Caption This: THOR


There are times when you see promotional images for a movie and think, "I cannot wait to see what that's all about this summer!" Other times, well, other times you say the exact same thing, but for different reasons. What are the subjects of the photo above thinking as the shutter clicks? We can only guess. So we did. Feel free to join in below.











  1. Trying too hard, methinks.

  2. Thor: Loki, Dost Thou thinst that Universal Healthcare will cover Asgardian Early Onset Dimensia?

    Loki: Nay … Say what you will about frost giants, but in Jotunheim, you need not worry about healthcare insurance.

    Odin: (… oh moljnor … you are  the prettiest girl I ever did see ...)

  3. Thor: Shit.

    Loki: What?

    Thor: Rollers.

    Loki: Really?

    Thor: Yeah.

    Loki:  Shit.

    Odin:  Hey boys.  You got my Cheez Whiz??

  4. Catamaran.  Good one.

    I hope this becomes a recurring column.  I imagine Cowboys vs. Aliens is ripe for humor. 

  5. Thor: Is that toilet paper?
    Loki: Yes.
    Thor: Should we tell him?
    Loki: Yes, YOU should.
    Thor: Why does it always have to be me?
    Loki: He likes you better.
    Thor: EVERYONE likes me better.
    Loki: … 

  6. Jim, you are a goddamn lunatic. Don’t ever change.

  7. Odin: As you can see on the pedestals behind me, I have replaced my ravens with two tiny men.

  8. @RapidEyeMovement  Winner!

  9. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    This is all very silly. Luckily, I enjoy very silly things. Well done! Especially that third one. But suckling goats are gross.

  10. @RapidEyeMovement  Awesome.

  11. Thor: He really is enjoying that pee…

    Loki: It’s one way to melt a Frost Giant…

  12. @Captyn  nice.

  13. @Captyn  That was good

  14. Thor..why is big daddy Odin smiling.

    Loki.. He took a cialis.

  15. Odin: this new 3-D television is AMAZING!!!

    Loki: um…

  16. Odin: Tell me, Thus thou cape make thou ass look big?

    Thor: My Liege, it appears ample, but not large.

    Loki: Nay, Tis appears big.

  17. Odin: Look at this great painting. LOOK AT IT. ODIN COMMANDS YOU!!!!!!