but might be best known as that total jerkface Sonny on Treme.



Looks like NBC and producer Carlton Cuse are rounding up a posse. A posse of actors, that is.

Earlier this week, Deadline broke the news that NBC has made four hires for the pilot episode of its (possible) upcoming television series adaptation of the Oni Press comic book series The Sixth Gun by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt.

Here’s a look at each of the four actors chosen, and the parts they’ll play:

The series’ co-lead Becky Montcrief will be played by 30-year old actress Laura Ramsey, who has appeared in a variety of television and movie roles including The Ruins, The Covenant and a brief stint on Mad Men.

Joining Ramsey on this production is a veteran of another western, Deadwood‘s W. Earl Brown, who will play The Sixth Gun‘s primary antagonist in the undead General Hume.

After a heavily made-up prosthetic role as a dwarf on The Hobbit, actor Graham McTavish returns to his villainous roots playing Silas Hedgepeth, Hume’s right-hand man.

And fresh off a currently ongoing television series, Leverage‘s Aldis Hodge will play the private detective Mr. Mercer.

That leaves one major role yet to be filled, that of Drake Sinclair. Back in January I humbly suggested in Comic Book Casting: The Sixth Gun Television Show that Friday Night Lights‘ Kyle Chandler for the role, but I have been heartbroken by Hollywood more times than I can count.

This adaptation, headed up by Lost alum Carlton Cuse and screenwriter Ryan Condal, was just announced back in October, making this announcement proof that the show is on the fast-track towards a hopeful Fall 2013 debut.


  1. So very much looking forward to this. Nobody jinx it!

  2. Earl Brown is a gentleman, and an excellent choice for Hume. Let’s see if he can’t channel a little Ian McShane for the occasion.

    Also, few people remember he played Cameron Diaz’s handicapped brother in “There’s Something About Mary.”

  3. Aldis Hodge? IN! Loved him in “Leverage,” currently rewatching his brief stint in “Friday Night Lights” as Voodoo Tatum and he was awesome there too. Can’t wait!

    • The thing I took away from this was that Leverage was cancelled. Which is disappointing. But having just read the premise of this I hope it gets picked up…

  4. If Parenthood gets cancelled (hope not) Peter Krause would be perfect choice for Drake.

    If that doesn’t happen, Josh Holloway could do it.

  5. Awesome!

    This is a GREAT comic.

    Can’t wait to watch the show.

  6. Sonny’s not a jerkface! Very excited to see him as Drake

  7. I am very happy that this is happening. Just don’t believe NBC or any of the mainstream networks would do this comic justice.